August 16, 2016

Tree Service Dallas

Not sure if you should trim your own trees? Sometimes your tree problem is best left to a pro like SP TREE SERVICE, who is trained in maintenance and other complex issues regarding your Tree Service in Dallas.

Homeowners can easily do small jobs, but you should leave some jobs like Tree Removal Service in Dallas to professionals who are trained for Tree maintenance in Dallas. Removing trees from your property can be especially dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

According to a study completed by the the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more people are killed while trimming trees than doing any other yard work activity.

You’ll definitely want to seek out a professional Tree Trimming Service in Dallas like SP TREE SERVICE if you run across the following scenarios:

1. Your trees are close to your house or neighbor’s house

Most tree limbs are long and heavy, a combination that’s troublesome if these branches are close to your roof or your neighbor’s roof. You’ll certainly face liability issues if one of your limbs falls on the roof of your neighbor’s house and causes a substantial amount of physical damage. Consider hiring a professional company that specializes in Tree Maintenance in Dallas to prevent this from happening.

2. If your trees are near power lines or underground cabling

Take a look around your property. Do you notice any overhead power lines nearby? Are any of your tree limbs near them? If so you may need Emergency Tree Service in Dallas because working around power lines is extremely dangerous. If the trees that you’re working on come in contact with power lines, it can cause a major electrical outage—and/or electrocute you in the process. Homeowners don’t always realize that tree roots are often entangled with these cables and pipes. Uprooting a tree without the proper knowledge and training will damage the lines and pipes to your home. A professional company like SP Tree Service is your Tree Removal Service in Dallas and knows best how to find and mark cables, pipes and lines.

3. You lack the equipment, tools and knowledge to do the job effectively, safely and right.

Protect your landscaping and avoid damaging your home by hiring a Tree Service in Dallas with specialized education and training to get the job done right and safely. A professional Tree trimming Service in Dallas like SP Tree Service can care for and maintain the integrity of trees. His or her job is to help homeowners not only remove tree limbs but prune roots and barks. The expert Stump Grinding Tree Service in Dallas can give professional advice on removing trees that interfere with roads and sidewalks. These skilled Tree Removal Service in Dallas workers use special equipment to remove trees safely. Pole saws, clippers, hand saws and shears are the types of tools needed to do the job effectively.

The typical climbing gear consists of spikes, which allow the workers to climb up and down a tree easily and a network of ropes. Safety equipment is also very important, a safety harness and a rope are used to catch the worker if he or she falls.

4. If you’re unsure of tree-trimming laws it is better to look for a Tree Trimming Service in Dallas like SP Tree Service.

You may be required to have a tree pruning or tree removal permit to prune or remove certain trees. You may not know about zoning code regulations, or if there is a tree preservation and protection ordinance in your county.

Trees can make the outside of your home beautiful, having trees in your yard may create opportunities for a shaded lounge area, a place to hang a tire swing and somewhere to build a tree house.  As much as trees can add to your property, maintaining them is an important step to helping protect your property.

Why Do It?

Trees need to be trimmed or pruned regularly, and sometimes branches must be cut off to help ensure the health of the tree and your family’s safety. There are many reasons tree trimming can be a vital part of yard maintenance. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), trees need to pruned first for safety, next for health and finally for aesthetics. Let’s look at each of these benefits:

  • Safety: Removing branches that may cause damage to property or people if they fall can be a primary reason for SP Tree Service and their Tree Trimming Service in Dallas.        
  • Tree Health: Cutting dead or diseased branches may help benefit the overall health of the tree. In addition, pruning may also encourage trees to develop stronger core structures to help withstand the elements.
  • Aesthetics: Trimming a tree may help the beauty of your property as well as accentuate its physical appearance and improve flower or fruit production.

How Often?

The Arbor Day Foundation suggests pruning or trimming trees once per year during the dormant season. According to the University of Minnesota Extension, circumstances such as these may prompt an Emergency Tree Service in Dallas:

  • The tree’s growth obstructs visibility for pedestrians or vehicles.
  • A storm causes limbs to fall onto power lines. Make sure to contact your local utility company to handle the job as it’s simply too dangerous to even get close to power lines.
  • The tree’s growth may threaten your home or property. If you feel a tree needs to be pruned because it may cause damage to your home, it’s important to contact a Tree Service in Dallas to help with the trimming.

The most important rule when cutting a tree, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is personal safety. The best way to help ensure safety is to hire a professional Tree Trimming Service in Dallas to clip back your trees. Trimming may often require a ladder and sometimes puts the trimmer in close proximity to power lines posing a potential danger, and the safest course of action is to always leave it up to a professional.

If you have a dead tree or a tree that you just want removed, the best thing to do is hire a Tree Removal Service in Dallas. They will not only be able to femove your tree be if you want the stump removed their Stump Grinding Tree Service in Dallas will be able to do that as well.

Once again, if you have any doubt in your ability to properly assess the situation and conduct the pruning, call a Tree Service in Dallas. SP Tree Service has many years of experience and can complete the job in a safe and fast manner. Overall, yearly tree trimming will help ensure your yards safety and beauty for years to come.