December 02, 2022

Why You Might Need Emergency Tree Service | Fort Worth, TX

Certain instances in life require immediate attention, such as a call to a plumbing company to fix a burst pipe that’s suddenly flooding your home. There also may come a time when you’ll need a fast response from an emergency tree service.

Trees are beautiful additions to any Fort Worth, TX property. They provide shade from the sun’s heat, bring down cooling costs, and increase the value of your home. In some situations, though, trees need to be attended to quickly, or the impending damages can be costly and even dangerous.

Weather Emergencies

Dangerous thunderstorms or hurricanes can bring strong winds, heavy rain, lightning strikes, and even hail to some communities, causing devastating damage to landscaped properties. Tornado warnings in the area are also not uncommon events that can bring down large branches and uproot trees. Weather-related events such as these are why homeowners or businesses in Fort Worth, TX need to reach out as quickly as possible to an emergency tree service.

If a tree or large branches fall during a storm, severe damage to your home, vehicles, fencing or other structures can be devastating. If branches or a tree has fallen on electrical wires, the situation is quite serious, requiring immediate attention. Before the necessary repairs can be made in any of these weather-induced damages, you’ll need to contact a professional emergency tree service to haul away the limbs and other debris in a safe, careful manner.

You may be tempted to move a tree that’s fallen on your house or car. Even if the downed tree is just leaning up against a structure but hasn’t actually yet damaged anything, it’s important to call for emergency tree services. You or someone helping you can get hurt while attempting to move a leaning tree or a very heavy limb. You also may cause more harm to your property by trying to deal with the situation yourself, in which case, your insurance company may not cover the damages. Professional tree services have the equipment and the expertise to react appropriately in these types of emergency situations. It’s best to contact an emergency tree service at the first sign of weather-related tree damage.

Diseased Trees

Trees are living things that can become infected with disease or infested with pests that slowly cause destruction. In the Fort Worth, TX area, certain diseases can cause a tree to lose the ability to take in water, weakening its structure and causing death. Some infections can spread to other trees connected via their root systems.

It can be very difficult to determine whether any of your trees are suffering from a bacteria or other type of fungal disease without a qualified arborist’s help. Without knowing you have diseased trees on your property, an oak or other type of tree can die and fall down or lose limbs without warning.

Insects can also infest trees, especially during drought conditions. Invasive beetles and other pests attack by boring through bark and feeding on the living tissue inside, eventually degrading the tree’s integrity. This presents the danger of limbs or entire trees coming down over time, which requires emergency services.

If a tree is dying due to disease or infestation, an impending storm is likely to cause weakened limbs or the tree itself to fall due to its already decaying state. Rather than having to call for emergency tree services, it’s prudent to have your trees inspected regularly, especially after any major storm has occurred, for their ability to withstand damage.

Roots Swelling

If the roots of a tree can be seen coming up through the ground, it’s a sign that the tree is going to fall. Sometimes the grassy area around the bottom of a tree trunk seems to be rising, which is another indication of uplifting roots that will cause a tree to topple. It’s safest to contact a tree company as soon as possible if you note any of these signs of roots lifting up.

Threatening Branches

Heavy branches that overhang a portion of your home or are hanging above your vehicles or neighbor’s property are dangerous. Limbs that are touching your home’s roof, eaves, or windows, or are hanging threateningly above them, can fall down suddenly during inclement weather conditions, threatening property and risking injuries.

Leaning Trees

If a tree is leaning in one direction, it may or may not fall, but why take the chance that it won’t? The tree may be suffering from a disease or be in the process of uprooting. It’s best to call for emergency tree services before a leaning tree suddenly topples over when you least expect it.

Dead Trees

When a tree has died, it’s very important to have it removed as soon as possible before it falls and hurts someone or damages your property. There are many ways to determine if one of your trees has died.

If you see many sticks, branches, and pieces of bark on the ground, it’s an indication that the tree isn’t healthy. An absence of leaves is a sure sign of a dead or dying tree. Dead leaves on a tree are another signal that not enough nutrients are getting into the tree’s system, causing irreversible damage.

A dead or dying tree requires the help and advice of an emergency tree service professional as soon as possible.

Call for Help

Whether trees on your property have fallen or are showing signs of disease that threaten to damage your property, it’s time to get emergency tree service before someone gets hurt. We can quickly respond to your emergency call for removal of trees from your yard, especially when electrical wires, your home or vehicles have been compromised.

Call our experts at S&P Tree Service. We are ready to remove your fallen trees and limbs, take down threatening ones, and get your property back on the road to safety and enjoyment.

Photo By Barbara Ash at Shutterstock