July 10, 2022

Tree Risk Assessment And Tree Removal Service | Aledo, TX

Have you ever looked at a tree in your backyard and wondered if it was in danger of falling on your fence, your garage, or even your house? Trees provide delightful shade and beautify our landscapes, but there may come a point when a tree on your property is a liability–even a safety risk. S&P Tree Service provides residents and commercial property owners of Aledo, TX, with a full range of tree care solutions, including risk assessment inspections and tree removal service.

A diseased or damaged tree may be preserved or it may need emergency removal. But how do you know? Sometimes, it’s obvious because the tree is leaning precariously. However, it’s often not obvious to people when a tree is struggling and has become a serious property risk. S&P Tree Service features a team of experienced arborists who specialize in the care of Texas trees and shrubs. If you have concerns about the health of any tree on your property, you can contact us for an inspection. We’ll provide you with an assessment that includes our professional expert opinion on how to preserve your tree or if removal is the safer option.

What’s Involved in a Tree Inspection?

Often, customers call us for tree inspection services when they have concerns about the health of a tree or several trees on their property. Diseases like Dutch elm disease can spread quickly and take out whole areas of trees. Sometimes storms passing through can damage trees, causing branches to crack. Whatever the reason for concern, customers can rely on S&P Tree Service for a thorough health examination of their tree.

Our arborists will arrive and be able to identify your tree and whether it is in distress. Diseases such as fungal infections can plaque area trees. Pests can also detract from the health of trees and cause their demise. As mentioned, severe storms can cause substantial damage and even kill trees, requiring their immediate removal. We’ll carefully examine your tree or trees in order to provide customers with the report they need to make informed decisions about what to do next–save the tree, maintain it, or order tree removal.

Dead or Dying Trees

If our arborists find that your tree is dead or close to death, we will typically recommend tree removal service, especially if the tree is located near your home or where it can pose a threat to people, pets, or property. Falling trees can bring electrical wires down and do thousands of dollars in damage to homes and vehicles. Falling tree limbs and branches can also harm people and animals, which is a serious liability for homeowners and commercial property owners.

If your tree has a deadly disease or is so infested by pests that it can’t be preserved, our arborists may recommend tree removal service. If your tree has been struck by lightning or heavy winds have damaged it to the point that it is unlikely to recover, we may also recommend our removal services. As the tree dies or deteriorates, it will become increasingly less stable. That means that when subsequent storms roll through Aledo, TX, that tree is more vulnerable to falling or may lose its limbs. In a strong storm, those limbs fall onto cars or buildings, causing serious property damage. In these cases, it’s best to contact S&P Tree Service for our tree removal service.

Tree Preservation

Our experienced arborists are tree lovers. If a tree can be saved, we’ll provide property owners with the information and solutions they need to preserve the tree. Our customers can expect accurate guidance from our team. Sometimes when diseases are caught early, the tree can be saved. We have the skills needed for tree preservation services. Pests and storm damage don’t always necessitate tree removal service either. However, you need expert advice to know for sure how to proceed with the care or removal of your landscape trees.

Trained Arborists

When you contact S&P Tree Service for our tree inspection services, you can expect us to send a certified arborist to your setting. Our tree specialists have years of experience that includes professional training and fieldwork. Not all landscaping services feature trained arborists. S&P Tree Service does. You can rely on their expertise to report on the health of your property’s trees. As a licensed tree care and tree removal service provider, we have a reputation for outstanding service to our customers.

How Does Tree Removal Service Work?

If our arborists recommend tree removal or if you simply prefer to have your tree removed, we will inspect it in order to recommend the ideal method for its removal. S&P Tree Service offers crane tree removal service as well as conventional methods of tree removal and care. If your tree is positioned close to homes or is in a serious state of ill health or decay, we are likely to recommend crane tree removal, which is a safe method of removing difficult trees. Our technicians will create a plan for your tree’s removal, prioritizing safety at each stage.

If you live in Aledo, TX, and have concerns about the health and wellbeing of any trees on your property, it’s important to seek expert advice from an arborist. After thoroughly examining your tree, we’ll be able to accurately determine its condition. We may recommend a care regimen that we can provide or we may recommend emergency tree removal service. Contact us today to schedule a tree inspection. S&P Tree Service can send a trained arborist to your home right away. We’ll let you know if there are any risks you need to be aware of–and what to do about them.

Photo By Alvydas Kucas at Shutterstock