July 10, 2020

Emergency Tree Service: Things You May Be Doing That’s Actually Harming Your Tree | Fort Worth, TX

Photo By Quils at istock

Are you a property owner that has trees in your garden? Perhaps you’re looking for some tree care tips? This blog post will look at common things that homeowners do to their trees that may be causing more harm than good. From putting up bird boxes with nails to piling mulch around the bottom. Are your tree care habits causing more damage than good? Read on to find out.

If you live in Fort Worth, TX, and the surrounding area and are looking for help and advice with tree care, don’t hesitate to contact S&P Tree Service. The company provides pruning, trimming, and dead tree removal and also offers an emergency tree service for any trees that look unstable and dangerous.

Here are a few common tree care problems which should be avoided, unless you want to have to call an emergency tree service.


Girdling is most common on a fruit tree, but can often harm your trees. It’s the process where a thin layer of bark is removed from around the tree’s trunk. It was thought that girdling was a necessary process as it encouraged the tree to grow more fruit. In some cases, girdling proved to be useful, but this all depended on the type of tree. In many instances, girdling actually does the tree more harm than good.

Tree care experts don’t recommend girdling as it could kill the trees. Cut off bark stops the tree receiving adequate nutrients from the leaves to roots. If a tree’s roots are cut, the tree will no longer have enough food, causing the tree to die.


When done correctly, mulching is very good for the health of trees; the problems start when homeowners put too much mulch around their trees and put it right up to the tree’s trunk. Mulching has many benefits; it helps to create a more even soil temperature and conserves moisture. It also helps to reduce weeds, and as it rots down, it feeds the tree by added nutrients to the soil.

Many people accidentally harm trees with mulch, by pulling it up against the tree’s trunk. This creates a lot of moisture, which can make the trees trunk decay, which weakens the tree in time. A tree that doesn’t have a good foundation won’t do very well and will eventually die.

If you want to mulch your trees, ensure that you avoid these problems by leaving a three-inch gap between the mulch and the trunk of the tree.

Putting Up Bird Boxes or Building Tree Houses

Some trees seem to withstand being drilled or having screws or nails hammered into them, but this all depends on the age and condition of the tree. Often drilling into a tree will cause devastating effects and could result in a dying tree.

Trees that are weak for any reason or have thin bark shouldn’t be drilled or nailed. If you’re planning to put up bird boxes, choose a tree that looks very strong and healthy.

Building a treehouse could result in the death of a tree if you have to drill into it multiple times. If you’re considering building a treehouse, it’s essential to do your research first. Make sure that you know exactly how to build and limit the number of nails you hammer into the tree, if possible.

If you have a tree that’s dead due to it being mistreated, you may have to call in an emergency tree service to remove it.

Planting Trees Too Close Together

It’s common for trees to be planted too close together. Some people want to create a tree corridor to provide shelter from the weather conditions or to create shade for livestock, for example. When planting a young tree, it’s important to remember that they will get a lot bigger; trees need to have adequate space to grow.

Trees that are growing too close together won’t be as healthy because they have to compete for water and essential nutrients from the soil. Tree roots often travel a long way, and if trees are too close, their roots will get in each other’s way. None of your trees will do well if they’re too close to each other, and you’ll end up having to call in an emergency tree service to remove some of them.

Building Over a Tree’s Roots

Some people want to build near a tree or are looking to cover unsightly roots. This often isn’t such a good idea, and, likely, you’ll cause damage to the tree, or the tree roots will damage whatever you build at some point in the future.

Covering tree roots with concrete definitely isn’t a good idea as the tree is likely to crack and move the concrete as its roots grow. There are other ways that you could effectively camouflage tree roots. You may be able to build decking around a tree. Just make sure that you leave enough space for the tree and its roots to continue growing.

S&P Emergency Tree Service

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