July 30, 2021

Giveaway Signs That You Need To Schedule An Emergency Tree Service | Fort Worth, TX

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For many years, trees have been protected globally due to environmental concerns. They’re an integral part of the natural ecosystem and have various benefits to homeowners in Fort Worth, TX, and beyond. For starters, trees improve the aesthetic appeal of your yard, which can, in turn, increase the value of your property. Besides that, they’re also a habitat for various critters. Additionally, trees provide a shade in the yard where you can comfortably hide from the relentless summer heat.

More importantly, if your yard’s trees are big enough, they may prevent direct sunlight damage on some parts of your home, including the roof and exterior sheathing. Consequently, this may help reduce your household’s energy expenditure since the sun’s rays may no longer heat your home, which reduces your residential HVAC system’s workload.

Unfortunately, trees can pose several risks to your property despite all these benefits, especially if they’re improperly maintained. Overgrown, damaged, and awkwardly leaning trees can compromise the safety of parked vehicles, people, and even your building. Although you may already have a professional tree care plan in place, you should recognize some of the signs that indicate you may need to seek emergency tree services. Here are some of the key indicators.

Trees Growing Towards the Power Lines

It may be time to schedule a tree service with your local arborist if you notice a tree whose leaves, branches, and twigs seem to be growing into and through the nearby power lines. When it’s too windy outside, these parts of the tree may tamper with the wires, leading to a power outage. Additionally, when the wind action is excessive, the tree may break the power lines, leaving unexposed live wires around your property that could electrocute a member of your family or the neighborhood pets. Trees coming into contact with power lines have also been identified as a fire hazard.

Therefore, you should consider contacting your local emergency tree provider if you’ve noticed the trees on your property growing towards the nearby power lines. A professional arborist can determine if your home needs a tree trimming or removal service. They may recommend removing the tree entirely if there are too many branches growing into the power lines.

Trees Roots Infiltrating the Underground Plumbing and Sewage Pipes

Regardless of how hard you try, it’s impossible to dictate the path tree roots will follow. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised to find tree roots slowly infiltrating the underlying pipes that make up your home’s plumbing and sewage system. When this happens, serious plumbing issues are bound to follow, which is why you should consider contacting your Fort Worth, TX, emergency tree service provider. Once tree roots have reached the underlying plumbing and sewage pipes, they may clog the system leading to sewage backups and flooding within your property.

Sewage backups can be quite nasty and may pose various health risks to the inhabitants of your home. On the other hand, plumbing-related floods can lead to extensive structural damage on your property, which can be expensive to repair. Luckily, your emergency tree expert can visit your residence to inspect if the trees in your yard pose any danger to the underlying plumbing infrastructure. They may also provide the appropriate solutions based on the situation at hand.

Dead Branches

It may be time to contact your emergency tree service expert if the trees on your property have any dead branches. This is because strong winds can easily break off the branch. The resulting fall can cause extensive damage to your house or vehicle if it’s parked outside. Besides that, the fallen branch may also fall on a person, causing catastrophic injuries.

Luckily, your emergency tree service contractor can help remove the problematic branch to prevent losses and injury in the future. Suppose the branches on one side of the tree seem to be all dead. In that case, your local tree care professional can offer emergency tree removal solutions since the structural stability of the entire tree may be compromised.

Unusual Leaning

A healthy tree can sometimes lean towards a particular orientation, a phenomenon that should not surprise you too much. However, you may need to contact your emergency tree service professional if you notice that a tree suddenly develops a lean that goes beyond 15 percent of its original position.

Under such circumstances, the chances of the tree falling may have drastically increased, in turn elevating the probability of injury or property damage. When called upon, your tree care expert can help determine if the tree may need to be taken down for the safety of the people around you.

Hollow Trunks and Extensive Trunk Damage

Ideally, the outer part of a tree may last longer than its interior. If the interior experiences minimal hollowing, the tree can remain healthy for a significant amount of time. However, if more than a third of the inside part is hollow, its structural integrity may be significantly compromised, which is among the reasons it’s important to seek or an emergency tree service. If you ignore the issue, it’ll only be a matter of time before the tree falls, causing significant damage to your property, and in some cases, bodily injury.

Similarly, a tree whose entire trunk seems completely damaged may not be structurally stable, which can increase its chances of falling. Observable cracks and cavities along with large sections of the trunk missing should prompt you to seek solutions from your nearest emergency tree service provider. Your tree care professional can determine if it’s possible to repair the trunk’s structural damage or if removal is the best option.

Decaying Roots

Roots form the basis of any tree’s support system. You can tell when the roots are decaying by the presence of mushrooms or moss growing near the tree’s base. Under such scenarios, calling your Fort Worth, TX, the emergency tree service provider should prioritize since the tree’s structural support may be compromised. If it falls, injuries and significant property damage may follow.

How S&P Tree Service Can Help

When in need of an emergency tree service professional, feel free to contact S&P Tree Service. We’re a family-owned and locally-operated company with a team of fully trained, licensed and insured tree care experts. Our services cover tree removal, crown thinning, the installation of small and large trees, and preservative pruning.