February 11, 2023

What You Can Expect From Tree Removal Service | Prosper, TX

Trees are one of the most beautiful ways to adorn your Prosper, TX home. Trees provide you with shade, beauty, and even replenish the oxygen you breathe. Trees have been witnesses to history, standing strong even through the most violent storms. They have watched you fall in love and have seen your children play on the swing hanging from their branches. But there may come a time in which that tree could become a danger to your Prosper, TX home, and when this happens it will be time to call for tree removal service. There are many reasons why you may find yourself having to cut down your tree. It could be that it has grown so large it is threatening to damage your home. In some cases, your tree might be suffering from a disease that will dry it up, leading it to topple over at the slightest wind. Regardless of the reasons you might have, you should know that tree removal service is not just a guy that shows up with a chainsaw to cut down your tree. There is much more to it, which is why this article explains what you should expect from the tree removal service team. Let’s take a look.

Before the Work Starts

The first thing you can expect from tree removal service is that the techs will inspect the area to determine how they will start the work. They will decide how to approach the removal of your tree, and the technique they will use. The method they decide on will depend on the size and location of your tree, especially if it has grown close to power lines or your house. Depending on these circumstances, one of two possible methods can be used.

Methods for Removal

Removal in one piece – If the tree is not located near any structures or power lines, and there is enough space to allow it to fall in one piece, it will be cut at the base, with the cut starting from the direction in which the techs want the tree to fall. This is the easiest way to perform tree removal service. Once it has fallen, the tree will be chopped into smaller, more manageable, parts, and removed from your property.

Removal in sections – If your tree is too close to any structures or power lines, it will have to be removed in sections. In this case, the techs will climb the tree and start cutting off individual branches, aided by the use of ropes, in order to avoid any contact with your house or power lines. Once all of the sections of the tree are on the ground, it will be cut into smaller parts and taken off your property.

In either case, you can choose what happens to the wood. It can either be turned into firewood for your personal use, or taken away to be chipped. This is your choice and your tree removal service techs will be happy to present your options and help you decide.

Dealing with the Stump

Tree removal service hardly ever includes the removal of the tree stump. The removal of the stump is considered an additional service that is performed for a fee because it can be a difficult and more complicated job. As with the tree itself, you can choose what happens to the stump, and your techs will be able to explain your options. In most cases, you can opt for its removal or have it ground down to floor level so it is barely visible.

How You Can Help

The removal of a tree, especially if it’s a large one, is a complicated process that requires some preparation. You can help get everything ready for your removal team to come in and get to work right away. Some of the things you can do are:

  • Clear the area around the tree – By doing so, you can ensure the techs will have ample space to perform the job safely, without the risk of any of your belongings being damaged during the procedure.
  • Make sure there is enough space for them to park – Cutting down a tree, regardless of what method is used, will involve more than a guy with a chainsaw. In most cases, there will be several trucks that carry tools and machinery, including a wood chipper, among other things. The best thing you can do to ensure the process flows as it should, is to make sure there is enough space for the team to park their vehicles. Keep in mind that the closer they are to your property, the faster the work will flow. If necessary, talk to your neighbors, so they are aware of what will be going on.
  • Talk to the tree removal techs before the day of the procedure – This will help you understand everything that will take place on the day of the event, as well as decide whether you will want to have the stump removed. Deciding about the stump ahead of time will ensure it gets done in the same visit. Otherwise, they may not be able to do it and will have to schedule it for another time. In any case, planning ahead is always the best way to ensure the process is performed efficiently and in a single day. This cuts down on any inconveniences you could have to deal with.

Tree removal service should always be carried out by a team of professionals. While it may seem as if cutting down a tree by yourself is an easy task, the truth is you could put yourself, your family, and your Prosper, TX property at risk. Because of this, when it’s time to cut that tree, your best bet is to call S&P Tree Service for expert tree removal service. With their ample experience and knowledge, you can be sure the job will be done in the safest and most professional way.

Photo By Jorge Salcedo at Shutterstock