May 10, 2019

Time for a Trim – Essential Tree Grooming Rules | Tree Trimming Service in Dallas, TX

The tree in your backyard is overgrown. It is shedding leaves and its branches are falling down. Some bits of the tree are a sickly color and seem infected. The foliage is too thick, blocking out the view of the sky.

If you have any of these concerns, your tree might be in need of grooming. What’s that you say? Tree grooming consists of services that help trim, shape and train a tree’s branches and crown to help it grow into an appropriate shape.

Trimming and grooming services are often necessary to keep the trees looking healthy and shapely. Most yard owners may opt for tree trimming techniques to create aesthetically pleasing trees. Trimmed and groomed trees may create uniformity in the overall aesthetic of an environment, as in a park or a neighborhood. This is often a motive for those seeking a tree trimming service in Dallas, TX.

The practice is also encouraged to ensure the safety of homeowners and pedestrians. A passerby might fall victim to falling foliage or branches of an untamed, wild tree. Untrimmed trees are then safety hazards that must be dealt with regularly and efficiently.

Now, as a tree owner, you might want the trees to grow naturally and allow their ecosystems to flourish on their own. You may worry that tree trimming will affect their health, their growth and their surrounding ecosystem.

However, tree experts claim that tree trimming might actually be necessary for tree health and vitality.

Tree trimming can help get rid of infected or diseased branches thus saving the rest of the tree. Tree trimming can also help nurture the tree into a more effective shape thus helping its growth.

Anyone that provides tree trimming service in Dallas, TX will tell you that trimming makes trees better. But what exactly are trees’ grooming needs?

Here’s what to keep in mind when you seek to trim and groom a tree:

Branch Size

Grooming trees can be a tricky business. Trees must be shaped and trimmed expertly with all of their needs in mind.

Branches must be groomed with accuracy and their sizes should be considered. The length and width of the branch is an essential factor to determine the appropriate tree trimming strategy. A branch should only be trimmed if it is less than five centimeters in diameter.

Removing smaller branches is important for tree vitality. Thinner limbs often are a sign of non-vitality. They are weaker, disposable and relatively inessential to the tree’s internal network.  They are smaller and often younger limbs.

Removing older, thicker limbs may be detrimental to the tree itself and may cause scarring on its surface. You may, at times, need to get rid of older branches if they become safety hazards. Older, thicker branches may protrude into your house through windows. They may be in danger of falling down onto sidewalks or getting entangled into wires.

In these situations, it is necessary to trim the older branches.

If you require expert shaping and trimming of your tree branches, it is recommended that you contact a tree trimming service in Dallas, TX.

Branch Quality

Always remember that in addition to branch size, branch quality must also play an important role in tree trimming decisions. Before trimming a tree, consider a consultation with a tree trimming service in Dallas, TX. This will allow you to determine which branches are in their prime condition and are essential to the tree’s ecosystem.

Weak, brittle branches must be pruned in tree trimming exercises. Trimming of a thicker branch may be more difficult and, at times, inessential. Furthermore, as a rule of thumb V-shaped branches should be trimmed and U-shaped branches should be maintained and allowed to grow fully.

You should also consider branch growth factors in trimming decisions. Branches that are crossing and tumbling into each other should be groomed more than open branches. This is to allow for sturdier branches to grow into the foliage that has more space through the trimming.

To determine branch quality, it would be prudent to contact a tree trimming service in Dallas, TX.


Crown Shape

Reducing, trimming and shaping the crown of a tree can help increase the tree’s vitality and encourage better air flow within its foliage. You should contact a tree trimming service in Dallas, TX if you seek to trim and groom a tree’s crown.

A tree trimming service in Dallas, TX will be able to tell you exactly where the crown needs reduction or resizing. They will train it into shape to make it look better, taming and training it so that the growth is controlled.


Tree Health          

A tree’s health should be the top priority in the trimming process and essential rules should be kept in mind. The tree must be trimmed first and foremost in its dormant season. If not, then the vitality and healthy growth of the tree might be compromised. Moreover, the tree should not be over-trimmed or trimmed at vital points of its branches. This will be detrimental to the tree’s overall health and growth.

Trimming must be seen as a necessary intervention in the tree’s ill-health. Consider it a surgical procedure to take out diseased limb necessary for the preservation of the rest of the body. You should seek a tree trimming service in Dallas, TX if your tree is infected or diseased.

Trimming correctly and at appropriate intervals will help the tree thrive and protect it from diseases. You should then seek out regular tree treatment and a tree trimming service in Dallas, TX.

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