September 14, 2016

Different Types of Tree Removal Services in Grand Prairie, Texas

One of the most wonderful sights in the city or the suburbs in Grand Prairie, Texas, is seeing a bit of bright greenery, poking out and breaking the monotony of the urban jungle. It’s a well documented fact that trees improve not just the environment but your mental state as well.

On the other hand, trees in the city are problematic since they can become health hazards if they are growing too near wires or windows. Sometimes, they may also have dead branches or hollow trunks that make them liable to drop anytime soon and cause some serious damage.

Either way, once they become a health hazard, you don’t have a lot of options on hand. To get rid of dead branches, you can either trim the tree or look into getting tree removal services for it. Now when you’re looking into getting tree removal services for your property, you might be wondering what options you have available for you to choose from.

Luckily, you do have a few options on hand when you are considering about getting a tree removed. While the end results can be the same, the process for removing a tree does vary slightly, which does make an impact on the total cost of the whole procedure.

Tree Removal Service Option 1: Uprooting

Uprooting is the act of simply pulling a tree, roots and all, out of the spot it’s on. This could either be achieved through chopping the tree down and then pulling the stump out or through some other means. You might want to talk to your tree removal service provider to find out the method they use for uprooting it.

Keep in mind that uprooting is tricky and it can be a hazardous removal option if it is not conducted properly. The odds against it are even higher if it becomes even more difficult if the tree is located in a rather confined place.

On the other hand, this is also a technique that puts undue stress on the ground as well. Since a tree has extremely strong roots, pulling it means pulling earth out too. Sometimes, this could put so much stress on a spot that plants will refuse to grow on it and it could leave you with an unseemly bald patch on your lawn as well.

Tree Removal Service Option 2: Burning It

This tree removal option is only feasible in areas where the law permits it. The tree is removed by chopping it down and then the stump is prepared to be burnt down. A shallow ditch is dug around the stump first. The stump has holes drilled into it and potassium nitrate is added to it. The holes are then filled with gasoline or other flammable material. The stump is then allowed to soak in this mixture for 4 to 6 hours.

Once it is ready, the stump is then set on fire and allowed to burn down to cinders. An axe is used to chop up any remains and then all the dirt and soil is added back on top to allow it to absorb any nutrients from the charred remains of the tree stump.

However, the smoke it creates is often considered an environmental hazard and this process may not be permitted in certain localities. You might want to keep this mind when picking a tree removal service provider. Always check that they have a permit, applicable in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Tree Removal Service Option 3: Chemical Killers

The other option is subject to law permits and allows you to have your tree removed completely with the help of chemicals to poison it.

This method is applied by chopping the trunk of the tree, removing it and then preparing the remaining stump to remove it with chemicals. The stump is drilled with holes and potassium nitrate is added to it. The holes are filled with a potassium nitrate and water solution and allowed to soak for almost two months.

After two months, the stump should be soft and spongy, and can easily be broken into pieces with an axe that can be used to chop up any remains. However, this is not safest tree removal option, largely because the chemicals used can kill other plants nearby too. Sometimes the solution can be so strong that once the stump is removed, the spot stays bald as the spot is too saturated with poison for the plants to re-grow.

Tree Removal Service Option 4: Grinding It Down

This is one of the most popular options, largely owing to the fact that it’s clean, green and your tree removal service provider will be sure to mention this option first because it doesn’t take a lot of time either. Tree removal with a stump grinder doesn’t need a lot of complicated preparations as well.

Any stump can be chopped down to mulch in a few hours. The best part about this process is that getting the stump removed is as simple as placing the tree stump grinder on top of the stump and holding it down. Since it can grind down to a depth of almost 3 or 4 meters into the ground, this means that any tough roots will also be chopped up.

Clean up is simple and easy as well. You can either use the mulch in your compost heap, or keep it in the same spot and just add another layer of top soil and some seeds on top. Within a few weeks, the spot will be covered over with healthy plant shoots. The mulch will also break down and make the spot fertile as well.

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