October 14, 2022

8 Signs It’s Time To Call An Emergency Tree Service | Fort Worth, TX

The trees on your property serve a few essential purposes. First, they provide shade, making it more comfortable to sit outside on a hot summer day. Also, the trees provide protection from the elements to your house, car, and walkways. Finally, the trees increase your home’s curb appeal.

While the trees on your property are beneficial, they can also risk your home and family. If a tree on your property shows any of the following signs, it’s best to call an emergency tree service in Fort Worth, TX, immediately. Ignoring the problem can cause the tree to fall, damaging anything and injuring anyone below.

#1 Signs of Tree Disease

Like all living things, trees can get sick. Tree diseases can affect the roots and the tree’s stability; therefore, if you notice any of the following signs of tree disease, it’s best to hire an emergency tree service.

  • Wilting
  • Yellow, brown or drive leaves and needles
  • Holes in the leaves
  • Spots on the leaves, bark, or fruit
  • Moldy patches on the tree
  • Drooping, dying, or dead branches

A tree expert can inspect the tree to determine if it can be saved or if it’s safer to remove it. It’s possible for the tree to infect the other trees around it, so it’s best to call an emergency tree service in Fort Worth, TX, as soon as you suspect the tree is sick.

#2 Overhanging Branches

If large branches are hanging over your house, severe damage can occur during severe weather, such as a windstorm, and you’ll need help from an emergency tree service. The same is true if a branch grows too close to the power lines. It will take just one strong gust of wind for the tree to rip the line down, causing a power outage and a dangerous electrical situation in the yard.

A tree expert can cut the branch to eliminate the risk of damage, and it’s best to make the call immediately before a disaster occurs.

#3 Sudden Leaning

It’s normal for a tree to lean, and leaning trees can improve your home’s curb appeal. Although trees lean naturally, if a tree on your property starts leaning more to one side, it’s best to call an emergency tree service in Fort Worth, TX, immediately.

A sudden lean indicates a structural problem, making it challenging for the tree to remain standing. Waiting to call a professional can result in the tree falling and destroying anything underneath.

The tree service will send a tree expert to your home to inspect the tree to determine if it must be removed.

#4 Small Branches Growing from the Trunk

Are there small branches growing from the trunk of a tree on your property? If so, it’s not a good thing, and you should call an emergency tree service immediately.

New growth is a response to severe stress, and you’ll need a tree expert to figure out what’s wrong with the three. The information from the examination will help them decide if the tree can be saved or if the safer option is to remove it.

#5 Large Dead Branches

If you have a tree with large branches missing bark and leaves, it’s best to hire an emergency tree service. These signs indicate that the branch is dead and can fall if there’s a strong gust of wind or for no reason at all, putting anything or anyone under the tree at risk.

The tree service can send a tree specialist to your home to remove the dead branch. They’ll also inspect the entire tree for any other damage or illness that could affect its stability. They determine the tree is no longer structurally sound; it’s best to have the tree removed.

#6 Decaying or Damaged Roots

A tree’s root system keeps the tree standing and structurally sound. If you notice moss or decay at the roots, you should call an emergency tree service immediately. The damage to the roots can cause the tree to fall at any time, putting your home, family, and anything near the tree at risk.

A tree specialist will inspect the tree roots to determine if the problem has affected the tree’s stability and must be removed.

#7 Hollow Truck

A tree’s trunk provides stability and keeps it standing, and if the trunk has become hollow, it won’t take much to take the tree down, destroying anything underneath.

An emergency tree service will send a tree specialist to inspect the trunk to determine if it’s hollowed to the point that the tree could fall. If they believe the stability has been compromised, they can take down the tree before a disaster occurs.

#8 Extensive Damage

Severe weather, such as strong winds and heavy rain, can cause significant damage to the trees on your property. If 50 percent of the tree was damaged, there’s a good chance it isn’t structurally sound and is at risk of falling.

A tree service can send a specialist to your home to inspect the damage to determine if it’s best to remove the tree.

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