September 06, 2016

All You Need to Know about Stump Grinding Tree Services in Grand Prairie, Texas

Before you opt for any service, it’s always a good idea to do your research about it. You never know, what looks good on paper may have a completely dark methodology. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that with tree stump grinding in Grand Prairie, Texas.

As the newest way to get rid of the pesky tree stump, tree stump grinding services are efficient, smart and do not damage the ecosystem. With more and more places offering you services aimed at removing tree stumps, you might be feeling a little hesitant about grinding. Luckily, you can easily take a peek at some of the benefits the process offers.

Stump Grinding Tree Services are Organic

One of the reasons behind the popularity of this process is the fact that it is organic. There are no side effects to worry about. Compared to other methods like poisoning the stump or burning the stump to chars, stump grinding tree services only slice the tree stump into small pieces.

The consistency is similar to mulch and, in many cases, the leftover remains of the stump have been used for this purpose. This makes it very easy to cover the spot and re-grow. You won’t have any unsightly bald patches on your lawn. Burning the stump or chemically poisoning it is in many places against the law and it leaves a residue that is poisonous for the environment.

Stump Grinding Tree Services are Fast

As compared to other stump removal services, removing the stump with the help of stump grinding services can be over and done within a day. With these services, your stump will be gone within a few hours. Furthermore, since it requires almost little to no effort on your part, one or two people can easily do this.

With minimal requirements for labor and fast results, stump grinding tree services are more popular. Compared to it, burning the stump to remove it can take a day or more, depending on the size of the stump and the time it took to burn it all away. On the other hand, chemically poisoning the tree stump takes a minimum time period of 2 months. With timelines like these, it’s no surprise, that stump grinding is a better, feasible and more popular option.

Stump Grinding Tree Services Have no Harmful Byproducts

As mentioned earlier, stump grinding is green, safe and has no harmful byproducts left behind from its usage. Since the stump is just getting chopped into tiny pieces, this by product you get from stump grinding is organic mulch which can be used as compost to fertilize your lawn or any other plant.

In comparison, if you are chemically poisoning the tree stump to induce it to start rotting, keep in mind that you are pouring a concentrated mixture of a mild pesticide into the trunk. Each day, you have to administer the dose to the stump as it slowly gets absorbed by the stump.

On the off chance that it starts to rain, the excess poison will be washed away with the rain. This means that you could end up poisoning the flora in the surrounding area as well. If it doesn’t rain, you will still end up poisoning the area where the stump was. You could end up with an eternally barren spot on your lawn.

Burning the stump leaves you with a burnt patch, puts the risk of fire getting out of control and also releases a lot of carbon in the air. It can also end up making the spot barren too and it may be rather difficult to make it go green again.

The Ground is not Stressed by Stump Grinding Tree Services

Another way through which you can remove a stump is by having it uprooted or pulled out. This process is not only extremely labor intensive and time consuming, it is also extremely stressful for the site area. You could end up having to dig a trench 3 to 4 feet deep to get deep enough to cut out the root, pull out the stump and then put all the dirt back.

Unfortunately, this can often be extremely stressful for the earth as well and could induce periods of barren growth, something which you don’t have to worry about with stump grinding tree services. Moreover, the surrounding plants are also going to suffer from the stress owing to the fact that their roots have been disturbed. Often times, many plants together would have created an interlinking network in order to pool nutrients and other minerals to grow faster and strong by relying on each other.

Uprooting the stump could cause damage to this network of roots as well and stunt, hamper or complete stop the growth of the other plants. This damage can often take years to repair on its own so you might have to replace the plants or simply, re-grow in some other area.

Stump Grinding Tree Services: Is it Worth It?

At the end of the day, if you’re looking to find out if they really are worth the price, then you’ll be happy to know that its many benefits make it worth it. While the other options that you can get are cheaper, apparently, it doesn’t cost a lot to poison or burn something, the results produced through stump grinding are better and healthier for the environment.

Even if you don’t want to save the environment, consider that it is the fastest method to get rid of a tree stump. A stump grinder can reduce a stump down to a pile of mulch within a few hours. The long wait hours, coupled with their harmful byproducts and messy execution make the other options a bit of a messy and risky proposition.

Moreover, burning and poisoning stumps for removal is also subject to local laws and may differ according to the municipal and federal rulings of that area.

If you’re looking for stump grinding tree services in the Arlington and Grand Prairie area, give us a call today and take advantage of our services. With years of experience, we can guarantee you professionalism and knowledge. Whether you’re getting your trees trimmed or evaluated for their health, you can rest easy knowing our professionals are looking after your trees for you. Call us now on 469-789-6775 or fill in an online contact form to get a free estimate today!