March 09, 2022

Keeping Trees At Bay With A Crane Tree Removal Service: Are Your Trees Too Close To Your Home? | Fort Worth, TX

Throughout sunny Fort Worth, TX, trees provide plenty of welcome shade to landscapes. In fact, you may find that your home stays cooler in summer simply because of the shade that the tree canopy surrounding your home offers. Even so, when trees grow close to your house, it may be too close. As beautiful as trees are, they are not without risks when they grow in close proximity to our homes. S&P Tree Service offers crane tree removal service – a solution we’re sometimes forced to recommend in situations when trees are causing problems for homeowners. If you have trees growing close to your home, here are some risks you should know about:

Roof Risks

As mentioned, tall trees provide welcome shade for our homes. On the other hand, if you have trees growing so close to your house that the branches touch the roof, you could experience a couple of problems. Think about the last severe storm that blew through Fort Worth, TX. Often, storms in the region contain powerful winds that knock down branches. It’s not uncommon for large branches to fall onto homes, causing minor to extensive roof damage. If a large tree is growing too close to your house, your roof may be vulnerable to falling branches and tree limbs. Some people opt for crane tree removal services for this reason alone.

Secondly, trees are home to all sorts of wildlife. When trees grow near your house, animals like squirrels, bats, and insects may decide to nest there. They may also decide your nearby roof, accessible via the nearby tree branches, looks even better. You can reduce the risk of pests damaging your roof or getting into your home by trimming trees or, if you choose, with a crane tree removal service for S&P Tree Service.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can be a serious problem for homeowners or commercial property owners. The larger the tree, the larger its root system will be. A tree’s roots are powerful; after all, they anchor those massive trees to the earth (ideally). Unfortunately, those roots can become diseased and grow weak. During powerful storms, they may not be strong enough to keep the tree rooted to the ground, especially if the tree is suffering from root rot. Imagine the damage a falling tree could do to your house and the safety risks that event would pose? If you’re concerned about the health of a tree near your home, crane tree removal may be in order.

Additionally, the powerful roots of trees even when perfectly healthy can pose a serious risk to your property. When trees grow too close to your house, the roots could damage your foundation and even lead to structural instability, particularly if the roots cause foundation cracks to occur. Tree roots are also notoriously thirsty–not surprising in the area! Those thirsty roots are always on the prowl underground for water–and when they’re growing close to your house, their roots are in close proximity to your sewer line. Tree roots will be attracted to the water flowing through that line and will try–and often succeed–to infiltrate the lines through the pipe’s seams or cracks in the pipe.

When tree roots get into your sewer line, they will continue to grow until they stop up the pipe, often causing wastewater to flow back up your drains, and may even cause the pipe to collapse. Replacing a sewer line is a big and expensive job. For that reason, many property owners opt for crane tree removal services in order to protect their plumbing system from encroaching tree roots.

Poor Tree Health

Many problems can affect the health of trees. Drought, insect pests, storm damage, and tree diseases can impact the health of trees. Trees that are in poor health pose a safety risk for property owners. Naturally, you don’t want a tree or its limbs falling on your house, but you want to ensure that your property is safe for people and pets too. If you have diseased trees growing near your home or commercial building, you might want to consider a crane tree removal service in order to eliminate this safety risk.

Should I Remove Trees Near My Home?

As you drive around the area you’ll see many trees growing close to homes and businesses. Clearly, many people choose not to remove their trees. On the other hand, much depends on the size and health of the trees in question. To minimize risks, it’s helpful to contact S&P Tree Service to consult with our experienced arborists. We can make some recommendations if your trees are growing too close to your house and posing a risk.

We can also inspect your trees to determine their health status. If the trees growing near your home are healthy, you might want to wait on a crane tree removal. There may be other steps you can take such as tree trimming to minimize the property risks. Our arborists have years of experience inspecting trees all across the Fort Worth, TX, region. We offer crane tree removal services as well as tree preservation solutions.

If you choose to have your trees removed because they’re growing too close to your home or business, we can manage the job. Crane tree removal service is a safe method of tree removal when trees are growing especially close to buildings. Crane tree removal service is not only safe but also efficient. When we visit your property, we can discuss if this method of removal is ideal for your landscape. ‘

Contact S&P Tree Service to learn more about our tree care and crane tree removal service. We have a reputation for our excellent customer service and consummate know-how. We’re here to help you maintain the health and beauty of your landscape.

Photo By BondRocketImages at Shutterstock