March 03, 2021

Signs You Need To Call An Emergency Tree Service | Fort Worth, TX

Photo By Mantonature at istock

One thing no homeowner ever wants to experience is the loss of a favorite tree. Not only do trees provide us with clean air and beauty, but most trees have a story or two attached to the family who lived near them, which sometimes makes it tough for homeowners to decide they have to call an emergency tree service.

But unfortunately, diseases and pests mean that trees don’t necessarily last forever. Should a tree fall because its structure and support have become weak, you’re likely looking at a lot of serious damage to power lines, property and more. Before that happens, you need to take a hard look at your trees and figure out if you’ve got one that’s showing one or more signs that it’s going to have to come down. If you spot any of these issues, it’s time to call an emergency tree service before it’s too late.

Presence of Fungi

By their definition, mushrooms are decomposers. They get their fuel by feeding off the decaying remains of other organisms and removing them from the ecosystem. So if they’re hanging out around your tree, that means that something is dying that’s allowed fungi to form and continue to maintain their health. In most cases, this is a sure sign that you need to call for a tree service as soon as possible.

Why? Because if you can’t spot something that’s keeping the fungi alive, that means the fungi are probably feeding off your tree. If your tree’s roots are so weak that fungi are feeding off of it, that means the tree’s not getting the nutrients that it needs to survive anyway, which will lead to it slowly weakening and eventually collapsing completely.

When a tree can’t make the food it needs to survive, it’s a sure sign that its death is imminent. You need to call for an emergency tree service as soon as you know your tree is in trouble because the breezes can be pretty stiff, and if you’ve got a weakening tree trying to stand up to them, there’s a high chance that the tree could fall over and cause a serious accident. Before this happens, be sure to call for help from a tree expert you trust.

Dead or Dying Branches

When a tree starts to lose leaves on its branches outside of autumn, there’s a real chance that something is starting to go wrong with the tree. That’s because a tree only tends to decrease or even cut off nutrients to its branches when it decides that its branches can no longer benefit from a full amount of the nutrients it’s pulling from the air and ground.

In most cases, this is because a tree’s been attacked by an insect or bird in a certain area, and the attack has left the tree’s branch unable to produce for the tree. At that point, the organism decides to remove its dead weight and eliminates the spread of nutrients to that branch, saving its fuel for existing healthy branches and growing new ones.

Even if your tree doesn’t look like it’s dying, you still should call for an emergency tree service in Fort Worth, TX when you see dying branches because it might be easier for you to have an expert prune the branches properly. If you remove the branches by hiring a professional, they can make sure that the branches are cut in such a way that maximizes the tree’s ability to distribute nutrients to the entire tree, allowing healthier branches to grow.

Missing Bark

Tree bark should be thought of as similar to a person’s skin. If you had an open wound, you wouldn’t mess around with calling for help if the wound was serious. When it’s a tree, you shouldn’t wait around to call for an emergency tree service either, because a tree that’s missing bark is opened up for diseases, pests and other things that make it harder for the tree to grow properly.

When a tree is missing its bark, it doesn’t have any protections from the elements, bugs, birds and diseases that can kill it from the inside. As such, missing bark is something that requires an examination from tree expert at the bare minimum. A tree expert can tell you exactly why the bark is missing and what it means for your tree’s short and long-term future. If the missing bark isn’t all that serious, an emergency tree service can give you peace of mind that your tree will recover, and if it is serious, you’ll have the right team available to take down the tree properly before things get out of hand.

No Growing Leaves

Spring is the time that your tree should be sprouting leaves, so if it’s not doing that and other trees around it are, you’ve likely got a serious problem with your tree. Ideally, the missing leaves will only affect one or two branches, which would make it very easy for an emergency tree service to simply remove the problem branches and let the rest of the tree thrive.

But if the whole tree is having trouble sprouting and growing leaves, you really need to act fast. A tree that doesn’t have leaves has a hard time making food for itself, and an organism that can’t make food can’t get nutrients and can’t survive for long. Before your tree gets to that point, you need to have an emergency tree service take a full look.

At S&P Tree Service, we know exactly what it means when a tree is starting to show signs of dying, and we can help homeowners keep their tree from falling and creating a serious problem. If you’ve got a tree at your Fort Worth, TX home that’s showing signs that all might not be well, give our emergency tree service a call. We’ll help figure out what needs to be done to protect your property and do what’s best for your tree!