January 20, 2018

Top 5 Landscaping Tips for Your Front-Yard | Tree Maintenance in Fort Worth, TX

Your front yard is the first thing a visitor notices about your house. It can greet them with warmth and a well-designed landscape or it can give off an off-putting impression about the house. With simple ideas, you too can transform your front yard drastically to add color and texture to your home. The green cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, TX have an abundance of tree maintenance services. Tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth Area is convenient and can play an impactful role in improving the aesthetic appeal of front yard. If you want to create a space out of your front yard that is perfect for outdoor parties where you and your guests can sit, relax and enjoy each other’s company then you have come to the right place.

You too can have a beckoning front yard in Dallas or Fort Worth, TX. Let’s take a look at some simple ideas that can do a great deal for your front yard and make it into a more inviting place.

1.     Start assessing how the house looks from the outside

You can’t take effective steps for improving your front yard unless you know what you need to do and in order to know that, you must assess your front yard from the outsider’s point of view to identify its short comings and areas that need improvement. You need to recognize your bias. As a homeowner, coming home is always comforting to you after a long day. However, for an honest assessment, walk down the street and turn back toward your house. Do the same for the other side. Are there any trees that need to be removed? Call up a tree removal service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area. Do the trees need to be trimmed down? Tree trimming service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area will help you out. Take note of whether your house blends in with the surroundings, if it looks distinctive or appealing, if the trees nearby compliment the house well. View the house in all its virtues and shortcomings. After carefully looking at your front yard’s planting or tree maintenance needs, proceed with the required chances whether its structural changes such as fencing, edges, steps or planting requirements including shrubs and trees.

2.     Flowers, flowers and flowers

Having flowers in your front yard is a great way to greet your guests. Flowers have the power to make the smallest places seem welcoming. Whether its perennial flowering plants or annual ones, it is important to keep them assorted and arranged in the front yard. Having both of these varieties will add a natural splash of color to your front yard like few other things can, all year round. Gertrude Jekyll, Petunia, Snapdragon and Lily of the Nile always make excellent additions! If you don’t have much space between the front yard and the street, you need not worry. You can have a low fence out in the front yard. This simple trick gives an illusion of added space between the street and the house. You can use this space for planting and if you have trees, don’t slack off on tree trimming service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area.

3.     Plan out your entryway

Focus on the entrance of your home through the front yard because this will be the viewing point for all your guests as they pass through the front yard. The home’s entrance should be clean and inviting. If there are any tree or tree stumps hindering the pathway, call up the tree removal service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area. The entryway is where you will greet your guests so try to use structures and plants to lead people toward your house. You can accentuate your front door with a lamppost, a simple accent shrub or even a trellis to block out the wind and rain. Your stoop should be large enough for at least two people to stand beneath it. When it comes to the drive, they should be clear. If there are any shrubs or trees that are obstructing it, have them removed through tree removal service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area right away for safety’s sake. You can use low plants to mark the turn in the driveway.

4.     Adding some height using planters and baskets

Don’t demean your front yards by making them into a one-dimensional landscape. Adding layers to your front yard is a great way to make it look more distinctive. Hanging baskets and elevated planters to a pretty good job at adding layers to your front yard. With a multilayered front yard using elevated planters and hanging baskets simply, you can create visual interest without in the yard without making a hefty investment. With a sea of colors both high and low, the hanging baskets and elevated planters create an impression of oscillating wave like blossoms rising and descending. Planters give the plants a good edge because they can provide proper aeration and adequate draining to augment their growth. A good way to go about the hanging baskets is to have three types of plants. You need to have a plant that hangs down from the edges (variegated sages and begonias will do), a molding plant such as Kong coleus and a central distinctive plant that is tall as well as attractive.

5.     Keeping your garden safe from deer

You can plant all the blooming shrubs or flowers you want but until and unless you deer proof your garden, you run the risk of making your vegetation into alluring deer food. A smart way to prevent this is to have flowers in your front yard that are eye candy for humans but deterring for deer. There are a bunch of deer averse perennial plants you can use to achieve this including such as butterfly weed, globe thistle, purple cornflower and the royal red butterfly bush. With these plants in your garden, you could sit back with an ease of mind that the deer won’t lurk anywhere near your blossoming garden in your absence.