September 27, 2020

Emergency Tree Service | Fort Worth, TX

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Most homeowners describe their trees as beautiful or stately, but after a large storm your description of trees in your yard may change. Finding a tree limb or entire tree in your home or garage can be an emergency situation, but with the help of a Fort Worth, TX emergency tree service you can get the tree removed. Tree removal is the first step to repairing your home, and arguably the most important. The way emergency tree service is handled plays a large role in how actual damage will be left behind to repair on your property.

It is very important to never rush tree removal following storm damage because you can end up causing more damage than the tree. Licensed professionals are always the best choice for emergency tree service because they have the equipment and experience to properly assess and deal with downed trees. While you probably have a lot to think about following a large storm that resulted in damage, here are a few things to consider when deciding if it is time to call a tree service. Keep in mind, a tree doesn’t have to have fallen to require service.

Signs That Indicate Tree Disease

A general walk through your yard is a good idea if you are unsure of the condition of your trees. Take note of anything odd you see on your trees that may indicate your trees are diseased. For instance, spotted leaves, unusual growth patterns, and/or signs of mold growing on your trees are all signs that your trees may be diseased. Many types of rot can spread from tree to tree so it is important to call an emergency tree service right away if you suspect that one may be diseased. Your aim should be to save other trees from contracting the same issues with help from the emergency tree service.

Leaning Tree

Trees are known to grow at a slight angle sometimes for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they grow at an angle because of where the sun hits them, or because of their root structure. However, if you notice that a tree is suddenly leaning to the side that never did before you need to call for emergency tree service in Fort Worth, TX right away. This could be a sign that the root structure is loosening or the tree is cracked somewhere along the trunk. You need to get this taken care of right away before the tree falls over in an uncontrolled fashion.

Branches Hanging Over Your Home or Garage

Trees naturally grow higher, taller, and broader as part of their natural cycle. Usually this is okay, but if tree branches start to grow out over your house or garage you may want to call a tree service to come and trim them back. During a windstorm any of these branches could easily get knocked off and fall on your property. Not only can this be costly to deal with, but it could potentially cause injury to someone in your home. It is important to take care of this issue before it causes a much larger issue to occur.

Sprouts or Branches are Growing from the Trunk of Your Tree

It is fairly normal for a tree to have some shoots or large weeds growing around its trunk, but if you start to see random branches or sprouts appearing near the tree trunk this may be a sign that the tree is stressed. Many trees sprout when under severe stress. The cause for stress is usually hidden to the naked eye, but a trained tree professional can get to the bottom of it quickly. It is important to do so because it may be indicating that the tree is going to crack or lean soon.

Dead Branches in Your Tree

Even if your trees are not diseased eventually tree branches will die. When they are small this is not a problem, but if they are large branches you need to call an emergency tree service and have them removed before they can break off and cause damage. Even if the branches are in your yard and not over your home you need to consider calling a tree service and having your trees deadwooded. Gravity can make a small branch very heavy when it falls and it could cause great injury to anyone in your backyard if they are hit by the dead branch on its way down. The tree service will look to see if it’s simply a dead branch or a sign that the entire tree is dying while they are out as well. Sometimes it is wise to simply remove the entire tree.

Trunk Is Compromised

The trunk of a tree is arguably its most important component. The trunk is responsible for holding up the entire tree and acts as a base. If the trunk is damaged or you notice there is a lot of missing bark this is a good indication that it is diseased and slowly dying. A tree without a sound trunk will fall, and most of the time at an inopportune time so if you notice that you have a tree with a compromised trunk it is important to call for emergency tree service. Cracks or cavities along the trunk are also notable indications that the trunk is likely dying. Along the same lines, also be on the lookout for a hollow tree in your yard for the same reason. A hollow tree is no longer structurally sound and while it may be a good place for wildlife, it is not safe to have in a yard with children or property.


S&P Tree Service has been helping local customers with their trees for the past few decades. If you are worried about a tree in your yard call S&P for their emergency tree service today. We can offer you a free estimate and get your tree safely removed before injury or property damage occurs.