October 30, 2020

When To Contact An Emergency Tree Service For Urgent Tree Removal | Fort Worth, TX

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Knowing when to remove a tree can help you prevent damages to your property. It may be tough to make that decision when you are not sure if a tree needs to be removed or if the tree is sentimental in some way. Trees that have been deemed unsafe for a property must be removed. The sooner it’s gone, the better. If you believe your tree cannot be salvaged, you should contact an emergency tree service provider to have it removed from your property. If you wish to save a tree, you should have it evaluated by an arborist. Getting an expert opinion can help you decide on what’s best for your property. If you live in or around the Fort Worth, TX, area, consult S&P Tree Service for any tree removal and inspection needs.

A dying tree that poses no threat to your property should be allowed to die without intervention. Trees that are dying in natural, wooded areas serve a purpose. These decaying trees serve as food and shelter for wild creatures. Decaying trees on your property can lead to unwanted insects and animals on the premises, which can be a nuisance to your business or home.

Signs You Should Get Rid of Your Tree

Tree Health

Is your tree healthy? You may be able to decide whether or not it’s healthy by examining the bark and leaves of a tree. If 50 percent of the tree appears to be rotting or diseased it may be time to cut it down. Trees that have been affected by herbicide will sometimes have damage. However, it may recover. Contact an emergency tree service professional if you believe your tree is unhealthy.

Healthy trees are strong and are less likely to break and damage your property. By removing unhealthy trees from your property, you eliminate a serious potential for property damage.

Tree Trunk Damage

If a tree trunk has damage, it can lead to internal decay. In fact, tree trunk damage in the form of vertical cracks, large dead branches usually indicate a tree may be dying from the inside out. If a tree has reached the end of its life span, there isn’t much you can do to save it. You should have an emergency tree service professional access the trunk damage and remove it if necessary. Decaying trees aren’t good for the aesthetic or structure of your property.

It’s important to have professionals access to the damage first. If only a small portion of the tree trunk is damaged, it may recover. Trees can heal over time. If there are no underlying reasons for trunk damage other than outside causes, your tree should be fine. A healed tree will not damage your property and you may get to keep it for years to come.

Large Dead Branches or Dead on One Side

Trees with large branches usually have sturdy, thick trunks. It is common for small branches to break off during colder seasons. However, it is not normal for the larger main branches to fall off. If this occurs, you should consider hiring an emergency tree service professional. Large, dead tree branches can lead to significant property damage and physical harm to people of your property. This poses a huge threat to the well-being of you and others on your property. This could be a liability issue if not handled swiftly and properly.

Any branches that are at weird angles or crossed should be removed as well. This can decrease the potential for large, dead tree branches. You may have to remove the entire tree if too many branches are dead. Large, dead tree branches indicate rot inside of the tree. If only a few tree branches are dead, you may not have to remove the whole tree. You could opt for removing just the afflicted branches. If you need large tree branches removed, you should hire an emergency tree service provider to do it for you. Removing large dead tree branches should be treated as an urgent matter. It’s a dangerous process that must be handled with care and expertise.

If all the branches are dead on just one side of your tree, you have a serious problem. This may indicate tree rot on just one side of the tree. A tree that’s dead on only one side can easily snap and fall over. This can be life-threatening and extremely damaging to your property. If you notice only one side of your tree is dying have it removed by an emergency tree service. If you live in or around the Fort Worth, TX area, contact S&P Tree Service for emergency tree service removal right away.

Hollow Tree

Hollow trees pose the same threat half-dead trees do. Hollow trees are weak and should not be on your property. A strong storm or powerful force could easily knock a hollow tree over. This puts everybody on your property at risk. It can also lead to property damage. If the tree is hollow, it’s a simple decision. A hollow tree will never recover. Have an emergency service professional remove it from your property before it’s too late.

Tree Rot or Fungus

If you notice your tree is rotting or decaying, this indicates your tree is reaching the end of its lifecycle. Old, dying trees can easily snap and damage your property or a living creature. Trees that are growing fungus may not be so obviously dying; however, fungus indicates rot inside of the tree. Not all tree fungus is a sign of tree death. Therefore, it is important to get the opinion of a professional before deciding to simply remove your tree. Contact an emergency tree service to help you decide whether or not your tree is salvageable.

Trees that are a danger to the structure of your property should be removed immediately. Problematic trees can damage your property in many ways. Powerful, and long tree roots have been known to grow into pipe systems, causing obstructions, or can become damaged during construction. No matter what kind of problematic tree you have, the S&P Tree Service can help you inspect and remove any unwanted trees on your property. If you have a business or residence in the area, consult with an emergency tree service for urgent removal and inspection of your problematic trees.