July 24, 2021

3 Times To Consider Calling An Emergency Tree Service During The Winter | Fort Worth, TX

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Many homeowners are not aware of when they should call for an emergency tree service. Although we don’t think about it often, the condition of the trees on our property could have a profound impact on the safety of the occupants that reside on the property, as well as the condition of the property. If large trees collapse over, they can cause substantial property damage, and they can also severely injure someone.

During the winter, your trees are equally susceptible to be facing an emergency situation. In this article, we will look at three potential emergencies that require immediate action and attention. The longer that you wait, the worse the problem can become.

#1. Heavy Snowfall Causes Tree Leaning or Broken Branches

Earlier in the year in 2021, Fort Worth, TX, and other areas saw quite a lot of snow. Many experts predict that this will become the new norm, so homeowners in this region should learn about the dangers of heavy snowfall. Heavy snowfall can cause trees to lean to one side or can break branches and cause them to fall on other people’s property or even on your own home.

It’s important to get a good look as to where the branches are located in order to determine whether there is even a possibility that a broken branch might land on your roof or go through your window. If heavy snowfall does break a branch or cause your tree to topple over, it’s important that you speak with an emergency tree care specialist in Fort Worth, TX to determine what to do next. They might recommend different options based on how accessible your property is. If there is heavy snowfall, you might have to wait until the snow melts.

The professionals will need to conduct an in-person investigation and inspection to determine whether other parts of the trees may be likely to cause harm as well. If there is a risk of them becoming a danger to your property or to the occupants of your property, the emergency tree service will usually recommend that you be proactive and either trim the trees or remove them entirely. Once again, their solution may be based on the risk level of the situation, as well as how feasible the solution is based on the weather. It’s difficult to work in heavy snowfall conditions.

#2. Snow Banks Leak Chemicals and Kill the Tree

Another thing that could potentially harm your trees is snow banks. Most snowbanks that are pushed up against your trees have a large amount of either salt, sand, or de-icing chemicals in them. As the snow melts thanks to these chemicals, it gives these chemicals an opportunity to leech into the soil and poison your trees or surrounding plants.

Younger trees, in general, are more susceptible to the chemicals, and can easily become sick from them. In some situations, these trees may even die from the chemicals. If you want to save your trees, you’ll need to call an emergency tree service as soon as possible. If a tree does end up dying, you’ll want to remove it as soon as possible in order to prevent it from causing additional harm.

In addition to killing the trees, large mounds of snow can also turn into heavy ice that can break branches off the trees. This is particularly common with evergreen trees and shrubs since they have branches that are closer to the ground, so you’ll want to keep an eye out even more if you have a lot of these plants around.

#3. Uprooted Roots Threaten Property Integrity

Depending on how the snow falls or whether the snow becomes ice, these elements can lea on the trees to the point where they might uproot parts of the tree. You’ll start to notice some of the roots above ground, and the tree should start to lean towards a certain side. If you have a large tree on your property or if you have a tree that has less of an upright structure, you might not notice it leaning as much, so keep an eye out for roots.

This is a very dangerous situation that requires emergency tree service. If there are fewer roots in the ground, the trees have less of a support system to rely on. This means that they are much more likely to topple over in the future. Strong winds could topple it. An emergency tree service will look at various options on how to re-root the tree if possible. However, in some worst-case scenarios, it might be better to remove the tree entirely. It really depends on the type of tree that you are dealing with, as well as its size and various other factors.

We Offer Emergency Tree Services in Fort Worth, TX

When dealing with an emergency tree situation, it’s important to call a professional as soon as possible. If not, the situation can worsen exponentially and even become a risk for injury or property damage. An arborist that does the landscaping for you may provide emergency tree services as well.

S&P Tree Service is committed to taking care of your landscape and ensuring that all of your trees and plants are in excellent condition. We are members of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and have the knowledge and equipment needed to deal with all types of trees. We offer competitive pricing, free estimates, and even 24-hour emergency tree services, so you can call us at any time. If your tree falls over in the middle of the night, give us a shout and we will send one of our highly skilled staff over immediately.

For more information about the emergency tree services that we offer, call 469-789-6775. You can call us even if you’re not sure whether you’re dealing with an emergency situation or not. Our skilled staff can assess the problem to determine what types of solutions are best.