January 30, 2019

Hiring a Reliable Tree Service in Dallas, TX

Hiring a service provider of any kind is not an easy job. It takes a lot of research to be able to trust someone with your property and appliances. While hiring a tree service in Dallas, TX, you should be well-aware of certain factors that should be considered to get a reliable provider. Otherwise, you are at risk of being scammed.


Sadly, there are numerous companies dealing in tree maintenance in Dallas, TX who don’t do anything but cheat you, loot your hard-earned money, and waste your time and energy both. These are those you have to be aware of. Now, let’s explore what is the criterion for hiring a reliable tree removal service in Dallas, TX.


Here is what you should look for when hiring a tree service.

Criteria for Hiring a Reliable Tree Service

·     Insurance Policies

Ensure that the tree service in Dallas, TX that you are considering has insurance policies including workers’ compensation and liability insurance. Ask the provider directly about these policies and request certificates as proof of insurance. If the provider you are choosing is actually reliable, they will not resist sending all the certificates to you through their insurance agency. If this isn’t the case, this may be a red flag enough for you to turn around and start looking for another provider.


Insurance is emphasized because it covers you in case there is a slip up or accident while the professionals do their job. If the provider you hire does not have insurance, you will be held accountable to pay for any damage that occurs. This is regardless of whether the damage was sustained by you, the workers, or your own property.

·     Better Business Bureau

Whichever the tree service in Dallas, TX that you choose to hire should be accredited with Better Business Bureau. It is a good indicator that the company is trustworthy and well-reputed. Ask BBB about the rating of the provider you are considering and see if it stands at a high spot. If yes, you may hire them and if not, move on to other options.

·     Reputation

It is extremely important to find out what kind of status the provider holds among customers. Not everyone goes to file a complaint with Better Business Bureau (BBB). So, it is essential you ask or look around to get insights about the company in question. Visit reliable online forums and see what people have to say about it. Make sure that the service provider under consideration has membership of a trade association like International Society of Arboriculture and Tree Care Industry Association.

·     Service Costs

Most people prefer hiring a tree removal services in Dallas, TX that offers low prices. However, prices that are either very low or very high are red flags. Yes, you read that right; you can’t judge the credibility of a provider based on prices only.


If the price you are being offered is too low, there are high odds of you getting low-quality services too. A low service cost may indicate little or no experience, fewer existing clients and earnings, the absence of insurance and guarantee, low-quality services, and other similar things. Therefore, make sure you don’t fall prey to a con just because you wanted to pay low prices.


Likewise, if the company you are hiring is charging a lot, you obviously have to look for another option because budget limits can’t be neglected. You don’t have to trust a tree service in Dallas, TX that claims $8000 is a reasonable price to expel a few oak trees from your home.

·     Comparisons

Another thing you can do to ensure you are not being fooled is making comparisons. What you can do is shortlist a couple of companies after initial research and then dig deeper to find out more about them.


Take a piece of paper and pen and make columns with the names of the companies you have shortlisted. Compare factors like prices, accreditations, experience, ratings, reviews, services and BBB results. And when you are done, analyze thoroughly to make a wise decision.


However, the key to doing this right and making an informed decision is comparing apples to apples and not oranges. If a company is charging a few extra dollars for extra services that are included in your package, it should not be excluded simply based on the price criterion when you compare it with the rest of the tree removal services in Dallas, TX on your list.

·     Emergency Services

Surprisingly enough, there are several tree services in Dallas, TX and elsewhere that only operate during working hours. They don’t provide emergency services despite the fact that tree removal is often required because of disasters like storms. Furthermore, if your shortlisted company doesn’t come to help you out when you need their help the most, what’s the point of enlisting it?


For this reason and more, always go for a provider that has your back in case of emergencies. Your chosen provider should operate 24/7. This should not just be written on the website but also put into action. They must be caring and considerate when it comes to the comfort and safety of their customers and should be able to realize the importance of urgency and timeliness when called during emergencies.

·     Payment Options

When making your comparisons, don’t forget to add payment options as a criterion. The tree service you choose should not ask for 100% advance payment. It is best you hire a tree removal service in Dallas, TX that allows you to pay in full only after you have received their services and are 100% satisfied with the job done.


As mentioned before, there are several businesses in the tree service industry that only earn by fooling people. Such companies often run away after providing one-time services regardless of their clients’ dissatisfaction. You will be surprised to know that there are some that don’t even appear after receiving an advance on the fee online.


This is what makes hiring a provider that doesn’t require full advance payment and cares about your satisfaction important.


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