February 05, 2023

Preparing For Tree Removal Service | Dallas, TX

When you have decided that it’s time to call in a tree removal service to your Dallas, TX home, there are several things you can do to prepare for the day on which your tree will be cut. These simple, yet helpful actions are designed to streamline the process and clear the way for the techs to be able to perform their tree removal service work efficiently. They also help protect your Dallas, TX property from any damage that could be caused by the falling tree, or the removal of the branches. So, in order to make your tree removal service visit even easier on all those involved, this article will cover everything you should do in order to prepare for the big day. Let’s get started.

There are many reasons why a homeowner could require tree removal service, including a dead or diseased tree, a tree that has grown too large and is threatening damage to a home’s structure, or one that has grown close to public power lines. Tree removal service is also necessary when a tree has become too debilitated that it can fall over during a storm, causing damage to the property and those who live there. So, you have called S&P Tree Service for help and you are ready for your tree to be removed. But, how should you prepare for the big occasion? The following are a few tasks you should try to complete before the tree removal team arrives, in order to prevent any damage to your property and wasted time.

Schedule a Preliminary Visit

No two removal services are identical, each property has different characteristics, and so do the trees. In order to make the entire process easier, make sure you schedule a preliminary visit with the team who will cut down your tree. This visit can take place a few days or weeks before the actual removal is performed.

During this visit, the arborists will inspect your tree and the surrounding area, to determine which will be the best way to cut and remove the tree. You will also be asked how you want to deal with the stump. Keep in mind that stump removal is a different service that will have an additional cost. You will be asked to choose whether you want to leave the stump in place, have it completely removed, or shaved down to ground level to prevent any accidents.

It is always best to resolve this issue prior to the day of the removal. Because it can be quite complicated to remove a stump, especially that of a very large tree, the techs may not have time to get it done if you leave the decision for the day of the removal. Planning ahead will always ensure everything gets done in one visit, instead of two.

Make sure all the details for the removal of the tree are decided during the preliminary visit, so you won’t have to make spur-of-the-moment decisions when the entire team is ready to work. You should also verify that you have understood the removal process and decided what will be done with the wood that is cut down. You can ask to have it turned into firewood, chips, or simply taken away. The final choice is always yours!

Talk to Your Neighbors About What Will Take Place

While the decision to remove your tree is yours, and nobody else’s, you should always talk to your next-door neighbors to let them know what will take place. This common courtesy can help you when you have to provide space for the team members to park their vehicles and perform removal maneuvers. After all, nobody likes to get home after work to find a very large truck parked in front of their driveway.

Clear Up Enough Space for the Team to Park Their Vehicles

Your tree removal service team will arrive at your house with several vehicles that are used to transport all the tools and equipment that will be required to remove your tree. Long gone are the days in which all it took to cut down a tree was a burly man with an ax or a saw. Nowadays, tree removal service techs will require a variety of chainsaws, ropes, ladders, a wood chipper, and sometimes, even a crane, to perform their job efficiently. Because of this, there will be several large trucks parked outside your property for the duration of the job.

Put Away Anything That Can Break

While your yard may not look like a tornado went through it right now, it certainly will after the tree removal service techs finish cutting down the tree. It is important that you clear your yard of anything that could break, such as potted plants, your grill, your child’s swing set, and other items that could break if a branch hits them. This will also help any maneuvers the removal team has to perform. It will also streamline the process, and make it more efficient, which means the job will be finished faster. It will also prevent any additional expenses you could make in an attempt to replace what was broken.

Make Sure the Techs Have a Clear Path to the Tree

The best way to ensure the efficiency of the removal process is to make sure the people who will be removing it have a clear path to the tree. In cases in which a tree must be removed in sections, having a clear path will aid in the actual removal of the branches. This is also important if a crane is used because it will ensure the safety of the techs and your property.

When you have no choice but to have one of your Dallas, TX home’s trees removed, the techs at S&P Tree Service are always happy to help you make the best choices for removal. With knowledgeable arborists and the most updated tools, you can always be sure your tree removal service will be done professionally and quickly. So, don’t hesitate too long, if your tree needs to be cut down, give S&P Tree Service a call today!

Photo By Rene Ramos at Shutterstock