September 15, 2021

Common Reasons For Tree Removal Service At Your Home | Dallas, TX

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Being a homeowner comes with lots of responsibilities. You have to maintain and repair appliances that help you perform your day-to-day activities while at home. Additionally, taking care of other components of the aesthetics of your home, including trees and gardens, is also important.

Maintaining trees is beneficial to the homeowner and the environment since trees play a major role in regulating the carbon levels in the atmosphere. Trees are also helpful when it comes to creating beautiful scenery around your Dallas, TX, home. It, in turn, builds the resale value of your home.

It’s easy to overlook the trees and shrubs in your home when conducting repairs to improve its value. Conversely, some cases such as storms and tree diseases, necessitate you to call your emergency assistance company for tree removal services.

Keep reading to discover the necessary reasons why you should remove unnecessary and unwanted trees from your home.

Dead Trees

No homeowner in Dallas, TX, wants to see a tree die and lose its beauty and its importance to the environment. It’s a sad fact, but whenever a tree dies, there is nothing much you can do about it rather than take it down. When a tree dies, it loses its grip on the soil, and any vigorous shaking activity such as storms or earthquakes may bring it down.

Trees can also fall on their own due to adverse snow and ice conditions. Falling trees pose dangers to the home dwellers and can damage structures on the building as well as other possessions, including cars. Dead trees are also a liability since they can drastically lower the value of your home if you’re planning to resell it soon.

It’s time to schedule a tree removal service appointment if you notice signs of dying trees in your home. The specialists you get will use advanced equipment and take all necessary precautions while eliminating the dead trees. They’ll also run some tests to identify the main cause of the issue and offer the required tree treatment solutions if the problem is diseases or poisoned soil structures.

Disease-Infected Trees

Tree diseases are often fatal. Ignoring infections in trees could lead to extensive irreparable damage, spreading to nearby trees, or death to the tree. Some common diseases that affect trees include Hypoxylon canker, fire blight, and oak wilt.

If you notice the leaves of trees in your home are getting discolored or falling off, the branches are weak and easy to break, or the barks are abnormal, it is time to schedule a tree removal service. The professionals should assess the trees to identify the exact disease and the affected parts. If the damage is beyond repair or too risky to fix, they should extract the tree safely.

Additional services they may offer include checking up on the nearby trees to inspect whether the diseases might have spread. They can also cut down the trees if the diseases have extended to levels and roots.

Damaged Trees

Sometimes, healthy trees experience unavoidable and unprecedented catastrophes. For instance, severe weather, including thunderstorms and winter storms, poses a potential danger to trees.

Lightning could destroy a tree that’s taken a lot of years to mature within seconds. However, some damage may take years to show on the surface. Additionally, accidental contact with vehicles, animals, or other moving items could cause breakage to the trees.

If left hanging or unattended to, damaged trees are an accident waiting as they could fall off any time, in whole or part by part. If this happens, the results could be catastrophic, causing property losses and injuries. That’s why you should reach out to a nearby trustworthy company for tree removal services if you notice any damage or a tree accident occurs within your trees’ vicinity.

Encroaching Trees

Trees experience growth as they age. The original location where it was planted might have been ideal but, as time goes by, the branches and twigs might start encroaching onto nearby structures, including car shades, houses, and garages.

The roots may also disturb the foundations of nearby houses, increasing the risk of them collapsing. Branches may also creep onto power lines, leading to power outages and electrical problems in your home. On a lighter note, overgrown trees may also obstruct a beautiful view of the scenery around Dallas, TX.

You need to contact a reliable company for tree removal services if you notice overgrown trees in your home. The tree experts you get will assess the potential damage and recommend pruning, trimming, or removal. In this case, tree removal is essential to protecting the safety of other structures within your premises and the neighborhood. Take immediate action before the overgrown trees trigger expensive damages.

Unpleasant Trees

Not all trees are equally aesthetically pleasing. Some trees might harbor notorious and disgusting pests and parasites that may fall onto the ground and infest your home. There are trees that produce poisonous fruits or seeds, and others are thorny, posing a safety risk to the pets and children playing around them. At times, your personal preferences might be against a particular tree type. You may also detest a tree for its incompatibility with your landscaping outlook.

For these reasons, consider having specialists carry out tree removal services to match your desired tree preferences. The technicians may also recommend styles that suit your landscape or alternative trees you may plant in your home.

However, under some of these circumstances, tree removal services could be optional. Trees that are impossible to bring down should be left, especially if they have a high probability of causing injuries or damaging nearby properties.


Sometimes, so many trees grow in a small space, forcing you to seek tree removal services to eliminate some of the trees to pave the way for others to thrive comfortably.

Professionals recommend the removal of weak, unhealthy species to reduce competition for nutrients and light.

You should schedule a tree removal appointment with a reliable company without delay to avoid problems in the future if you notice that certain tree species in your home are overcrowded in a particular area. The specialists will professionally identify the number and types of trees to get rid of to facilitate proper growth for the rest of the trees.

S&P Tree Service: Tree Removal Services You Can Trust

Tree removal is a technical and risky affair to undertake. It would be best if you didn’t try it yourself as you may lack the necessary equipment and experience to extract a tree. Instead, reach out to us at S&P Tree Service.

Our technicians are equipped, trained, and certified to provide stump removal, tree maintenance, and tree removal services on commercial and residential properties. We also offer landscaping services. Don’t hesitate to reach out when you’re faced with tree emergencies at your home.