July 28, 2022

Some Trees Are Too Dangerous For Regular Removal Methods; Our Crane Tree Removal Service Is Here To Help | Weatherford, TX

Tall trees with lush foliage are a welcome sight around Weatherford, TX, and S&P Tree Service does our best to preserve trees for property owners with our full range of tree care solutions. However, when trees become dangerous–a threat to people, pets, and property–they need to be removed. The safest and most efficient way to remove dangerous trees is with crane work. S&P Tree Service features an experienced crane tree removal service for property owners. We handle tree removals from start to finish; our skilled technicians bring everything needed to safely remove your tree and its threat to your property.

What Makes a Tree Dangerous?

An unstable tree poses a serious threat to its surroundings–and anyone in them. A tree can become a danger for a few different reasons. A dead tree, particularly a large one, is a serious threat because it’s decaying. At some point, its limbs will fall off and the main tree itself is in danger of toppling over. When a strong storm comes through with heavy winds, it can knock trees down; those trees that are already dead are more likely to come down during a storm. Diseased trees are also more likely to lose their limbs and fall over. In their weakened state, they are more vulnerable to falling.

On the other hand, some trees that are perfectly healthy can pose a threat to property owners. Trees that are growing too close to a home can disturb its foundation. During strong storms with heavy winds and lightning strikes, even the limbs of healthy trees can crack off the tree and fall onto rooftops and cars. When trees pose a dangerous threat to people and their homes, a crane tree removal service might be in order. 

Crane Tree Removal vs Other Methods

Crane tree removal service isn’t the only way to take down a tree. Some companies, ours included, may remove trees with more traditional techniques–climbing gear and tree saws. However, when a tree is large, dangerous, or located in a precarious location, crane tree removal service might be the best option because it’s the safest option. In crowded areas, it may be the only option for a safe tree removal.

What Makes Crane Tree Removal the Ideal Choice?

Safety is the top priority for S&P Tree Service. No matter what type of service we’re performing, it’s always with an eye to safety. Whether our arborists are engaged in tree preservation, tree trimming, or tree removal, we keep safety uppermost in our minds. When it comes to tree removals, crane tree removal service offers a robust layer of protection to the removal process. Removing large chunks of a tree piece by piece with the help of a crane is less risky for our technicians. 

Another reason to opt for crane tree removal service is for the protection of property. Removing tree limbs with a crane reduces the risk of any limbs falling on the home or commercial property and causing extensive damage. Also, the use of a crane involves less of a disturbance to a home or business’s landscaping. The use of cranes involves less mess, which means less impact to the property surrounding the tree

Finally, accessibility is another reason to opt for crane tree removal service. Many trees are located in hard-to-reach locations or locations that make traditional tree felling impossible because of the risks to property. Cranes allow technicians to safely take down trees in areas that are difficult to access by any other means.

What’s Involved in Crane Tree Removal?

If you have a dangerous tree that you want removed from your Weatherford, TX, residential or commercial property, you can contact S&P Tree Service. We’ll send a technician to your home to inspect the tree. A pre-removal visit allows us to assess the tree itself as well as its location. It’s helpful for us to evaluate the tree’s condition and what we may need to bring along in terms of equipment and crew. We can also determine where to set up the crane. It’s important to set the crane up on level ground to ensure a safe take-down. 

On the day of your tree’s removal, we’ll bring our crane and everything else needed for our crane tree removal service. After installing our crane in the location mapped out at our early visit, we’ll take about 30 minutes to ensure that it is, indeed, stable. Its stability is crucial for a safe tree removal. Once the crane is safely set up, we can get to work.

When using a crane for tree removal, we start at the top of the tree and take it down piece by piece. Our climber tethers each piece to the crane with cables before the cut is made and the piece sawed off. Then, the crane lifts away each piece and drops it in a designated drop zone. Then, the crane returns to the tree where the climber will tether the next portion of the tree to the crane’s cable before sewing it away. 

Removing trees piece by piece is the safest way to remove a dangerous tree. Once the entire tree is removed, our crews will remove the wood if you choose. We can also perform stump grinding service after your tree is removed. 

If you have a dangerous tree located on your Weatherford, TX, property, you can rely on the tree experts at S&P Tree Service for our efficient crane tree removal service. We also feature tree care services. Our arborists specialize in tree preservation. Contact us to learn more about our tree care and tree removal solutions. We have a reputation throughout the region for our expertise and experience.

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