November 04, 2022

When Do Your Urgent Tree Issues Require Emergency Tree Service? | Dallas, TX

Trees enhance the overall appearance and add value to your property. Research shows that being around trees improves our overall mental and social well-being.

Sometimes you must make the hard decision and go for emergency tree removal. This blog discusses some cases that may need you as a homeowner to make this hard decision to protect your family, neighbors, and property from damage. If you note any of the signs discussed below, it’s wise you immediately seek the assistance of an emergency tree service specialist in Dallas, TX.

Closer Proximity to Cables

A tree leaning on electric cables or whose leaves are falling on the wires poses a significant fire risk in your home. Based on statistics, 4,000 wildfires in Texas have resulted from power lines for the last three and a half years. Therefore in such a situation, you should seek emergency tree services from a specialist.

Branches or Roots Threaten Your Home’s Structure

If a branch is hanging over your home’s structure, you should consider removing it before a strong wind or storm knocks it off, leaving you with costly property damage.

This also applies if you notice tree roots growing too close to your home. With time, these roots could lift, for instance, your patio stones and driveways and even burrow your home’s foundation, causing severe and expensive damage to your property.

Trees Leaning on Structures

Trees tend to bend on one side when natural hazards such as floods and storms strike your home. You might even notice this with matured trees. While in most instances, your tree bending one side may not be a problem, you should reach out to a nearby emergency tree service company in Dallas, TX, if the tree leans more than 20 degrees.

Falling or Withering Branches

Suppose one of the trees in your yard is losing its branches very quickly. In that case, it’s wise to seek emergency tree services from a tree specialist. Usually, branches offer structural support to the trees.

Therefore, if your tree is losing its branches rapidly, it might not be able to hold off the branches in the chance of a storm or strong winds, putting you and your family, neighbors, and even property at risk.

Dusty Mildew on the Tree

If you note mildew on your tree, it’s a sign that it needs treatment. Mildew can be easily treated, but if left for a long time, it can pose a risk to your family and your neighbor’s health in the long run. You should consult an arborist before spraying pesticides or insecticides on the tree.

Homeowners whose trees are withered or old should go for emergency tree removal services because prolonged use of insecticides can severely damage the tree.

You Are Selling Your Home

Clean and beautiful backyards lure most buyers. Based on studies, homes with trees in their backyard are worth much more than those without trees. If you are a homeowner in Dallas, TX, planning on selling your home, you can boost your property’s overall appeal and value by taking care of your landscaping, especially damaged or diseased trees.

You can hire a tree specialist to trim the trees, cut down the diseased tree, and remove the dead leaves and branches to improve the look of your property. Removing dead trees in your home also increases the outside space, which you can use as a selling point.

The Branches or Roots Threaten Your Neighbor’s Home’s Structure

If the branches of your tree are hanging over your neighbor’s property, the best thing you can do is remove them. With strong winds or storms, these branches may fall into your neighbor’s property, causing damage. Also, if roots are creeping into your neighbor’s home, you should contact an emergency tree service provider to cut them and prevent future damage.

It’s Diseased or Looks Sick

When trees are sick, they become weak. In such a case, their branches are likely to fall off easily, posing a risk to your family, neighbors, and property. Some common signs you can look out for in a sick tree include dead branches, hollow pits, holes in the bark or leaves, lumpy growths, and yellow or burnt leaves.

If your tree is sick, it’s likely to spread the disease to other trees. Therefore, it’s wise to seek emergency tree services immediately from a specialist if you note any of the symptoms above on your tree to protect other trees in the neighborhood.

Cavities in Trunk

If you notice any hollow space in the trunk of any of your trees, you should seek emergency tree services from an arborist. This could be structural damage, especially if the tree is matured. In most cases, it indicates structural decay, and with time the tree dies.

A Part of the Tree Has Already Fallen

If a part of your tree has already fallen or is about to fall, hanging aimlessly on your property or neighbor’s property, consult with a tree specialist. The expert will evaluate and decide that the tree is strong and can be structurally sound, giving you an option of pruning or removing the tree.

However, if the falling or fallen parts of the tree have messed with the entire structure of your tree, it’s better to call for emergency tree services from a reliable company.

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