July 29, 2022

7 Signs It’s Time To Call A Tree Removal Service | Weatherford, TX

The trees on your Weatherford, TX property serve many purposes. First, your trees provide shade, allowing you to sit outside without getting too hot. Also, your trees protect your home, vehicles, and property from the elements. Finally, your trees provide added curb appeal.

While trees can be beneficial, they can also put your home and anything under the tree at risk if they are in poor health.

The best way to prevent your trees from damaging or destroying anything is to recognize the signs that it’s time to call a tree removal service.

#1 The Tree Is Dead

Trees have long lifespans, but like all living things, trees die eventually. A dead tree can be dangerous because branches or the entire tree can fall on anything below, causing significant damage or injury.

There are a few ways to tell that a tree on your property is dead. If the tree isn’t blooming, it’s a sign it has died. In addition, dead trees appear rotted, dry, and decayed.

If you suspect a tree on your property is dead, it’s best to call a tree removal service immediately to prevent a disaster from occurring if the tree or large branches fall.

#2 Visible Signs of Damage

Trees are strong and can withstand heat, cold, rain, snow, and ice. However, trees aren’t indestructible and can be damaged during severe weather.

If a tree on your home was damaged during a storm, it’s best to assess the damage and determine if the safest option is to remove it. Waiting to see what happens isn’t the best option because anything below can be damaged, and anyone below can be injured, and you should call a tree removal service immediately.

#3 The Tree Is Leaning

All trees lean naturally, which adds a whimsical charm to your Weatherford, TX property. If a tree starts leaning more after a storm or for no reason, it’s best to call a tree removal service.

A tree expert can inspect the tree to determine what has caused it to learn more. They can also discuss the damage that the leaning tree can cause, and if there’s a chance, it can fall, landing on your house, car, or anyone standing below.

The last thing you want is a tree to fall and cause damage, so it’s best to call a professional as soon as possible.

#4 The Tree Is Sick

Like most living things, trees can get sick. A sick tree will have moist, flaking, discolored, or weeping bark. Also, mushrooms and fungus at the truck’s base indicate disease. The bark is the tree’s protection; if it can’t do its job, the rest of the tree will suffer. If you have a diseased tree and don’t have it checked by a tree expert, the disease can spread to the healthy trees nearby, putting every tree on your home at risk.

A tree removal service can send a tree expert to inspect the diseased tree to determine if it should be removed to prevent the other trees from being infected.

#5 Vertical Cracks In the Bark

If there are long, vertical cracks in the bark of a tree on your Weatherford, TX property, it’s best to call a tree removal service immediately. This is especially true if the cracks are in the middle of two branches that face opposite directions.

During strong winds or severe weather, the tree may not be able to withstand the pressure and can spit or crack further, causing severe damage or injury to anything or anyone below.

It’s best to have a tree expert inspect the tree to determine if the crack is serious and should be removed.

#6 Decaying Roots

A tree’s roots provide stability and allow nutrients from the ground, ensuring the tree remains healthy. If the roots are decaying, there’s a significant risk the tree will get sick. Also, the stability will be affected if the roots are decayed and can fall on anyone or anything below.

Signs of decaying roots include moss growth at the bottom of the trunk, a more significant lean, and dead branches. If you suspect the roots on a tree are decaying, it’s best to call a tree removal service. An expert can inspect the tree to determine if the roots are decaying and if removing the tree is the best option.

#7 Cavities On the Tree Trunk

If there are holes in the trunk of a tree on your property, it’s best to call a tree removal service right away. The tree’s trunk provides stability and keeps the tree standing. When cavities start to form on the bark, it indicates that the tree is beginning to decay. If you allow the problem to persist, the cavities will continue forming in the trunk, resulting in a hollow trunk over time, and the tree won’t have the stability to remain standing.

A tree expert can inspect the tree to determine if the cavities are due to age and decay or an insect infestation. They can also determine if the tree can remain standing or if it’s unsafe and the tree should be removed.

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