October 27, 2021

Crane Tree Removal Service vs Traditional Tree Felling | Dallas Fort Worth Area

Photo By ArturHenryk at Shutterstock

Tree felling has always been associated with the image of a lumberjack hacking away at a tree trunk. Even though ladders and chainsaws are still widely used, tree removal companies are now adopting the use of cranes, especially in places where ladders aren’t entirely effective. Cranes are now becoming the new age tree removal heroes. Compared to traditional felling methods, cranes offer an efficient and elevated quality of tree removal services.

In this piece, we discuss the advantages of crane-assisted tree removal versus traditional tree felling.

Traditional Tree Felling

Felling a tree the old-fashioned way can be exciting, with the image of lumberjacks hacking away at a tree trunk still holding its appeal. However, traditional felling tends to be work-intensive, exhausting, and pretty slow, with one taking so long to fell just one tree.

Some of the limitations of traditional tree felling include:

  • It has a high-risk factor

The tree’s condition and the ground it sits on could be a great risk for the personnel, the surrounding infrastructure, other humans, and animals around.

  • It is limited to specific areas

Rural or forested areas may be the most conducive areas for this method of tree removal services. Urban areas tend to be very skeptical about traditional tree felling services because it is more difficult to maneuver the tree around set up structures and parked vehicles.

  • It is time-consuming

Human bodies can only take so much before they give way to fatigue. This means that a small group of tree fellers could be limited in the number of trees they bring down at a time.

  • It is less efficient

Whether the tree removal services were in response to an emergency or for commercial purposes, traditional tree felling will not get the job done quickly, smoothly, safely, or as efficiently as cranes would.

For this reason, tree removal service providers are opting to invest in a more efficient and less risky method to aid their tree removal efforts and services.

Crane Assisted Removal Method

This involves the use of cranes to remove or help in tree maintenance. Even though full-size cranes require more planning, specialized equipment, and skilled operators, they are faster and easier to use. Cranes can reach inaccessible areas, carry taller and heavier trees, reduce the time that would typically have been used, and increase safety. If you are in the Dallas Fort Worth area, S&P Tree Service offers the best crane tree removal services.

The Basic Crane Tree Removal Process

If you are in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, here’s what to expect us to do when you call us for a crane tree removal service:

  • Survey of the site

This helps with the planning phase. It depends on the urgency or sensitivity of the task. Accurate estimation of the weight of the tree will also help in the strategic planning of its removal.

  • Setup and level-up of the crane

Stabilization of the crane plays a key role in its elevation and support during the removal process. It must be perfect

  • Tree removal strategy

This is an on-site plan of the angles and safety and cutting lines that the tree climber should pay attention to.

  • The tree removal

This is the best part of crane tree removal. The setup takes longer to make sure that this step is smoother and quicker. The climber secures his support line then is lifted to the designated spot, where he secures the cable to the crane’s hook. He’s then lowered to the cut point, and after securing his lifeline, he makes the appropriate cut while the crane operator applies the proper force into the extraction of the piece. Once cut through, the tree is safely maneuvered to the dropzone.

  • The repeat processes

Step four is repeated until the whole tree removal process is complete.

  • Set-down

This involves clearing the site and leaving the environment safe for the people or infrastructure around.

Advantages Of Using a Crane Tree Removal Service

Cranes definitely make work easier for tree removal service providers compared to traditional tree felling. There are many advantages of using cranes for a tree removal service over traditional tree felling.

Below are some of the reasons why we offer a crane tree removal service:

  • Cranes make the tree removal process more manageable. Using a machine makes the task more mechanized and less labor-intensive.


  • Cranes are more efficient as they are faster. The time taken working with a crane is far shorter compared to traditional tree felling methods.


  • Cranes are safer. Given the vast weight ranges, terrain steepness, ridiculous tree heights, and vulnerability the task involves, cranes have proven to reduce the risk factors involved in tree removal services. Additionally, cranes also create a safer process that favors the infrastructure neighboring the tree in question. The tree can be lifted over or maneuvered around these structures.


  • Cranes are not restricted to rural or forested areas. Their agility works well for urban areas too. They can access areas that usually prove too tight or difficult to access.


  • Cranes are more gentle with the environment. Instead of letting a heavy tree land in a thud as it hits the ground, they help to lift and place the removed tree in the drop zone carefully.


  • Cranes are the best options for dangerous trees that have been damaged and could damage other things if not carefully removed. These trees could fall apart during felling, and the crane tree removal service helps in their delicate handling.

With the advantages that crane tree removal service offers, a tree removal expert needs specialized skills and training to operate the machines. For this reason, you need a trusted crane tree removal service such as S&P Tree Service. We are the leading crane tree removal service in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. Our crew is well trained, licensed, and insured to handle any residential or commercial project. Get in touch with us today for more information about our crane tree removal service.