December 16, 2022

Benefits Of Hiring Crane Tree Removal Services | Aledo, TX

When a tree poses a risk to its surroundings due to illness or storm damage, it is best to have it removed to guarantee the safety of nearby houses and passersby. A lumberjack chopping at a tree trunk is the stereotypical depiction of a tree being cut down. Although chainsaws and ladders are still commonly utilized, cranes are increasingly relied upon by tree service businesses, especially for jobs that cannot be done safely or effectively from the ground.

Read on to find out the benefits of using a crane tree removal service in Aledo, TX.

Is a Tree Crane Similar to a Construction Crane?

A tree crane is a specialized machinery used for some tree operations and removals. Tree cranes differ from ground-based ones used in construction since they are mounted on huge trucks. There are a few variances in the safety and operational rules for tree cranes and those that apply to cranes in other sectors.

The crane’s operator sits in a cab at the machine’s base. This expert member of the tree service crew sits on the ground and controls the crane. The “arm” of the crane, known as the “boom,” may extend and swing to allow access to even the tallest trees. Climbers use it to get up into the trees, and arborists use it to safely take down large, massive parts of trees.

How Is a Tree Crane Used?

One common misconception is that it’s done by cutting a tree down and standing back to watch it collapse. On sites where a tree’s fall could cause harm to buildings or people, this technique would be ineffectual and potentially deadly. Here’s what to expect when you hire our crane tree removal service.

Stabilizing the Tree Crane

The crane will be parked at the project site with its outriggers leveled using blocks or pads on the day of the tree operation.

Fixing the crane’s balance is a prerequisite for finishing the job. We can’t move forward until the crane is completely level. This may take some time because it depends on details specific to each property, such as the size of the tree, the slope of the ground, and the area around the crane.

Tree Removal

The practical job of removing the tree can begin once the tree removal team has developed a precise strategy. If the tree is sturdy enough, the crane will hoist the climber into the canopy, where they will secure themselves to the tree using ropes and other climbing equipment. They use a steel wire or nylon strap to secure the crane to the tree. After the portion of the tree has been removed, the ground staff can retrieve it using the crane.

Ground Work

The cable is removed from the severed part, and the ground crew lowers it to the ground. They then chip the branches and cut the timber into smaller pieces. The entire process is repeated until the tree is gone.

Benefits of Crane Tree Removal

Let’s dive into the benefits of crane tree removal:

Cranes Can Reach Those Hard-to-Reach Places

Some people’s mental image of tree lopping includes a man shouting “timber!” as a massive tree topples over. Depending on location, accessibility, tree type, and more, tree felling like this may still be an option in some cases.

However, this is often not an option because of the tree’s proximity to a building, road, or people. Instead of having the tree fall, using a crane tree removal service, it can be lifted vertically, section by section, by a crane, and transported to a drop zone. Far from harm’s way, the ground crew uses a chipper to turn the branches into mulch and saws the timber into manageable pieces for transport.

Using a crane tree removal service reduces the likelihood of the tree falling on a building. Also, crane use allows for removing trees that would otherwise be inaccessible due to their location or the presence of barriers, such as buildings.

Cranes Help with Taller Trees

Some heights can be reached by a ladder, lift, or bucket truck, but the taller trees in Aledo, TX require a professional crane tree removal service. Because of the crane’s boom, SP Tree Service’s arborists and climbers can see and reach even the tallest trees in the area, gaining the insight they need to remove them quickly and safely.

Crane Tree Removal Is Safer

A skilled tree climber can ascend a tree, chop off branches, and lower them to the ground by hand or by using ropes. However, a tree is not safe for a climber to ascend if pests, diseases, or storms have harmed it because the tree is effectively rotting from the inside out.

When other means of tree removal aren’t an option, a tree crane can cut down unsightly trees. There is a high risk of injury, hence you should only use a professional crane tree removal service.

Lower Costs

Using a crane tree removal service comes with greater efficiency and, thus, lower costs. Many tree services base their prices on the number of hours it takes to finish a task, so jobs that require a lot of labor hours or special expertise can be rather pricey. A crane tree removal service can remove entire trees within a short time, thus saving you both time and money.

It is Minimally Invasive

Crane tree removal is the least disruptive way to get rid of unwanted trees. The employment of a crane will not severely disrupt the scenery or leave any ruts in your yard, so there will be minimum harm to your lawn.

Leave It to Our Tree Removal Experts

We hope you can now see the benefits of crane tree removal. A crane will make quick work of the time-consuming task of removing a tree with minimal damage to your yard. Call us at 469-251-8228 if you require a crane tree removal service in Aledo, TX. S&P Tree Service is always available to help! 

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