October 16, 2022

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Crane Tree Removal Service | Weatherford, TX

With climate change concerns, tree removal seems like a bad idea. Trees help reduce the effects of climate change. For example, trees can remove around 26,000 tons of air pollution annually. But sometimes trees need to be removed for various reasons. A tree close to your house could cause costly damage and be life-threatening.

Extending roots can cause cracks in the foundation or creep into water pipes causing blockages or even break the pipes. In such cases, the tree needs to be removed. Other situations where you have to cut a tree is when it has been blown over by a storm and is blocking the driveway. Or the tree is sick and has a weakened core; thus, it could fall at any time. Sometimes you want to transplant a tree to a better area.

If you need to remove a tree, you should hire professionals to do it for you. Tree removal is much more complicated than it looks and can be very dangerous. Experienced tree specialists follow safe practices and know the dangers that different trees can pose.

Among the various types of cutting trees, crane tree removal is the most efficient. If you are considering hiring a crane tree removal service provider in Weatherford, TX, to cut down trees in your home, continue reading to learn about factors that could affect the cost of hiring the service.

The Height of the Tree

A tree’s height is the biggest factor that affects the price of tree removal. Most crane tree removal service companies charge per foot. They might have to use a longer crane if the tree is tall.

The Diameter of the Trunk

Diameter is also a crucial factor. Cutting down a tall tree with a small trunk will cost less than felling a tree of the same height but with a much larger trunk. A crane tree removal service will have to use a heavier crane and special equipment if the tree is enormous.

The Type of Tree

Some trees have huge limbs and a lot of branches and foliage. In this case, the branches need to be cut down first. Others, like the palm, are just tall trees with a few leaves at the top. But the appearance of a tree is not the only thing that makes a difference.

The density and makeup of the core can determine what equipment is used. A hollow tree has its own set of challenges. Other trees have a very extensive root system. And then some trees are protected by the state. A crane tree removal service will consider this and adjust the price accordingly.

The Health of the Tree

If the tree is weakened by disease, removing it might be easier and cost less. But extra precautions must be taken if there are dead or fragile branches that could cause damage if they fall.

Location of the Tree

A crane tree removal service is often called because the tree in question is in a dangerous position. If it were felled using traditional methods, it could damage other trees, houses, roads, utility lines, and other infrastructure. Trees that are inaccessible to people will cost more because ropes and ladders, and other equipment will have to be used.

A crane used for tree removal needs ample space to stand securely. Soft soil or mud will make that difficult, but crane tree removal services will have the extra equipment for such cases. You may incur extra costs if the crane has to be placed far away from the tree.

The cost of living in that area also matters. If the cost of living is high, so will hiring a tree service in that area. A rural area can be cheaper, but you might have to pay for the travel costs. Regulations in Weatherford, TX, could also be a factor that will affect the price.

Type of Removal

If the tree only needs to be cut down, a crane tree removal service can come with a more lightweight crane. The tree specialists will remove the tree by cutting it into several pieces, which is a much simpler process.

But if the tree needs to be uprooted, many other factors come into play. A considerable tree will require a much heavier crane. Some digging will be necessary to free the roots. If the soil is compact, hardened, or dry, your contractor might have to use excavators to expose the roots.

Additional Services

Cutting down and removing a tree is just part of the job. Some crane tree removal services include some of the following services in their quote, while others will offer them to you at an extra fee.

Stump Removal

If you want the stump removed, it can be done either by removal or grinding. Though if the tree is uprooted, this won’t be necessary.


Though crane tree removal is less messy than traditional tree removal, there will still be debris that needs to be cleaned up. And while most companies will clean up the debris, some charge extra for splitting, chipping, or hauling.


If a healthy tree was uprooted, crane tree removal services could replant it for you at the desired location. Maybe you want to put it in a location that can help you reduce your home’s energy costs.


Having massive equipment in your yard will leave some traces. Many tree services also offer landscaping services. That way, you won’t have to hire another company.

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