September 07, 2022

When Trees Are Getting Too Close For Comfort, Turn To Our Crane Tree Removal Service For Relief | Weatherford, TX

At S&P Tree Service, our arborists love trees. We spend a good deal of our time working to care for and preserve trees that have been impacted by pests, tree diseases, and storm damage. Of course, we also specialize in crane tree removal service because sometimes trees simply have to be cut down for one reason or another. Sometimes that reason is that the tree is too close to the home’s foundation, garage, or swimming pool. If you live in Weatherford, TX, and need crane tree removal service because a tree is growing precariously close to your home, you can rely on our trained technicians to safely remove the tree for you. Having trees too close to your home and various exterior features can spell serious problems that you should know about.

Trees and Your Foundation

Some types of trees grow extensive root systems. These trees have powerful roots that can literally cause trouble for your home’s foundation. First, tree roots can affect the soil they grow in, causing it to shift. When the soil shifts, your home’s foundation can shift along with it. As the foundation shifts, it can develop cracks. This can spell dire news for a home. Repairing the home’s foundation cost thousands. It’s much better not to plant trees close to your home.

If, however, you are planning to purchase a house where there are large trees near the home, be sure to have the foundation checked by an expert. If you make the purchase, you may want to consider crane tree removal so that the roots of the trees don’t cause problems for your home’s foundation in the future.

Trees and Driveways and Walkways

Large trees with powerful root systems can also damage driveways and walkways. The roots can cause the pavement to develop cracks and buckle. The result is uneven ground that can become a property liability. Moreover, your driveway and walkways are important features of your exterior; replacing them can be expensive. S&P Tree Service can remove trees that grow too close to your home’s walkways and driveways. Once the trees are removed, it’s safe to make repairs if needed. There will also be less tree debris to clean up on the pavement once the trees are safely removed with our efficient crane tree removal service.

Trees and Your Roof

The roots of trees aren’t the only cause of concern for homeowners. Tall trees that grow too close to the house can impact the home’s roof. Many customers around Weatherford, TX, contact our company for crane tree removal service because the limbs of the tree have the potential to cause damage to their roof, especially during powerful storms. Large tree limbs and branches can damage the roof, windows, gutters, and even the chimney. With crane tree removal service, this problem can be safely eliminated.

Some property owners want nearby trees removed because pests can easily move from the tree to the home’s rooftop where they can nest, cause roof damage, or even gain entry into the home. This is especially true of older trees in poor health; they may be vulnerable to insect pests. Squirrels and raccoons can also jump from tree branches to the roofs of homes. For that reason, many people try to prevent trees from growing too close to their house.

Trees and Swimming Pools

Customers who are installing swimming pools often choose S&P Tree Service for our convenient crane tree removal service to remove trees before installing swimming pools. Trees and swimming pools aren’t a good pairing for several reasons. First, trees offer shade, and many people want a sunny setting for their swimming pool.

Another reason trees and swimming pools don’t mix is that trees can be messy. With their sap, leaves, and falling branches, trees can make a mess for pool owners. Leaves can clog pool filters and leave the water dirty. Many people simply don’t want the added maintenance of having to clean up their pools daily because of fallen tree debris.

Finally, tree roots can also impact a pool’s foundation just as they can impact a home’s foundation. Cracks in the swimming pool’s foundation are a serious–and expensive–setback. With crane tree removal service, you can remove any trees that impede the construction of your swimming pool or could mar your enjoyment of it.

Crane Tree Removal Is Safe and Efficient

Trees that grow near homes have to be removed with exceptional care. That’s why crane tree removal service is the ideal option for these types of situations. The crane and our crews carefully remove the tree section by section. Each section is safely tethered to our crane and hoisted away to a nearby drop zone. This type of tree removal is safer for property, which could easily become damaged during a traditional removal.

Before your tree’s removal, our technicians will visit your site to assess the tree and decide where to place our crane on the day of the job. We’ll develop a plan for removing your tree, and can even bring along our stump grinding equipment if you opt for our stump grinding service. On the day of the removal, we’ll bring everything needed to safely take down your tree. We can also haul the tree and all of its debris away.

If you need crane tree removal service in or near Weatherford, TX, call S&P Tree Service. We have an excellent record of safety and outstanding customer service. Our company is licensed and insured and all of our crew members have the training needed to safely perform our tree removal services. Contact us to learn more. We can also provide emergency crane tree removals when needed.

Photo By Mazur Travel at Shutterstock