March 12, 2021

8 Signs That It Is Time To Call An Emergency Tree Service | Fort Worth, TX

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If you are like most homeowners, you want your yard to be the nicest on the block. The trees on your property add to the home’s curb appeal. They also provide shade, so you can enjoy sitting outside on a hot summer day. Your trees also provide your home and vehicles a bit of protection from the elements. As essential as the trees in your yard are, they can also create a significant risk. The best way to protect your house, your family, and your property is to be able to recognize that your trees are creating a risk so that you can call a professional for emergency tree service.

If you notice any of the issues listed below, you should call a professional immediately.

#1 Large Branches Hanging Over the House

If there are large branches hanging over your home, you should schedule an appointment for emergency tree service immediately. If there are strong winds or severe weather, the branch could fall, causing serious damage to your house or vehicle. It can also cause serious injury to anyone walking below.

A tree expert can go to your home and trim the dangerous branches down, protecting your home and those your love.

#2 The Tree Is Growing Toward the Power Lines

Unfortunately, we cannot control the direction that our trees grow. They have minds of their own and can grow too close to the power lines. If this happens, your home and your family will be at risk. If strong winds or severe weather occurs, the tree can knock out the power lines, which will cut the power to your home. Also, you will have live electrical wires on your property, which is extremely dangerous.

If you notice that your trees are growing dangerously close to the power lines, schedule an emergency tree service appointment. The tree expert will carefully remove the hazardous branches, which will keep your home and family safe.

#3 The Tree Roots Are Growing Into Your Plumbing System

If you have trees planted close to your underground plumbing system, the roots can grow into the pipes, causing serious plumbing issues and a potential flood in the yard. This is a very serious situation, and it would require the assistance of a tree service.

A tree expert will have to inspect the tree to see if the problem can be resolved or if it would be best to remove the tree. Because this can cause a very serious problem, you should make the call immediately.

#4 Storm Damaged Trees

Anyone who lives in Fort Worth, TX, knows that severe weather isn’t too uncommon. During a storm, your trees can get severely damaged. If this happens, it is only a matter of time before a large branch breaks off and falls, or the entire tree comes down.

If you notice any tree damage after a severe storm, you should schedule an appointment for emergency tree service immediately. The sooner you make the call, the safer your family and your property will be.

#5 Abnormal Leaning

It isn’t uncommon for trees to lean naturally. Naturally leaning trees can add to the appearance of your landscape. If you notice that a tree on your property is leaning more than it always has, you should call an emergency tree service.

A tree expert will come to your home to inspect the tree. They will determine if the leaning is a natural part of aging or if the tree needs to be removed. Because a significant lean can cause the tree to fall, you should contact a tree service immediately.

#6 Dead Branches

If you have a tree on your Fort Worth, TX property with dead branches, you should immediately call an emergency tree service. If the dead branches are large, they need to be removed right away. If there is a strong wind, the branch will fall, putting your house and family at risk.

If there are several dead branches on one side of the tree, it is even more serious. This creates a structural issue that can compromise the balance of the tree. If the problem is ignored, the tree can fall, causing serious damage or injury.

The best way to prevent a disaster from occurring is to call a tree service immediately.

#7 Tree Trunk Issues

The trunks of your trees are what give them the support and stability to remain standing. Any trunk issues would require the immediate assistance of an emergency tree service.

If there are cracks or cavities in the trunk, it is a problem. The same is true if there are large pieces of bark missing. These are signs that the tree has issues, and it may not be structurally sound. A tree expert can examine the tree to determine if the trunk issues are due to a disease that can be treated. They can also determine if it is best to remove the tree.

A hollow trunk is also a major cause for concern. The outside of a tree can live longer than the inside. Trees can survive with a minimal amount of hollowing; however, if one-third of the tree is hollow, the tree expert might recommend that it comes down.

#8 Fungus At the Roots

Mushrooms growing at the base of a tree might make it look cool and mystical, but it is a sign of a serious problem. Fungus growth is a sign of disease or internal rot and would require the assistance of a tree service. A tree expert will determine if the disease is treatable or if the tree comes down.

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