July 15, 2021

The Difference Between Tree Pruning And A Tree Trimming Service | Dallas Fort Worth Area

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In order to keep your yard in tiptop shape, you should call an arborist or subscribe to some type of plan with a tree care company in the Dallas Fort Worth area. These professionals are trained and educated on how to handle and care for different types of trees. They’ll know what signs to look out for and what to do should the trees become diseased or frail. You’ll definitely be able to tell a huge difference as to whether a tree is being properly cared for or not.

Most tree care companies will offer both tree pruning and tree trimming services. Many homeowners are under the misconception that both of these services are the same thing; however, they’re actually very different services that shouldn’t be mistaken for the same thing.

We’ll take a look at the differences between these services in this article, as well as the benefits of hiring a professional.

Tree Pruning vs Tree Trimming Services

In general, tree pruning refers to the removal of unnecessary branches while tree trimming services usually involve the removal of green shoots in order to promote more healthy growth. Tree pruning is a type of tree maintenance, and it can sometimes involve the removal of unnecessary roots. Without as many roots, the tree will not grow as large. Tree pruning also involves removing branches that may be growing in the wrong direction or tree roots that are trying to invade the plumbing. Tree trimming, on the other hand, usually involves removing only the green shoots.

Both tree pruning and tree trimming services are usually recommended at different times of the year and will involve the removal of different parts of the tree. This means that they rely on different techniques, equipment, and tools. If you don’t know how, you can easily mix up the two and cause quite a mess. If you do the wrong thing at the wrong time, it could end up damaging the tree or preventing it from growing healthily.

What Types of Equipment Are Used?

The best tool for pruning is usually shears. Both hand shears and lopping shears will be strong enough to cut through the branches. When it comes to trimming the trees, tree care specialists may use anything from shears to trimmers to saws. It really depends on the trees that are being trimmed, as well as the type of work that is needed.

Benefits of Hiring a Tree Trimming Service

Tree trimming will not only promote healthy growth but can also improve the overall aesthetics of the tree, making it look more presentable. If you’re going for a certain look, the tree care specialist can also work towards trimming the tree into that shape or design. With that said, this could be quite a long process, as it depends on the rate of growth for the tree, as well as some other factors.

If you’re wondering whether you should try to trim the trees by yourself or hire a professional, we’d highly recommend that you hire a professional for the job. Some of the benefits of working with a professional tree trimming service in the Dallas Fort Worth area include:

  • Access to modern and specialized equipment and tools. Tree trimming is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of technique and effort. A professional tree care company will have the right types of equipment and tools for the job.


  • Detection of early tree problems. Surprisingly, many trees are not as hardy as they look. They are very vulnerable to a wide range of diseases and pests. During the trimming, the professionals will be able to detect these problems if they’re present. As long as you deal with the issue early on, you’ll be able to avoid many headaches.


  • Enhancement of property value. The shape and condition of the trees on your property can actually have a huge effect on its property value.


  • Pest and rodent prevention. Large trees are great homes for pests and rodents. The tree care company will be able to not only get rid of hiding spots, but also any overgrowth that may make the trees an attractive home for pests and rodents.


  • Less risk of injury. If you ever try to work on the trees yourself, you’ll realize just how much of a workout everything can be. It’s actually really easy to injure yourself. Hiring a professional is important for your own safety. The professionals are not only trained on how to minimize injuries, but they also have safety equipment with them.

It’s easy to find reliable tree trimming services in the area. Before you agree to sign any contracts, make sure that you get the references provided by the tree care specialist and look for online reviews. They’re very telling.

Call Us for Tree Trimming Services

Unless you have done some reading on the different types of trees that are on your property, it can be difficult to gauge whether they need pruning or tree trimming services. It’s best to leave this to the professionals. They’ll be able to take one look at your trees and come up with a treatment plan. More importantly, they know which techniques to use, and they’ll also have the right types of equipment and tools for the job.

S&P Tree Service is based in Grand Prairie, TX, but we serve the entire Dallas Fort Worth area. Our entire crew is fully trained, licensed and insured, and know how to promote vigorous growth with various types of trees and plants. Whether you have grandiose Oak trees on your property or beautiful Maple trees, we’ll be able to help you take care of them!

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