December 14, 2022

Avoid DIY Mistakes With Tree Removal Service | Prosper, TX

Removing a tree takes proper know-how, attention to safety, and the right equipment for the job. Many people assume that simply because they own a chainsaw, they can remove an unwanted tree or tree limbs from their property. Unfortunately, there are all sorts of problems associated with DIY tree removals. If you want to have a tree removed from your Prosper, TX property, it’s best to contact S&P Tree Service. We have a reputation for safe and efficient tree removal service. We feature certified arborists and experienced tree removal technicians who specialize in tree care solutions. Too often, DIY tree removals go horribly wrong. The following mistakes are just a few examples associated with DIY tree removals.

Chainsaw Novice

Many people own chainsaws. These power tools can come in handy for slicing up firewood or lumber. Unfortunately, having a bit of experience using a chainsaw may not be enough experience to use it for cutting down a tree. In fact, unless you’ve been properly trained to use this potentially dangerous equipment, you may not be using it safely. If you are not adept at using a chainsaw, it’s best to contact our tree removal service for your tree’s removal.

Not only is using a chainsaw to cut down a tree dangerous, it gets even more hazardous the moment you step on a ladder. Holding a piece of heavy equipment on a ladder can quickly cause you to become unbalanced. Professional tree care experts have the training needed to use power equipment on trees. Don’t risk a serious injury when we can perform this job safely for you. Tree removal service is definitely less expensive than hospital bills should you become injured in a fall or by a chainsaw mishap. Let the pros at S&P Tree Service handle the saw work for you.

Failing to Evaluate the Site

An inexperienced DIY tree removal often involves poor site assessment. It’s one thing to examine the tree in question, but it’s also crucial to take the surroundings into consideration when attempting a tree removal. When you contact our company for tree removal service, we’ll carefully assess the entire site. We’ll note surrounding property that needs to be protected during the job. We’ll determine if there are any obstacles that limit access to the tree.

There are lots of factors that go into the planning of a tree’s removal, including taking into consideration what might go wrong. If a large tree limb falls, it could crush a vehicle or do substantial damage to a home. An expert will look out for the pitfalls associated with each job.

Removing a Sick or Dead Tree

Removing a sick or dead tree is a dicey job even for professionals. It’s not a removal that a do-it-yourselfer should attempt. If you have a dying or dead tree on your Prosper, TX property, it’s best to contact a professional tree removal service. Dying and dead trees are in the process of decaying. When cutting into their limbs and trunk, the wood doesn’t act like it would if the tree was living or in good health. Structurally, the tree is unsound.

For instance, you might cut into a tree trunk of a dead tree, expecting the tree to lean one way–the way your cut intends it to lean. However, the tree may be too decayed for that to occur. It may simply fall back on you or in a direction you don’t intend–like toward your home. Dead trees must be removed with great care. Our tree removal service techs have experience removing trees in extremely fragile condition. We will take every safety precaution to ensure the tree is safely removed.

Tackling the Job Alone

It’s never safe to cut down a tree on your own. S&P Tree Service generally sends crews as part of our tree removal service. Even small trees can be safety risks. The fact is, tree removal service isn’t a single person job. Owing to their size and weight, trees demand a skilled crew for their removal.

Wrong Equipment for the Job

Another DIY mistake is not lining up the right equipment for the job. Of course, most people don’t have the proper tree removal equipment at their home–and renting the equipment may not be a good solution either. Unless you are adept at using tree removal equipment, you can be risking a severe injury by using it.

Our tree care company features the best tree removal equipment, including cranes, that our industry affords. We maintain our equipment so that it’s always ready–even for conducting emergency tree removals. It’s essential to employ contractors who use the right equipment for the job with proper care.

Failing to Stump Grind

After removing trees, some people fail to remove the stumps that are left behind. The look of a tree stump in the yard may not be something they mind. But stump grinding isn’t just an aesthetic service. Tree stumps will continue to deteriorate over time. As they decay, they can attract fungus infections and pests. There’s no way to prevent these diseases and pests from possibly moving to healthy trees in your setting. It’s better to remove the stumps so that you can maintain the health of your landscape. Our tree care company offers stump grinding service.

Contact S&P Tree Service if you need tree removal service in Prosper, TX. Let us help you avoid these unfortunate DIY mistakes. Our company also offers tree care services. If you think your tree has a disease, you can count on us to send a trained arborist to your property to assess your tree’s health. We can recommend the ideal solutions to maintain the health of your landscape’s trees.

Photo By Robert Hale at Shutterstock