February 04, 2023

Crane Tree Removal Service: There’s No Timber About It | Dallas, TX

There are plenty of tree care companies around Dallas, TX that cut down trees with a chainsaw and a ladder, but unless these trees are located in a rural part of town with no buildings or fences in proximity, this method isn’t a property-friendly solution. S&P Tree Service features professional crane tree removal service for situations where cutting down a tree with a saw and yelling ‘timber’ is impossible. In fact, even tree trimming with the use of a crane is often safer than letting the wood fall where it may. To ensure that your tree is trimmed or removed with the utmost safety, it’s crucial to hire a tree care company that offers crane solutions.

No Tree Tipping Allowed

In the old days, when you wanted a tree to fall in a certain direction, you had to make your ax or saw cuts angled just so the tree would tip just right. Of course, one wrong cut and the tree might fall in the absolutely wrong direction, posing a risk to property and cutters alike. But this is the 21st century. There’s no reason to take risks with people or property. That’s why S&P Tree Service has invested in cranes designed for tree trimming and removals. We offer crane tree removal service because many of our customers live in crowded neighborhoods. They need a solution for safe tree trimming and removal that does not put anyone or anything in jeopardy.

During crane removals, the tree is removed piece by piece from the top down. A cutter is placed near the tree top to make strategic cuts. The wood being cut away is fastened to the crane before the cut is made. Then, the crane can safely hoist it away after the cutter performs the cut. The tree is never meant to tip or topple over.

Cranes Make Removals Safer

Since crane tree removal service is engineered to remove trees without tipping them down and cutting them at their base, there is less risk of the tree falling onto a home or commercial building. The cranes lift away only a portion of the tree at a time–a portion that is lightweight enough to be safely removed.

That isn’t to say there aren’t risks. There are. For instance, it’s never a good idea to contract with a company that’s inexperienced at crane tree removal service. The crane must be level and operated by a highly trained technician who knows precisely what they’re doing. An inexperienced operator can detract from what should be a safe removal process. Also, the tree itself could be so diseased or in a state of decay that it’s unsafe. A crane can’t make a tree more stable.

However, an experienced tree care company like S&P Tree Service has a team of trained arborists on staff who can evaluate each tree before it’s removed. A large tree in a state of decay must first be stabilized with cables or other measures to ensure that it does not fall as it’s being cut away. Safety is essential when it comes to tree care and tree removals. We take safety seriously from start to finish.

How Do I Know If I Need a Crane to Remove a Tree?

If you need to remove a tree, you can contact our company and we’ll visit your Dallas, TX property to evaluate its condition and the job in question. Typically, if the tree is midsize or large and located in a residential or commercial district, crane tree removal service is a safe option. During our visit, we’ll inspect the tree to determine its condition, which helps us create a custom plan for its removal. We’ll also be assessing the landscape so we can locate the best spot to set up the crane for the removal. Our technicians can recommend the ideal tree removal method for the tree or trees in question. If crane tree removal service is the best course for you, we’ll schedule the removal and take care of the entire process.

Removal Day

If you schedule our crane tree removal service, you can expect our technicians to arrive with our crane, crews, and other equipment needed to perform the job safely and efficiently. Upon arriving, we will set up our crane, which takes about 30 minutes in most cases. It’s important for us to ensure that the crane is level before we can operate it. We’ll also designate an area of the property as our drop zone. This is where the crane will place the pieces of the tree as it removes them.

Once we’re ready, the crane will lift our climber/cutter into position near the top of the tree where the first cut can be made. Before making the cut, as mentioned, the climber fastens the portion to be removed first to the crane via cables or a sling. After the cut is made, the crane slowly and safely lifts it away and sets it on the ground. Once placed in the drop zone, our crews saw the wood into manageable pieces that can be hauled away or stacked depending on the property owner’s wishes.

The cutting/removal process is repeated until the tree is removed. Crane tree removal service is a safe and efficient means of removing trees. It’s also quite popular in Dallas, TX, but not all service providers offer this solution. S&P Tree Service specializes in crane tree removal service. If you need your tree removed, we can tackle the job.

Contact our company if you need a tree removed or if you need tree maintenance such as an inspection or tree trimming. At S&P Tree Service, we serve both residential and commercial property owners. Our trained arborists are here to help you care for the health of your property’s trees in addition to our removal solutions.

Photo By Rich Lonardo at Shutterstock