April 24, 2021

3 Less Common Reasons For Needing Tree Removal Services | Dallas, TX

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It’s always a shame to see a tree go. Most homeowners will only call a tree removal service if the tree is dying or if it is extremely diseased. While there are some of the most common reasons why most homeowners will take action to remove a tree, it is not the only reason why you may need to remove a tree that’s on your property.

There are many less common reasons that may also affect the viability of keeping a tree alive. In this article, we’ll look at 3 of the less common reasons why a homeowner may need to remove a tree that’s on their property. Before you look into removing the tree, you should consider whether there are any other options available. For example, you might want to consider whether you can relocate the tree. In some cases, this is possible; however, the cost may be quite high.

#1. There’s a Significant Amount of Crowding

Plants require plenty of space in order to grow healthily. They need enough room for their roots to spread and grow. If you have too many trees planted in the same area, you might want to consider calling a tree removal service to get rid of some of the trees in order to allow the remaining trees more space to grow.

Overcrowding can lead to a wide range of issues, like:

  • Nutrient deficiencies. When trees are overcrowded, they’ll have to compete with one another in order to get the nutrients that they need from the soil. Nutrients are a limited resource and if there aren’t enough nutrients for the trees, they may begin to develop weak foliage. They may also fail to flower or fruit.


  • Poor flowering and fruiting. This can be because there is not enough air circulation and sunlight for the trees if the area is crowded. You won’t get to enjoy the flowers and fruits that the trees should be able to offer unless you rely on a tree removal service to free up some space.


  • Disease and pests. When there is a significant amount of crowding, there won’t be enough air circulation. This means that the trees that are in the area are more susceptible to fungal diseases, especially powdery mildew. They may also be more at risk for pests like mites and aphids as well. To prevent this from happening, you’ll want to make sure that there is adequate spacing air available for the trees. The tree removal service in Dallas, TX should be able to help you figure out what’s the best plan.

Overcrowding is a huge problem that should be rectified as soon as possible. The tree removal service in Dallas, TX may be able to relocate the tree depending on the situation. It will largely depend on the size of the tree, as well as the surrounding environment.

#2. The Tree Has Formed a Bad Crotch

In order to ensure that your tree will last a long time and will grow healthily, you’ll also need to keep an eye out on its overall structural integrity and shape. In particular, you want to make sure that the tree does not form a bad crotch.

A crotch is the angle between a branch and a trunk. A healthy tree will have crotches that are greater than 45 degrees; however, if the angle is much less than this, it could mean that the tree will experience some problems in the future. A large portion of the tree may simply snap off, becoming a safety hazard. You’ll need an expert arborist to come to examine the tree in order to determine whether tree removal services are absolutely necessary. In some cases, you might be able to salvage parts of the tree. Even if you have to remove it, you might be able to graft some of it to preserve it.

#3. The Tree Is Too Large for Its Location

It’s not unusual to admire beautiful, old trees with thick trunks that tower over the rest of the property; however, depending on how big the tree is and where it is located, this may easily become a safety hazard. If there’s a strong wind, the tree may topple over and fall onto your home or injure anyone that’s nearby. The roots can also easily intrude into the plumbing, causing them to crack and leak. Tree root intrusions are some of the most difficult plumbing jobs to handle, and a tree removal service in Dallas, TX will be able to help you avoid this costly headache altogether.

Due to this reason, you should get an assessment regularly. Have an arborist come out to take a look at the health of your tree, as well as whether its size and location pose a problem to the properties and people nearby. Due to the value of trees, most arborists will not recommend a tree removal service unless it is absolutely necessary. Instead, they might recommend that you trim the trees or do other things that will help make it more manageable.

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