July 20, 2020

Essential Facts About Tree Trimming Service | Dallas Fort Worth Area

Photo By Thomas-Soellner at istock

Trees are an essential component of the environment, and that’s why most homeowners in the Dallas Fort Worth Area have them in their compounds for decoration. However, for trees to attain a magnificent look, they require professional care services.

Before you plant trees within your compound, consult a certified arborist to help you determine the tree types that best suit your yard. After planting, it is upon you to practice regular tree trimming services to improve the appearance of your landscape and the health of your trees.

What Is Tree Trimming

Tree trimming or pruning involves the removal of certain parts of the plant, which include dead and diseased branches, roots, and even buds. Tree pruning is not only done to benefit trees but also the people around them. It helps to get rid of branches that create obstructions to vehicles and pedestrians, thus preventing accidents.

How to Trim Your Trees Properly

Professional tree trimming service helps your trees to flower, or show their attractive barks better. Through pruning, you can get rid of diseased branches and prevent the spread to other branches.

Before trimming each branch, ensure that you dip your pruning blade in an appropriate bleach solution to help in preventing disease transmission. According to experts in tree trimming service in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, early removal of dead branches is vital to prevent insects from burrowing in them and creating shelters.

When to Trim Your Trees

The best time for tree trimming is during late winter. During this season, there is less bleeding of the tree sap, and the wounds created heal fast because the trees are dormant during winter.

When pruning is done during the summer season, there is a reduction in the tree growth rate and fruit yielding. It would help if you also avoided pruning trees during the rainy season as wound healing can take more time and even promote disease spread.

The best time for tree trimming also depends on the type of tree and your objective for trimming it. It would be best to decide what you want to achieve by pruning before settling on the time for pruning. Shaping canopies and removing dead branches can be done at any time of the year.

Methods of Tree Trimming

Different objectives of tree pruning are achieved through different trimming methods. Below are some of the most common methods of pruning.

  • Cleaning. This is achieved through simple cuts that are used to clear damaged, diseased, and dead libs to give the tree a clear polish.


  • Subordination. This method targets to improve the structure of plants and maintain long-term health.


  • Thinning involves the removal of limbs back to the branch of origin. It helps to free up a canopy to allow more sunlight to pass through.


  • Reduction. This technique targets to reduce the size of your trees in terms of height and width. This can help to shorten the branches tampering with electricity utility lines.

Why Is It Important to Trim Trees

Trees add beauty and increase the value of your home, hence regular tree maintenance is essential. Here are the reasons why you must not skip regular tree trimming service.

Tree Health

When you skip trimming, the trees overgrow and become weaker. An overgrown tree loses its aesthetic value, and its chances of survival are low. Pruning a tree for the sake of improving its health involves the removal of diseased branches to avoid transmission to other parts.

Regular tree trimming service increases the exposure of trees to the sun and increases air circulation, thus improving their health. Health pruning helps to develop new, healthy, and sturdier tree branches.

Improves Your Safety and That of People around You

Dead and rotten branches are weak and can easily be blown off by strong winds or heavy storms. This can be dangerous because they can land on you and hurt you when they fall off. They can also land on your house or car and cause damage to the roof or windows.

Unpruned trees can grow their branches toward electricity lines, posing a great danger to you and your neighbors. To prevent such scenarios and ensure the safety of everyone within the vicinity, contact experts in tree trimming services in the area for professional trimming services.

Promotes Environmental Health

Trees with large canopies hinder sunlight and rainwater from reaching the grass and shrubs growing below them. Removing such canopies helps to improve the health of these under growths.

Pests and insects seek shelter on dead and decaying branches, and they feed on the nearby crops and can transmit numerous diseases. The insects can also easily access your house, especially when the tree branches hang over your roof.

Improves the Trees Appearance

Trees that are not trimmed regularly tend to overgrow and look unbalanced. The tree branches sprout unevenly in different directions and have an unpleasant look. When trees are trimmed, their natural shape is enhanced, thus improving their appearance. Tree trimming service is mandatory for trees planted at home to enhance the appearance of a property.

Saving Your Trees

Strong winds and heavy storms can bring down tree branches or even an entire tree. Untrimmed trees can be dangerous to people and property. A tree that has broken branches is more vulnerable to diseases that can eventually cause its death. Regular tree trimming service is essential to help address the damaged parts of the tree.

Promotion of New Growth

Overtime, branches of a tree can break, become diseased, and finally die off. The branches can fall and spread the disease to other areas of the tree that they come in contact with. Pruning these problematic areas enables you to prevent potential dangers and also stimulate new and healthy tree growth.

Enhance Fruit production

When trees are pruned, they have less volume and hence use the excess energy stores to produce more fruits.

If you are a homeowner in the area with any pruning project, do not hesitate to contact S&P Tree Service. These experts can help you reap all the benefits that come with tree trimming services.