July 12, 2021

When To Call An Emergency Tree Service | Dallas, TX

Photo By ReeseImages at istock

Most people do not anticipate needing emergency tree service, in fact, most people don’t think about the trees in their yard at all until they are down. The simple truth is that part of being a homeowner means dealing with the property around your home which includes your trees. Trees can cause a lot of damage in a very short time frame, so it pays to know how to properly manage them so that if something occurs you know where to turn for help.

It is actually a good idea to have your trees inspected from time to time so that you don’t end up in a situation where you need emergency tree service. We know as a homeowner that there are a lot of things that you have to take care of, but trees really should be placed on the list as well. As part of a tree evaluation, an arborist will look for a disease that might be weakening your trees from the trunk out as well as evaluate dead branches and other areas on your trees.

Disease can make your trees more susceptible to storm winds in Dallas, TX, and increase the chance that they will fall unexpectedly in the middle of a storm. Dead limbs will eventually fall as well, and depending on how much the limb has hollowed out they can fall at any time, not only during a storm. You would be surprised how much an emergency tree service gets called out to take care of tree damage that occurred on a perfectly sunny day.

When a tree falls that is on your property you are responsible for any damage it may cause. This means damage to your home or cars, or damage to your neighbor’s property. Even if the tree limb is in their yard, if the tree is rooted in your yard you become responsible for the damage which can quickly add up. This will also heavily increase your homeowner’s insurance so it is an expense that you will be paying for in spades for years.

For this reason, your top goal should be to avoid ever needing emergency tree service in Dallas, TX by keeping a close eye on the condition of trees in your yard. If you only have a couple of trees in your yard, then make it a point every three months or so to inspect them. If you have more, then split the yard into sections and make sure you spend some time inspecting each section at different times of the year.

Of course, sometimes things just happen. Lightning and strong winds can knock over even perfectly healthy trees. At that point, an emergency tree service is inevitable. If you are unsure of when you need emergent help and when you can wait a few days to get help, you may want to consult the following list. Trees can easily pose a threat, so it is important to always properly assess the threat and then receive help accordingly. Here are a few times that emergency tree service is a must.

You Notice an Odd Lean

A tree should never lean, but a tree that never had a lean really should not. Some trees will grow naturally with a bit of lean because they are attempting to reach towards the sun and that may require the trunk to lean slightly to peek out from under other trees. However, a new lean on a tree that never leaned before is especially alarming. There is no good reason why a tree should develop a lean in the middle of its life.

As a general rule of thumb, arborists state that any tree that leans more than 15% should be immediately evaluated by an emergency tree service. There is a good chance that the lean is just the start of the tree’s eventual fall, and the sooner you get to it the more you can eliminate the chance of damage. A lot of people underestimate the potential of a tree to cause damage, but they are much higher than they look and when they come crashing down can easily cross several yards and cause lots of property damage, so don’t put off that call for emergency tree service.

Fungus Around Tree Roots

Fungus is usually not a great sign, especially when you see fungus at the roots of a tree. This is because fungus prefers to grow where there is rot and disease, and therefore the presence at the roots of the tree may indicate that the roots are starting to rot which is a very big problem leading into the next sign.

Visibly Decaying Tree Roots

Tree roots that are visibly decaying are a huge issue. The root structure is responsible for holding the tree up, and if the roots start to decay then there is nothing left to hold up tons of tree trunks and branches. Believe it or not, roots extend 20 to 40 feet under the ground to support the massive weight of the visible parts of a tree. Therefore, when they decay a lot of weight is left unsupported. You need to immediately call for emergency tree service if you notice this issue because all it will take is a strong wind or eventually the last few roots to snap or decay before a giant tree comes crashing down.

A Tree Falls or Is Crowding a Power Line

You should never attempt to prune a tree that is close to a power line or take care of removing a tree that has fallen on power lines. It doesn’t take much for electricity to jump from a power line to a tree. Believe it or not, during rain or snow electricity is able to jump as far as ten feet to a tree in an attempt to find a grounding source. If electrical power is involved you always need to call for emergency tree services.

Recognize any of the above signs? S&P Tree Service in Dallas, TX can help. Give us a call and we will immediately set something up to take care of your tree issue.