March 25, 2023
Keep Your Trees Beautiful And Healthy With Professional Tree Trimming Service | Weatherford, TX

Keep Your Trees Beautiful And Healthy With Professional Tree Trimming Service | Weatherford, TX

Gardening has become a very popular hobby in recent years. Chances are you know several people who consider themselves “green thumbs” who have gorgeous pollinator plants, thriving flowering shrubs and impressive raised beds of vegetables and herbs. Gardening is a relatively inexpensive way to improve your home’s curb appeal, attract bees and butterflies and enjoy a little outdoor time during the warm-weather months, and it’s something nearly anyone can do. However, when it comes to taking care of trees on your property, leave that up to the professionals. If you’re in Weatherford, and your home’s green space has trees in need of tree trimming service, don’t risk harming your tree or even injuring yourself taking on that work. Call the tree care experts at S&P Tree Service and we can address your tree pruning and trimming needs.

When Is the Best Time to Trim My Trees?

Most property owners likely prefer gardening or working in the yard when the temperatures are comfortable. But did you know that many species of trees should only receive regular tree trimming service during the cold-weather months? During the wintertime, when most of us are huddled up inside, arborists are tending to the health of trees and providing tree care. Why is this? The colder temps make freshly cut limbs and branches less susceptible to diseases or pests, which are not active during the winter months. Sycamore, elm, honey locust, and oak are examples of trees that should only be trimmed in the fall and winter months due to a heightened chance of disease or stress if they are trimmed during the spring.

That is not to say that a professional tree trimming service is not available for these trees in the springtime. If your property is heavily impacted by spring thunderstorms, even if your trees appear to be okay, it’s a good idea to get them checked out by licensed arborists. They can locate and address minor damage before it results in a tree-care emergency. In the case that an oak or elm requires springtime tree care, our team will ensure to cut only growth that is clearly dead, damaged or a threat to the surroundings. Also, extra precautions will be taken to minimize the risk of disease or infestation.

Examples of trees that benefit from spring trimming include crabapple, apricot, magnolia and lilac. However, If you’re not sure what kind of trees you have or whether they should receive winter or spring tree trimming service, give S&P Tree Service a call and we can suggest the best pruning and trimming season based on species, age and health of your trees.

What Tools Are Used to Properly Trim My Trees?

Certified arborists are thoroughly trained in using several pieces of equipment to safely and properly trim your trees. Using a variety of tools ensures that a skilled tree trimming service professional can restore a tree’s beauty and shape and also maintain a tree’s health.

Some of the tools used by licensed tree trimmers at S&P Tree Service include:

  • Pruners
  • Chainsaws
  • Tree Loppers
  • Axes, Wedges and Hatchets
  • Pole Saws
  • Wood Chippers

While you very well may have some of those items in your own gardening toolkit, remember that pruning and tree trimming service also involves climbing, which requires specially designed and well-maintained rigging and climbing equipment. This includes hard hats, protective eyewear and work gloves as well as a collection of professional gear meant to help arborists safely ascend and descend trees. Tree trimming service can be very dangerous! Let the experienced arborists at S&P Tree Service keep your tree healthy and you safe when it comes time to prune your trees, either as part of regular seasonal maintenance or following storm or wind damage.

Other Than Making It Look Nicer, How Does Professional Trimming Benefit My Trees?

Keeping your tree maintained through regular tree trimming service is essential to preserving your home’s curb appeal. However, it’s also a crucial element of keeping your tree healthy. Arborists are often called tree doctors because they can detect, treat and prevent disease and infestation as well as problems often associated with trees. As part of a regular tree care, the team at S&P Tree Service can also recommend special tree-trimming methods to improve your tree’s health. For example, crown thinning, which involves the removal of selected inner branches, helps air and light circulate more freely throughout the tree’s growth, resulting in stronger and healthier limbs, branches and leaves.

It’s especially important if you have a large tree close to your house to have it regularly inspected for signs of damage, due to weather, disease or insects. This can prevent serious emergencies and damage to your home down the line. The same can be said if your tree is near a garage, fencing or power lines — do not wait for weak limbs to fall resulting in expensive repairs to your property. When you call S&P Tree Service for a tree trimming service quote, we can make recommendations that not only keep your tree healthy but also keep you, your property and your family safe. In addition to addressing structural issues, like dead branches or weak limbs, we also offer tree-care solutions to improve the health of your trees in cases of poor soil conditions or improper pH.

Enjoy Healthy and Beautiful Trees This Spring!

Are you making plans to beautify your landscape this spring? Don’t forget about your trees! Proper maintenance of your live oak or flowering cherry is an important aspect of your overall green-space upkeep that cannot be skipped. If you’re not sure where to start with tree trimming or tree care services in general, call the expert arborists at S&P Tree Service to schedule an onsite consultation, discuss your tree’s trimming and pruning needs and get a free quote.

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