January 30, 2018

6 Expert Gardening Tips to Improve Your Landscape | Tree Service in Fort Worth, TX

Despite the scorching hot summer seasons in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX, the love for landscaping as well as gardening in the residents is evident from their well maintained front yards. While many homeowners have learned ways to improve the overall look and design of their front yard through years of gardening, the beginners wanting to acquire a neat, attractive looking front yard seem to struggle. The soil in Dallas, TX as well as Fort Worth, TX can support various kinds of trees. However, although residents have trees present in the vicinity of their property, they don’t utilize it as an ornamental element on their property. There is an abundance of tree service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area including stump grinding tree service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area as well as tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth Area.

Aside from tree maintenance, there are plenty of other simple things that can be done to significantly improve your landscape through some smart gardening. Let’s take a look at some expert gardening tips to improve your landscape.

1.     Well defined lawn boundaries

How your lawn at the front yard appears can do a great deal for the value of your property in Dallas, TX or Fort Worth, TX. Defining the edges of the lawn is one of the simplest things you can do to make your lawn appear tamed and low maintenance. This is an enticing feature that potential buyers look for; they want pretty, simple looking lawns that don’t seem to require much maintenance. To bring about the same effect, you should also mow the lawn. All it takes to create boundaries around your lawn is to use a sharp spade to cut a separation between the garden bed or fence and the lawn. Additionally, you can also use physical barriers such as stones and bricks for the same purpose.

2.     Find a focal point for your garden

One of the most common mistakes home owners make when developing their garden is to have plants positioned randomly. The principle of focal point(s) allows even beginner home owners along with expert landscaping artists to bring the different elements of any garden together in a cohesive unification. The focal point of your garden can be anything you want it to be, a tree, a sculpture, maybe some shrubs. Run your eyes through the landscape of your front yard a few times and all the potential focal points will be clear to you. Once you have found the focal point in your garden, you need to work around it. However, all the plants you have around the focal point, should eventually direct the attention towards the focal point. Experts of tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth Area can give you a lot of pointers about potential focal points in your garden and how you can work with them.

3.     Weeding and mulching

Mulching and weeding the plant beds is one of the best ways to make them appear low maintenance and properly maintained. As aforementioned, this low maintenance look of the garden always appeals to prospective buyers when you put your house up on listing in Dallas, TX or Fort Worth, TX. Therefore, the simple act of weeding and mulching can alter the value of your property and the bids you get on it. If you want to go for a neat look, its best that you go for pine bark and forest fines. Although the value of your property is determined by its functionality, its appearance has a dominant role to play in it. So go for the neat, low maintenance approach to add to the appeal of your garden by mulching and weeding the garden beds.

4.     Don’t go overboard with pruning

This is one of the most common mistakes beginner gardening enthusiasts make in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX. Pruning is healthy for the plant and makes your garden appear well maintained. By cutting away diseased or dried up part of the plant or tree, you can actually stimulate the growth of new branches. However, if you prune generously, you can end up with a bare looking garden so it is important not to get carried away with pruning. There are plenty of gardening services available in Dallas, TX as well as Fort Worth, TX that will prune your garden for you to give it a desired minimalistic look. Winter is the ideal time for pruning since the diseases and pests for your woody plants are dormant and can be removed. With proper pruning, you can also see the structure of branches better after the foliage and sick branches have been removed. With the removal of diseased parts of the plants, the plant will be left with extra root and energy reserves to support the vigorous growth of the plant.

5.     Don’t cram in too many plant varieties

This is something not many experts will tell you but if you want to achieve a low maintenance look for your front yard to woe prospective buyers of the property, you better keep the number of plant species in your garden at a minimum. Don’t get it wrong, biodiversity is a great thing; it reduces damage from pests, improves the local ecology of your garden and extends the flowering time. However, if your aim is to make your garden look low maintenance, you are better off with a fewer species of plant in your garden so that the garden is easier to maintain. With fewer plant varieties, your garden will also appear to look more uniform.

6.     Planting the root bound plants

When you bring in a potted plant to your garden to plant it in the gardening bed, here is something you should know. With the restricted space in the pot and the roots having run out of space to grow, they will then begin to form tight circles within the pot. These circular balls of root can prevent the essential nutrients and even water from being absorbed for the plant. Before planting a potted plant in your gardening bed, make sure you guide the root outwards using your fingers. If they are too hard to be straightened out with your fingers, make vertical cuts in the root ball using a knife.