June 10, 2019

Tree Maintenance in Dallas, TX – Here’s How You Do It Right

Photo By Elena Elisseeva at Shutterstock

While summer is a season that is sought-after by the masses, it is not always good. This is especially the case with family units that house trees in their landscapes.

Trees are highly prone to damages that occur due to extreme temperatures, summer calamities, pesky summer-borne pest infestation, etc. The only way homeowners can ensure tree health and overall safety is by having sound knowledge of tree maintenance in Dallas, TXand timely implementation of preventive and curative measures.

As soon as the summer season kicks in, the internet gets flooded with queries on how trees can be saved from falling prey to pests, diseases, and storms. After all, trees are the most valued, low-cost possessions that, in addition to providing numerous benefits, enhance the charm and worth of properties. On the other hand, the same beneficial structures can be of extreme danger and bring about emergencies if not kept up.

Yes, it would be awesome if trees too had warning alerts that signaled potential problems. It would then be far easier to determine when your green friends need help or attention but that’s sadly not possible.

So, the only thing you can do to keep your green friends hale and hearty is by conducting routine inspections, introducing preventive and remedial measures, and giving them the right nourishment. The professionals at S&P Tree Service in Dallas, TX suggest taking on the basic 2-step procedure to ensure tree health. These will also help in preventing dangers that weakened or falling trees can expose you and your property to.

Checklist for Summer Tree Maintenance in Dallas, TX

1.   Inspecting the Landscape

The first step here is to inspect your landscape thoroughly. It is one thing to dream of having a nice, lush green landscape that you usually see in magazines and movies, and another to actually bring such dreams to life.

The most important step here is to ‘look up’. And by looking we do not mean looking up the internet or magazines, but your very landscape. Seek signs of tree damages, diseases, pest trails, and other similar problems. I

If you are not sure how to do all of this or identify a problem after inspection, hire a professional tree service in Dallas, TX to determine the next appropriate step.

The professionals you hire for tree maintenance in Dallas, TX will conduct a deep and detailed inspection to confirm the suspected problem. Once it is confirmed, they will discuss all the remedial options with you and decide how to go about it. Finally, they will skillfully implement the pre-decided steps to help your trees go back to the healthy state and survive.

•  Identifying Tree Targets and Calculating the Risk

If you or the professionals that you hire for tree service in Dallas, TX are able to identify a problem that can’t really be handled immediately, the approach to resolution will be totally different. In such a scenario, the occupants, as well as your prized belongings, are likely to get damaged in case the tree falls. And this is what makes it important to accurately calculate the risk associated with unhealthy trees.

While it may seem easy, calculating the risk associated with shaky trees is not as easy. Professional tree services in Dallas, TX suggest that such calculations should not only incorporate the dangers that the trees are exposed to. It should also incorporate other targets that can be easily affected, such as living beings and objects surrounding the damaged trees at any given time.


Calculating the risk is generally needed in two cases:

  • When the trees in your lawn require time to heal and you can do nothing until they are healthy again.
  • When the trees in your lawn are prone to falling and require removal. Trees that carry the risk of falling can easily cause potential structural damages that you need to protect yourself against beforehand.


The best you can do to identify tree targets is availing emergency tree service in Dallas, TX. This is because the professionals are well aware and fully equipped to identify such problems and targets properly.

Once everything is certain, they will advise and help you remove the tree targets. This activity involves the following:


  • Moving people or objects around the damaged tree to eradicate the chance of excessive losses.
  • Creating barriers around the tree to avert direct damages to people or objects around it.


2.   Determining Tree Stability and Chances of Survival

Trees can be both liabilities and assets depending on the condition they are in. As long as the trees in your lawn are given adequate care for staying structurally fit, they will remain with you as your valuable assets.

On the contrary, the very structural problems can result in tree death if not treated in time. Therefore, if you notice structural problems in your trees, the most appropriate step you can take is immediately hiring a professional tree service in Dallas, TX to introduce solutions.

Simple things such as pruning the dead branches, installing braces and cables, and assessing decay in the trunk can help save the trees from failing, dying, splitting, and even falling.

However, despite how well cared and maintained your trees are, there will be times when even the professionals that you hire for tree maintenance in Dallas, TX can’t help but advise removal. This is mostly done in cases where damaged trees are likely to affect other trees or show low chances of survival because of profound damages to the trunk and roots.

Nonetheless, it is extremely important to hire professionals for tree service in Dallas, TX to be certain of what is appropriate in a particular situation. Removal is only suggested when all other solutions fail to impress.

If all of this is too much for you to take on alone, connect with the experts at S&P Tree Services in Dallas, TX now!