October 10, 2018

Professional Tips for Tree Trimming and Pruning | Tree Maintenance in Dallas Fort Worth

There are a variety of methods to keep your trees in great shape two of which are trimming and pruning. With the right equipment and knowledge, you can go ahead and prune your trees so their appearance and shape remains maintained. Other than just looking great, their health will also improve as dead branches and other factors can be potentially dangerous for them.

So which method works best for your trees? First of all you need to get your basics right! You can even test yourself regarding how much of the following you knew already. Sounds fun right? Let’s get right on to it.

Why You Need Tree Maintenance in Dallas Fort Worth Area

Your trees need to be maintained for three very basic reasons. These include health, safety and aesthetics. How this works can be understood with a few examples.


As we mentioned before that dead branches or limbs of trees are dangerous for them, they can be strategically pruned away. Think of it like an infected limb which needs to be removed! Do you want to know how?

The airflow to the tree is significantly made better when the crown is made thin. If these branches are crossing over or rubbing against each other, then they should definitely be trimmed – for the very same reason of airflow.


Broken or dead limbs or branches of trees can fall off the tree, which can become a serious safety hazard. Other than this, branches of trees shouldn’t block your vision of the driveway whenever you need to drive out.

In terms of safety, trees and branches that are growing too closely to utility lines is definitely a hazard. You should either call in tree maintenance in Dallas Fort Worth area or contact your local utility company to get this problem sorted out.


Your trees need to appear beautiful, appearance and shape wise. The tree maintenance in Dallas Fort Worth area suggests to not impose unnatural shapes for your trees. Exceeding the pruning and trimming needs of these trees can also cause them serious harm!

General Trimming Tips for Tree Maintenance in Dallas Fort Worth Area

During dormant seasons it’s always a great idea to prune or trim your trees. If you have pine trees however, you can go ahead and trim them at any point in the year. The only exception to prune or trim your trees outside dormant seasons is when hazards exist (as was discussed above).

You also need to be diligent about the size of your tree’s branches to implement tree maintenance in Dallas Fort Worth area. If the branch you intend to trim off isless than 5 centimeters in diameter, then it is always fine to remove. If these branches are between 5 and 10 centimeters however, then you shouldn’t trim it off. Lastly, if the branch is more than 10 centimeters in diameter then you should only trim it if you have a good reason.

Another important aspect for tree maintenance in Dallas Fort Worth area is to only prune the branches which have narrow angle, are V-shapes and/or are weak. The branches you should retain are the ones which have U-shaped angles and are strong.

Another method to go about this is to check for lateral branches which have a diameter of ½ to ¾ of the stem at the point they are attached. Anything below this can be removed. When you’ve completed the pruning of your tree the tree height to the living crown ratio should be as close to 3:2 as possible.

If you still have trouble on how to go about in to select branches for trimming or pruning then you can select branches that are young. Not only are they very easy to manage, but also will not leave any nasty scars on your tree.

Another way to go about it is to leave branches which are too close together or that have grown out to be too long. This means that you should leave all the branch collars and large stubs on your trees.

Advanced Trimming Tips for Tree Maintenance in Dallas Fort Worth Area

The following tips are fine if you wish to educate yourself, although it will be better to heed various services of tree maintenance in Dallas Fort Worth area to effectively pull them off.

Crown Thinning

If you’re planning on thinning the crown of your trees, then you should keep in mind that its lateral branches should be as evenly spaced out as possible. This should especially be the case for all the young trees in your garden.

To do so, you should prune away all the branches which run against or cross over each other. Other than this, you should be careful never to remove more than ¼ of a healthy crown in one go. Even if this really needs to be done, you will have to spread out this process over the years.

Crown Raising

For reasons like providing a clear pathway for all the people who walk by your trees, this method should be used. The branches of the tree should be maintained for at least 2/3rd their height. In order to get there, you will have to go about trimming from the bottom up. It is important, however, that you don’t remove too many from the bottom half as this could compromise the strength of the stem.

Crown Reduction

While implementing tree maintenance in Dallas Fort Worth area, your tree’s foliage may also need trimming. This is where we advise that if more than ½ of the foliage needs to be removed, then it’s better to remove the whole branch. Remember to go about pruning the lateral branches which are 1/3rd the diameter of its stem.

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