July 11, 2022

Remove Dead Trees And Protect Your Property With Crane Tree Removal Service | Dallas, TX

Healthy trees that are thriving brim with curb appeal and even support property value. If you have dead trees on your property, removal is the best option. Trees die for many different reasons. They can develop fungal infections. They can become infested by insects that leave them vulnerable to disease. They can be struck by lightning during Dallas, TX, storms. Storms can damage and weaken them. Once a tree dies, however, it becomes a serious threat to the property. S&P Tree Service features crane tree removal service. Our certified arborists can evaluate the condition of your tree. If it’s dead, we can provide crane tree removal service to safely and efficiently remove the tree from your landscape. 

Why Remove Dead Trees from Your Property?

A dead tree poses a property threat for various reasons. Although you may decide to put off a dead tree’s removal, there are some very good reasons you shouldn’t. 


A dead or even a dying tree can pose a serious safety risk for the property. The limbs of a dead tree can fall at any time. If the tree is close to your home, it can fall on your roof, porch, garage, or other features of your house. Limbs can also fall on your vehicle. While these are serious safety risks, dead tree limbs can also fall on people and pets. The tree itself is capable of falling down as well. During storms, the tree is vulnerable to falling. 

Spread Disease

A diseased tree or even a tree that has died can spread disease to other trees in the landscape. This makes the dead tree a sickness risk. To reduce the risk of tree disease in your landscape, you should remove trees killed by disease from your property with crane tree removal service

Pest Infestations

Dead trees can attract pests to your landscape. Pests such as insects will cause the tree to deteriorate further, but those same pests can spread to other areas of your landscape and pose a threat to your healthy plants and trees. Many insects can spread disease from one diseased tree to another. 

Crane Tree Removal Service for Dead Tree Removal

Crane tree removal isn’t the only way to get rid of unwanted trees from a landscape. However, it is often the safest and most efficient way to remove dead trees. S&P Tree Service provides experienced crane tree removal service. If you have a dead tree on your property, you can depend on us for its removal.

If you have a dead tree on your property, you should contact S&P Tree Service so we can send a trained arborist to your home or business. We will inspect the tree as well as the others on your property. A dead tree exhibits several telltale signs of its condition, including:

-The tree has open wounds

-The tree has lost its bark and foliage

-The tree has visible signs of disease / fungus

-The tree is leaning

-There is no green beneath the tree’s bark

-The tree is infested by termites or other insect pests 

-The tree’s branches are brittle

These are some common signs that your tree is either dying or dead. An arborist from our team can report on the condition of your tree. However, even a severely diseased tree may need immediate crane tree removal service, especially if it poses a risk of contagion to other trees on your property. 

The Crane Tree Removal Service Process

If your tree is dead or highly diseased and you choose to remove it, S&P Tree Service can schedule its removal. A technician from our service will visit your tree to examine the tree, its location, and the access path to the tree. One of the many reasons why crane tree removal service is so popular in Dallas, TX, is that it allows for more convenient access to hard-to-reach trees. Trees that are located in backyards near homes and garages can’t simply be cut down by traditional methods because a falling tree poses substantial safety and property risks. Tree removal with the use of a crane is more precise and reduces the risk to injury and property damage. 

After assessing your tree and property, we will then prepare for the removal date. On the day of the removal, our crew will arrive with the crane and all the equipment needed for the job. It usually takes our team thirty minutes to ensure that the crane is stable once it’s in place. When the crane is ready to get to work, it will deliver our technician to a designated spot near the top of the tree where the first cut is to be made. The technician will tether the tree section to be cut away to the crane and then make the first cut. The crane will remove the cut section to a safe zone that’s designated for the drops. 

This process will be repeated, cutting section by section, until the tree has been taken down. The process is safe and efficient. Our crews will also haul away the wood from the drop zone if you choose. S&P Tree Service also features stump grinding service, which is recommended. Tree stumps can also attract fungus and pests. 

If you have a dead or dying tree that you want removed from your Dallas, TX, property, call S&P Tree Service to schedule our professional crane tree removal service. Our company is licensed, insured, and experienced. Not all tree removal services offer crane tree removals, but ours does. We also feature a wide range of tree care solutions. If you need your tree professionally inspected or trimmed, call us to learn more about our tree services.

Photo By Adam Tremel at Shutterstock