March 17, 2023
Benefits Of Regularly Hiring A Tree Trimming Service | Aledo, TX

Benefits Of Regularly Hiring A Tree Trimming Service | Aledo, TX

You should do whatever possible to ensure the trees on your property thrive because they improve your home’s curb appeal. The trees also provide shade so you can sit outside on a summer day without getting too hot. Also, your trees provide your home with some protection from the elements.

One way to ensure your trees look great and continue to thrive, you should hire a tree trimming service regularly. If you aren’t sure it’s worth the time and money to hire a professional, you should understand the benefits of trimming your trees.

Keep the Trees Healthy

Keeping the trees healthy is one of the best reasons to hire a tree trimming service. Trees require nutrition to thrive, and any dead branches will receive nutrients that won’t be beneficial. A tree trimming service will remove the dead and dry branches, so the nutrients go to the healthy, living branches.

Your trees also need an adequate amount of sunlight and oxygen to thrive. If the trees haven’t been trimmed in a while, clusters of leaves and branches can prevent the tree from getting enough sunlight and oxygen, preventing it from thriving and remaining healthy.

A tree trimming service will trim the trees and eliminate any cluster that prevents the tree from getting what it needs, helping it to remain standing for years.

Let More Light in the Yard

Trees are great because they provide shade during the summer; however, if the trees aren’t trimmed regularly, they can provide too much shade, and you won’t have much sunlight in the yard. This can be a problem if you have a garden or young plants or shrubs in the yard that require sunlight to grow.

A tree trimming service will carefully prune the trees to allow more sunlight in the yard, but not too much so that you can’t find a shaded area to sit on a sunny day.

The Trees Will Look Great

The trees on your property can improve your home’s curb appeal, but not if the tree is overgrown, out of balance, or the growing pattern results in awkward or stray branches. Hiring a tree trimming service regularly will ensure the trees always look lovely. A tree expert will trim the trees to remove stray or awkward branches and give the tree a rounded shape to improve your home’s curb appeal.

The Trees Grow Dangerously Close to Power Lines

You can’t control the direction your trees grow, which can be problematic if they grow too close to the power lines. Extreme weather or a powerful gust of wind can cause the branches to take the power lines down and knock out the power. The situation will worsen if the power lines fall in the yard because live wires on the ground are hazardous and can put your family at significant risk.

A tree trimming service will send a tech to remove the branches that pose a risk to the power lines. You should keep an eye on the tree so you can call the tree service again when it starts growing too close to the power lines again.

Large Branches Hang Over Your House or Driveway

Your trees protect your home against the elements; however, allowing large branches to hang over the house can be dangerous. If the branches are dying or a severe storm hits, the branch can fall, causing severe damage to your home. The same is true if the branch is hanging over the driveway. The branch can come down on your vehicle, causing significant damage, or someone underneath causing severe injuries.

A tree trimming service will send a tech to remove the branches that can risk your home and family, eliminating the threat.

Detect Tree Disease Early

Like all living things, trees can develop diseases affecting their ability to thrive. If the disease isn’t caught early, it can affect the tree’s ability to remain standing. Also, the tree can pass the disease to other trees in your yard and your neighbor’s yard.

A tree expert has the knowledge and experience to detect tree disease while trimming the trees and may be able to treat the disease and save the tree.

Fruit-Bearing Trees Will Be More Plentiful

Fruit-bearing trees are wonderful because they provide fresh fruit for your family. If you’ve noticed that the tree isn’t producing as much fruit as it once did, it’s likely due to improper care. Your fruit-bearing trees have fruiting wood that creates fruit spurs that bear fruit, and a neglected tree will eventually have more non-fruit-producing deadwood, and the tree won’t produce much fruit.

Fortunately, a tree trimming service can care for the tree to ensure a plentiful harvest.

Call S&P Tree Service Today

If your trees are overdue for trimming and you want to work with the best tree service in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, look no further than S&P Tree Service. We’re a full-service, locally owned and operated tree company and are members of the International Society of Arboriculture.

Our crew is fully trained, licensed, bonded, and insured, and they have the education and knowledge to detect tree disease and know what’s necessary to allow your trees to thrive. Also, our techs further their education regularly to maintain proficiency in the industry, allowing them to provide superior service.

We provide several tree services, including:

  • Tree trimming
  • Crown thinning
  • Tree removal
  • Crane-assisted tree removal service
  • Stump grinding services
  • Landscaping services upon request

We’ve been in the tree business long enough to know that emergencies can occur anytime. We provide emergency services if you’re worried a tree or a large branch will fall, causing severe damage. We’ll get our crew to your house as quickly as possible to remove the hazardous branch or the whole tree, ensuring your home and family are safe.

We try to keep our costs down and have coupons on our websites to help first-time customers save money. Before our crew starts a job, they’ll give you a free estimate, so there are no surprises when it’s time to pay the bill.

If you need to book an appointment for tree service, give S&P Tree Service a call today.

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