September 01, 2022

4 Reasons To Remove Dead Trees With Crane Tree Removal Service | Aledo, TX

With their stately stature and constant presence in our yards, trees seem almost indestructible, but there does come a point when even the most robust tree dies. If you have a dead tree on your property, you may not have considered crane tree removal service, but there are some sound reasons why you should have dead trees removed. S&P Tree Service provides tree care and tree removal services for Aledo, TX, and surrounding areas. Our staff includes highly trained arborists and experienced technicians. We’re able to take down even the largest trees that are difficult to access or located in precarious settings–like near structures. If you have dead trees on your residential or commercial property, you can rely on our removal solutions.

Reduce the Risk of Falling Trees and Tree Limbs

Dead trees and their limbs are a serious property liability. Once the tree is dead, deterioration and decay sets in. Very quickly the structure’s integrity begins to decline as the roots and trunk weaken. Powerful winds or a severe storm can blow through Aledo, TX, and knock down these dead trees in their withering state.

Not only is there a great risk that dead trees and their limbs could fall onto power lines; there’s also a risk that they can fall on houses and other buildings. Limbs can fall and damage roofs and vehicles parked near the tree. There’s also the risk that falling a falling tree or tree limbs could injure or kill someone. Additionally, dead limbs can become missiles during powerful storms. They can be blown some distance into windows or against structures, doing damage or causing injury.

If you have a dead tree on your property, you should contact S&P Tree Service about our efficient crane tree removal service. Not sure if your tree is dead or simply struggling and in need of preservation? Our company also specializes in tree care and preservation. Our certified arborists will be able to tell you if your tree has a chance or if it has already died and needs tree removal service to safeguard your property.

Dead Trees Attract Pests

A dead tree is a pest magnet. Insects and other pests can feed on dead trees or nest in them. While they help break down the deteriorating tree, they also pose a risk to your landscape and even your home. Dead trees attract wood-eating insects like termites. You don’t want these bugs anywhere near your house. The insects will multiply and move on from the dead tree at some point; they can find vulnerabilities in your siding, deck, or structural features and threaten the well-being of your structure.

Other pests like rodents can also shelter and nest in dead trees. Your nearby home can appear like a safer haven to rodents, especially if they are drawn to it by food smells or in their search for water. To reduce the risk of a pest problem in your landscape and home, you should contact S&P Tree Service for crane tree removal service as soon as possible.

Remember that pests won’t remain content with a dead tree. Not only can they be drawn to your house or commercial business, but they can also become a nuisance to other trees on your property. Many pests carry diseases. The sooner you remove a dead tree, the better. Prevent pest infestations by eliminating dead trees quickly.

Dead Trees Harbor Disease

Did a disease like a fungal disease kill your tree? If so, other trees on your landscape or on your neighbors’ properties may also be at risk. Some tree diseases like Dutch elm disease are highly contagious. Dead and even affected trees often require crane tree removal service in order to protect healthy trees nearby.

However, even if the tree died because of storm damage or some other cause, it should still be removed because of the risk of disease. As the tree deteriorates and decays, fungi and various pathogens are likely to be present. It’s possible for insects to spread pathogens to other trees and plants. To ensure the health of your landscape, it’s a good idea to schedule a tree removal service if you have a dead tree on your property.

Aesthetically Unattractive

A dead tree can dramatically impact the beauty of your landscape. Withering trees that are bare of healthy foliage can become an eyesore in an otherwise healthy yard. If the dead tree is located in the front of your home or commercial property, it can detract from its curb appeal. To keep your property looking appealing, schedule crane tree removal service to eliminate dead and unsightly trees from your landscape.

Our Tree Removal Service

Crane tree removal service is a safe and efficient way to remove trees. Our company features skilled crane operators, cutters, and arborists. We work together to create the ideal plan for a tree’s removal. Crane removals are ideal in neighborhood and city settings when a falling tree and its limbs could damage property or injure people. Our crews perform the entire removal from start to finish. Our crane tree removal service is priced fairly and is always performed with safety as our top priority.

Contact S&P Tree Service if you would like to schedule crane tree removal service at your Aledo, TX, property. Dead trees are a liability that can impact the safety of your setting. We provide crane tree removal service for business and residential property owners. After removing the dead tree from your landscape, our technicians can also haul away all the wood from the tree if you prefer and provide stump grinding service. Call us to learn more about all of our tree care and tree removal solutions.

Photo By ChaiyonS021 at Shutterstock