February 01, 2023

Why Tree Removal Service Is A Necessity In Urban Areas | Fort Worth, TX

Trees are an integral part of the environment which we often take for granted. Trees offer many benefits, including beautifying the environment, giving off oxygen, reducing runoff water and soil erosion, and are home to diverse birdlife. However, trees need regular care and maintenance and, in dire circumstances, be removed. As such, a tree removal service is a necessity in urban areas.

A tree service ensures the safety of people in urban areas and the protection of natural beauty through stump removal, removing dying or declining trees, and removing trees that may be a threat to people and structures.

What Is the Importance of a Tree Removal Service?

Here are a few reasons if you’re wondering why a tree removal service is important, especially in urban areas.

Safety Concerns

While trees provide significant benefits to our urban areas and cities, they can also be a liability when they pose a risk to the well-being of the people near or around them. Overgrown trees, for example, are a hazard to the neighborhood. They could be a deadly obstacle for pedestrians and motorists in bad weather, and falling branches can cause injury.

Tree stumps can also present a tripping hazard for pedestrians, especially when grass and weeds obscure them.

A removal service may be necessary for safety reasons when:

  • Trees pose a significant safety risk because they are likely to fall or lose branches, cause injury to people
  • Trees with weak structures are likely to fall during storms or high winds
  • Trees have grown too close to power lines to avoid the risk of power outages or fire
  • Trees block visibility at intersections, near schools or playgrounds, which pose a safety risk for pedestrians and drivers
  • Trees block sidewalks and driveways, causing a safety hazard for people with mobility issues or disabilities
  • A tree has grown too large for its space, posing safety risks

Property Damage

Roots from large trees can sometimes damage buildings and property. Tree roots can damage street curbs, footpaths, paving, and driveways. If a tree root is in contact with lightweight structures such as boundary walls or a building wall, it may cause minor structural damage over time.

To prevent root damage, a construction method may need to be altered, or a tree removal service contracted to remove the tree.

Other forms of property damage that trees may pose include:

  • Drain damage: Roots may enter and block drains. This is often in older drains with poor seals and rigid joints.
  • Roof and gutter damage: Overgrown trees can cause damage to roofs and gutters, especially during harsh weather conditions.

A removal service may be necessary when:

  • Trees are located too close to a building posing structural damage during a storm or high winds
  • Tree roots cause damage to the foundation of a structure
  • A tree has grown too large, posing a risk of structural damage to a building during harsh weather

Environmental Impact

Trees play an important role in the environment by absorbing pollutants such as carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. However, when trees become diseased or overgrown, they can lose their ability to perform these functions. They can negatively impact water quality by slowing or blocking stormwater runoff, increasing the risk of erosion and flooding.

Diseased trees may also spread disease to other trees, significantly impacting the health of the overall ecosystem in Fort Worth, TX.

A tree removal service may be necessary to deal with the following:

  • Trees preventing the growth of other vegetation, thereby resulting in a loss of biodiversity
  • Trees that are in poor health and unlikely to recover to prevent the spread of diseases to other trees
  • Trees in areas where the soil is unable to support the root system of the tree

Urban Planning

Urban planners take into consideration various factors when designing and managing the development of towns and cities such as Fort Worth, TX, including the environment. Trees are an important aspect of urban planning since they provide benefits such as aesthetic appeal, shade and support the general ecosystem.

A tree removal service is a useful tool for supporting urban planning efforts for creating space for new developments. For example, if a road or building is being constructed, they may need to remove trees to make space. If there are many diseased or dead trees in an area, a tree removal service can help remove them to improve the community’s aesthetic appeal.

Best Practices for Tree Removal in Urban Areas

When considering tree removal, proper planning is essential. This includes identifying the tree or trees that need to be removed, assessing the risks and benefits of removal, and using the proper equipment and techniques for the task. It is also important to remember that tree removal should be a last resort, and other options, such as pruning, cabling, and bracing, should be prioritized.

Some best practices include:

  • Ensuring the tree is dead or dying and can’t be saved by other means
  • Identifying potential hazards such as buildings and power lines and planning accordingly
  • Following safety guidelines such as using protective gear

It is also important to be aware of the appropriate permits and regulations required for tree removal in urban areas and how to get them. Local government agencies often regulate tree removal, and specific permits may be required. Awareness of protected tree species and replacement requirements is also essential.

After removal, it is also vital to consider replanting and maintaining new trees. Urban planners, with the help of an arborist, should consider the type of tree that is appropriate for the location, its size and shape, and the maintenance required.

The Tree Removal Experts

A tree removal service is a crucial aspect of urban planning and maintenance. They improve the aesthetics of an urban area, create a more balanced and natural-looking environment, and help make space for new developments. Urban planners, residents, and property managers should consult certified arborists and tree removal experts to ensure any tree removal is done safely and responsibly.

At S&P Tree Service, we understand the importance of creating a safe, healthy, and beautiful environment in Fort Worth, TX. Contact us today for tree removal services.

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