May 30, 2019

Tips for Easily Preparing Your Lawn for Summer Storms | Tree Services in Fort Worth, TX

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While large trees with huge trunks standing firm on the ground may seem indestructible, hurricane-borne winds, lightning, and excessive rain resulting in flooding can shake even the strongest of them.

From damaging the root system of plants and trees to loosening tree branches and permanently damaging tree trunks, storms and lightning can kill your trees outright. And this is what mostly causes numerous homeowners to hire tree services in Fort Worth, TX in late summer.

Nonetheless, there are several ways you can prevent tree storm damages from occurring in the first place. If you too are looking for ways you can stormproof your lawn, we have got your back. Here are some easy and effective ways that the experts providing tree maintenance in Fort Worth, TX suggest undertaking.


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1.  Keep Your Trees Healthy

The best and the easiest way you can ensure your trees stay strong against storms is by keeping them long and healthy. Trees that are lengthy and strong are clearly far less vulnerable to getting damaged or falling amid storms as compared to those that are weaker.

Furthermore, strong trees can easily sustain damages to their branches, unlike weaker ones that tend to simply fall or split.

As per the experts dealing in tree services in Fort Worth, TX, you can ensure your trees stay healthy only by taking care of their basic necessities including watering, pruning, and fertilizing.

However, these activities will only make a difference when they are started since the trees are very young. The biggest misconception in this scenario is thinking that trees only require care and maintenance when they start to decline.

2.  Trim Your Trees On a Regular Basis

A lot of people fall into believing that pruning damages trees because of all the cutting and thinning. However, that’s not the case. When done properly, pruning has several prominent benefits like helping trees withstand storms and hurricanes.

As per the professional tree services in Fort Worth, TX, this is because trees that are pruned regularly in their young age tend to develop sturdy trunks.

Apart from this, pruning promotes tree health by boosting growth and structuration, and increasing weather resistance. However, the results and all of these benefits mainly depend on how pruning is done. Remember that improper pruning can bring results that are the exact opposite of what you would expect.

3.  Look After Your Trees’ Root System

While roots of the trees are hidden under the ground, they are the core of your trees’ structure and health. The overall health and structure of your trees mostly depend on the stability and strength of their roots. The roots also act as the anchor of trees and keep them stable against strong winds and other disasters.

As per the experts providing tree service in Fort Worth, TX, homeowners need to watch for activities and products that are likely to compromise the nutrients of the soil where trees are planted. Such activities can weaken the roots and obstruct their growth, ultimately resulting in weak trees.  Some of these include construction work and diggings.

4.  Guard the Tree Trunks

Another part of the tree that you should be very careful about keeping healthy is the trunk. Professional providers of tree removal services in Fort Worth, TX suggest that tree trunks in regions that are likely to see strong storms should be covered with a protective material such as burlap or row cover.

These tackles are meant to protect trees against debris in the wind; however, they need to be removed immediately after the storm passes.

5.  Watch Out for Weather Warnings

One thing that can be of great help when it comes to prepping your trees for summer storm is weather warnings. Gardening enthusiasts should pay keen attention to warnings that are released ahead of storms and disasters, and prepare for such events beforehand. As the owner of a property with a yard, you must know the intensity of the storm, when it is expected to arrive, and how long will it last in order to be able to make appropriate arrangements.

6.  Examine Your Yard Thoroughly

It is best to take a walk around your yard ahead of the storm season and keenly look for objects that can like break or fall amid a storm. If you find any, try removing them for a while or covering in a manner that they stay unaffected.

Look for baskets that are hanging around and take them indoors. Likewise, if you have any furniture lying in the lawn, remove it in the wake of heavy winds and tempest.

7.  Construct Soakaways

There are areas in yards that are more to allow waterlogging than others. As per the professional providers of tree service in Fort Worth, homeowners must look for these areas, identify them, and construct soakaways to allow smooth flow of water in such areas. Cover the pit with stone, bricks, and shingles.

8.  Scan and Check the Yard’s Drainage System

It is important to check the external drains and clear them of any dirt and debris that might be clogging them up including leaves, insects, etc. Next, check the drainage holes in the yard and ensure that they allow smooth water flow through the drainage system. This is essential because such a blockage can cause water to accumulate on the other side of the yard and make the wall collapse in the due course.

9.  House the ‘Right’ Type of Trees

By the right type of trees, we mean those that are feasible to be planted in the region you live. The suitability of trees varies from one region to another depending on factors like the weather condition, land type, probability of storms, etc.

If you live in an area that sees storms frequently, you should be extra careful of what you plant in your yard. The best you can do to be sure that you plant the best-suited trees is by consulting the professionals providing tree services in Fort Worth, TX.

Remember that hiring a reliable tree service in Fort Worth and talking to a qualified arborist can make a huge difference in how your yard looks and how sturdy the trees in it are.


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