March 09, 2021

Why You Need A Professional Tree Trimming Service | Dallas Fort Worth Area

Photo By SolStock at istock

When there’s an issue with one of your trees at your home in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, it’s easy to think that this is something you can handle on your own. After all, if a certain spot on your tree is showing signs of disease, you can simply cut that branch off and protect the rest of the tree without using a tree trimming service, right?

Absolutely not. When it comes to your trees, there’s a lot of esoteric knowledge that goes into taking care of them, knowledge that you simply won’t have unless you actually work with trees on a regular basis. Besides that, there’s also the tools and skill for the actual task, neither of which are common among people who aren’t part of a tree trimming service. Here are a few reasons why this is a service that should always be left to a professional.

Cutting the Right Limb

Before you start cutting anything on any of your trees, you need to make sure that a tree trimming service is even necessary for the health of your trees. Just because a tree isn’t looking the way it normally does doesn’t always mean that there’s something wrong with the tree, and if you start cutting before you know for sure that there’s a problem, you can cause real issues for your tree.

Calling for a tree expert can help you figure out exactly what the issue is and what the right solution is. When you bring a tree expert to your property, they can figure out whether there is truly something wrong with your tree, what caused it and what the appropriate solution is. When disease has struck your tree, it’s often hit one or two branches, and removing those specific branches can be the thing that saves your tree. But if you’re trying to do this without the help of a tree trimming service, what you’re doing essentially amounts to guesswork. When it comes to trees, you don’t have any room to guess.

Cutting at the Right Time

When you take a look at your tree and see signs of disease, it’s time to cut away the diseased section right then and there, right? Actually, that’s not the case. When you cut your tree actually matters quite a bit, because trees have a growth cycle just like every other plant does. Trees grow much more easily during the spring and summer months, and a tree trimming service recognizes when it makes the most sense to cut your trees in a certain way.

Most homeowners in the Dallas Fort Worth Area don’t really know when or why you might cut your tree differently in the fall as opposed to the spring, but a tree trimming expert can help you figure out exactly how and when to cut the tree in a way that gives it the best chance to grow. A tree has a much better chance to regenerate its branches properly during the spring and summer, when it’s making food for itself on a regular basis, than it does in the autumn or winter, when it’s going into a hibernation mode.

Shaping Matters

One of the most important things to a tree’s growth and health is the way that its branches are shaped. Unfortunately, most homeowners have absolutely no idea about shaping a branch properly, and in certain cases, a DIY tree trimmer can actually cause more damage to the tree than the diseased limb might have done.

When homeowners try to do this on their own, they can leave a branch misshapen in such a way that it makes it difficult for the newly shaped branch to get the nutrients it needs to regenerate its leaves. Calling in a tree trimming service can help give your tree the best chance to survive because they can examine several external factors and figure out the best way to cut your tree so that it can heal itself. Thanks to their experience and knowledge, a tree expert knows exactly how to cut a branch in order to maximize sunlight, exposure to water and avoidance of pests and disease, and the average person just doesn’t have that knowledge.

Safety First

There’s no point in sugarcoating this: trimming a tree is a difficult task, whether you’re a professional who is part of a tree trimming service or a homeowner in the area. In most cases, you’ve got to get on a ladder and cut branches away, and in some cases, you’ve got to navigate branches away from power lines in a way that avoids knocking the power out and avoids electrocution or other damage to yourself.

Most homeowners don’t have the knowledge or the safety equipment needed to protect themselves from a truly dangerous situation. Conversely, a tree expert who has done this many times before understands the danger and knows how to protect themselves as best as they can. A tree trimming service expert has spent a lot of time on a ladder and knows how to stay as safe as possible when removing a branch that’s in a tricky area. They know exactly what they need to do to position themselves on the tree as best as possible so that they can remove a difficult branch with minimal action on their part, minimizing their own risk. They’ve also got the right tools for any situation on hand, because there’s rarely any tree issue that they haven’t seen before.

When it comes to tree care, there’s really no substitute for knowledge and experience, neither of which a homeowner is likely to have in this area. Luckily, in these situations, S&P Tree Service is here to help. When a tree branch needs to be removed to protect the rest of the tree our tree trimming service is here to safely get rid of it properly. Contact us today for help!