March 12, 2022

Emergency Tree Service: Can My Uprooted Tree Be Saved? | Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX, is no stranger to severe storms. It’s not uncommon for trees to suffer extensive damage when storms blow through town. Sometimes, even tree uprooting or partial uprooting can occur. The storm may not be the only reason that trees topple over; there could be underlying factors involving the tree’s health that make it vulnerable to strong winds. On the other hand, sometimes perfectly healthy trees can be uprooted. If you experience a fallen tree on your property, you may be wondering if emergency tree service can save the tree by replanting.

Storms and Falling Trees

Rain and wind can wreak havoc on your landscape. Although trees seem strong and sturdy, they may be vulnerable to rough weather as it can occur in Dallas, TX. It’s quite common for powerful storms to knock down tree branches and even render trees unstable. Sometimes, trees are uprooted during storms and fall over. There are many reasons why one tree and not another falls down such as:

Root Decay

You may not realize it, but your tree’s roots could be weak because it’s suffering from a disease. If the tree is planted in poorly draining soil, for instance, it could be suffering from root rot. That will weaken the tree substantially and leave it vulnerable to uprooting. Root rot is a serious problem that often requires emergency tree service. It’s often advisable to remove trees with root rot because they are, indeed, susceptible to toppling over during inclement weather; they could fall on a home, car, or, sadly, even people and pets. Trees with root decay are a safety concern.

Wood Decay

If the tree’s trunk is suffering from wood decay, it may also be in a weakened state–too weak to withstand strong winds and wet weather. Substantial wood decay is another reason to call for emergency tree service. S&P Tree Service can inspect the decaying wood; our arborists can recommend whether or not the tree should be removed or if there are any measures that can be taken to save the tree.

Soil Mismatch

Some types of soil just aren’t a good match for certain trees. This can lead to poor growing conditions for the tree. A soil mismatch or shallow soil can result in a weak tree that is susceptible to uprooting during storms. If the tree is growing quite poorly, you might need a tree service to replant it somewhere else on your landscape. On the other hand, the trained arborists of S&P Tree Service may be able to help you amend the soil in order to improve the tree’s health and well-being.

Poor Drainage

Poorly draining soil is not especially conducive to healthy trees unless their preferred growing conditions are in water-logged areas such as those found in swampy areas. Dallas, of course, is not a swamp-like region so the trees growing here are not fond of too much water. Poorly draining soil can lead to root rot for trees, shrubs, and other plants. Trees that require good drainage may be vulnerable to falling down when there’s a storm.


Pests can cause trees to weaken from damage and disease. If your tree has a pest problem, emergency tree service can help you determine if the tree needs removal or if it can be saved. If the tree has been severely damaged by pests, it could topple over during a powerful storm.

Can Uprooted Trees Be Saved?

As you may have surmised, uprooted trees that are in poor health can typically not be replanted and saved even with emergency tree service. In these cases, it’s usually the disease like root rot that was at the heart of the problem. It may not even take a powerful storm to knock highly diseased trees down.

On the other hand, some trees may be saved. When you have an uprooted tree issue, you can contact S&P Tree Service for emergency tree service. We can visit your Dallas, TX, property to inspect the uprooted or partially uprooted tree. The fact is, the ability to replant a tree depends on its health condition and size. A very large tree, even one that was in good health, that falls down during a severe storm may simply not be replanted as anchoring the tree in place so that the roots could establish themselves would not be possible.

Replanting Uprooted Trees

If your emergency tree service specialists determine that the tree may be saved, they can replant it. Smaller trees in good health have the best chance of surviving this type of catastrophic event. If the tree is partially uprooted and most of the roots are still below the ground, there’s a good chance that the tree will make it.

S&P Tree Service’s emergency tree service specialists will replant the tree, packing soil around the roots and watering it carefully. We may also need to anchor the tree in place to ensure it remains stable as it heals and its roots reestablish themselves in the soil. In order to lift the tree back into a vertical position, we may rely on heavy-lifting equipment such as a crane to help us complete the job.

If you have an uprooted tree situation, be sure to contact S&P Tree Service. Once uprooted, a tree may not have long to survive. If you want to save the tree, call us right away so our arborists can inspect it and share their expert views on the matter. Severely damaged trees may not be saved even after the most valiant of attempts. We are forthright about the tree’s chances for survival in our view. Nevertheless, there are many replanting success stories too that we’re happy to share. In any case, when you have downed trees on your property, you can contact S&P Tree Service for our emergency tree service.

Photo By Margoe Edwards at Shutterstock