June 18, 2021

When To Call An Emergency Tree Service | Fort Worth, TX

Photo By Allkindza at istock

It is not uncommon for serious storms to pass through Fort Worth, TX, so waking up to find storm damage in your yard is not a unique experience, however, there is a difference between finding some branches in your yard and finding a tree fallen on your home or garage. Some issues will require emergency tree service, and probably a few more contractors. So how do you know if you need tree service? Outside of sizable trees or limbs on your home, there are actually a few more indicators that you should know to look for in your yard.

As a homeowner, all of the trees on your property become your responsibility. One thing you may not be aware of however is that the trees remain your responsibility if they fall on a neighbor’s property or the road as well. Therefore, you need to be conscious of every aspect of your tree, including any limbs that happen to fall on your neighbor’s property. The following is a quick guide to help you determine if it is time to call for emergency tree service or if you can wait a little longer.

There Is a Tree Down In Your Yard

Trees have the potential to do a lot of damage, so if you see a tree down in your yard you need to take immediate action. The first thing you need to do is make sure that no one was harmed when the tree fell. If anyone was injured you need to call for medical help and deal with that completely before worrying about the tree. If no one was hurt, then you need to carefully inspect the area visually from a safe distance to identify whether or not any utility lines or electrical lines are down.

If you do find a wire down or bent over with the tree, do not try to do anything on your own. There is no telling if the wires are live or how powerful they are, and simply touching the wrong branch might cause a surge of electricity strong enough to kill you. Instead, maintain a safe distance and call the utility company or your local fire department if the downed wires are near the sidewalk or the street. Once the area has been declared safe by someone of authority, take photos of the damage to have later when you file an insurance claim and call for emergency tree service.

After a Storm

A tree does not necessarily have to fall to cause storm damage. Fort Worth, TX sees a lot of severe weather, and that makes it possible that you may walk outside and find large tree branches on top of your roof or spread throughout the yard. In addition, you may see a tree that has been caught by another tree but is a threat because eventually, it will fall as well. This is a time when you will want to call an emergency tree service so that it can be removed in a safe and careful manner. If you are worried about trees falling, you may want to walk around after a severe storm and check for root exposure or soil erosion as these can make a tree more vulnerable and sometimes occur after excessive flooding or heavy rainfall.

You Suspect You Have A Sick Tree

Believe it or not, your trees can get sick the same way that you can or other plants can. While it is hard to imagine that a 70-year-old tree is sick, it does happen, and sometimes depending on what you notice you may need assistance from an emergency tree service. If you have never walked around your yard and especially paid close attention to the appearance of your trees this is a good reminder to go do so. Even if you only have one tree, you need to keep a close eye on it.

Obvious signs of trouble include peeling bark, brittle bark, clear bald patches where the bark has already completely fallen off, yellowing leaves, no leaves (which indicate dead branches), fungus, or odd foliage patterns. This is just the start of the list however, once you circle your yard and make sure that your trees are free of these signs, you need to look for signs of carpenter ants, termites, or other destructive pests. If you notice any of these issues you may want to consult with an emergency tree service or at the very least call an arborist.

The problem with termites or carpenter ants is that they are likely eating out the inside of the tree leaving it hollow and prone to breaking or falling. Even more concerning is the fact that once they finish they will move onto other trees in your yard possibly destroying all of your trees. If there aren’t anymore, they may invade your home which is a much more significant issue. For this reason, you don’t want to sit and wait on this issue and a call to an emergency tree service can help you contain the issue and/or depending on how bad the invasion is, maybe even save the tree.

Get In the Habit of Tree Inspection

There are a few other things you may want to look for such as fungi near the roots, buckling roots, soil erosion, or roots that are starting to get knocky. With so many things that can go wrong, it is not a bad idea to get into the habit of inspecting your trees every three to six months. If you have a lot of trees on your Fort Worth, TX property then every six months is understandable, but if you only have one or two make it a point to thoroughly eyeball them from time to time.

If you notice an issue or are unsure of whether or not you need emergency tree service, give S&P Tree Service a call. We will be happy to talk about what is going on and give you some feedback. We do offer emergency tree service if you need it, otherwise, we will schedule a time to come out and inspect the situation.