May 05, 2018

Basics of Pruning | Tree Trimming Service in Dallas Fort Worth, TX

One of the most valuable commodities for our environment that majorly contributes to the health of the people living on this mother earth is trees. Once a tree is mature, it requires less effort to take care of it as it develops the capacity to take care of itself on its own given it is provided with the basic necessities.

To maintain the beauty of your landscape, which is provided by beautiful strong trees, it is necessary to protect them from insects and harmful diseases and keep them healthy to maintain their vigor and preserve the year-round benefit it provides to its surroundings. This is basically how you are investing in your landscape and keeping the long-term benefit in mind.

According to tree trimming service in Fort Worth, TX, it is necessary for you to regularly trim your trees either on your own or opt for professional tree maintenance service in Fort Worth, TX to avoid any harm that can be caused by any bacteria or fungus growing among the trees and plants.

One of the most commonly used methods used for regular maintenance of your plants and trees is pruning. It can either be done by calling for experts in tree service and tree maintenance in Fort Worth, TX or it can be done on your own if you know the basics, the methods, and tools required to achieve the desired results.

If you too are someone who is looking for help in this matter then this blog is right for you. Here we have mentioned the basics that you need to know to keep your plants and trees healthy.

Pruning – Definition

The removal of specific parts of the plants from them in order for them to grow more strong and vigorous is called pruning.

It is considered to be a regular part of the plant maintenance process where unwanted and unnecessary shoots and branches are removed from the plant or the tree that cause a hindrance in the growth of other branches or parts of the tree or the plant that is being pruned.

There are some people who believe that pruning a plant causes it to get damaged and leaves “wounds” on it. But this is something you should not worry about as plants have the ability to heal on their own and also seal their wounds and cuts on their own. According to expert tree service in Fort Worth, TX the damaged part of the tree, on the outside, forms a callus tissue which covers and closes it in the shape of a doughnut. Whereas, on the inside, compartmentalization takes place, the formation of chemical boundaries around the affected area. This helps to limit any decay or invasion of harmful microorganisms.

Importance of Pruning

To Prevent Injury or Damage

It is important to prevent a person walking nearby from any sort of injury due to broken barks or dead or broken branches that are hanging loose on the tree. Pruning also helps make it safe for the neighboring healthy branches to grow safely. Therefore, it is suggested to have a professional arborist look after your plants and its pruning once in a while to avoid calling for emergency tree service in Fort Worth, TX.

To Improve Appearance and Health

Pruning the damaged or affected parts of the tree as per the professionals of tree service in Fort Worth, TX is necessary for curbing the bacteria or the disease that has started to spread. It would also prevent it from spreading to other healthy parts of the plant which would help them grow in a healthier space with the correct amount of air circulation and sunlight penetration.

To Influence the Capability of Bearing Fruits

To increase the capacity and capability of a plant to keep bearing fruits it is extremely important to prune them on a regular basis. It encourages fertility and vegetative growth among plants that enhance the appearance of the plant and promotes the growth of fruits and flowers.

To Control the Size

Pruning helps reduce the size of a plant to make it look more in proportion with the rest of the landscape. It also prevents interference of a plant’s parts with the utility lines and provides better access to its different parts for pest control and tree maintenance in Fort Worth, TX.

Tools Required

There are a variety of tools that are available and are needed to prune branches and barks of different plants with varying widths and lengths. Some of these basic tools and their uses are listed below.

–    Hand pruners– These are used to cut stems up to 3/4 inches in diameter

–    Looping shears– It has long handles so that it can reach further inside dense branch network giving you extra reach. These can cut through branches that are up to 1 ¾ inches in diameter.

–    Pruning Saws– These are available readily in shops and retail stores and are used by both households and experts for tree trimming service in Fort Worth, TX. This tool is available in two blade varieties, curved or straight, and is used for stems and branches having a diameter of approximately 2 to 2 ½ inches.

–    Pole pruners– These are also used alternative to pruning saws by tree service in Fort Worth, TX to chop off branches with a diameter of 2 inches.

–    Chainsaws– These are used for branches that are greater than 3 inches in diameter and are suggested to be used with extreme care along with its safety gear according to the experts of tree maintenance in Fort Worth, TX.

Final Word

A properly pruned tree looks natural and grows in a way that reflects its fundamental form and character. As a pruner one should be careful as it is a sensitive matter to maintain a plant’s structural integrity.

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