April 11, 2018

Ways to Repair Damaged Trees and Their Parts | Tree Service in Dallas Fort Worth, TX

One of the most valuable commodities in terms of nature that this mother earth holds for us is trees. Time and effort, of both the tree and human requires for it to grow into healthy specie that provides benefits to the environment and the surrounding around it. There might be times when your tree is healthy and bearing fruits and other times when some complications and unnecessary expenses because of some storm or other hazards, that have damaged the tree, might want you to make the decision of removing the tree altogether.

Therefore, it is always recommended by experts of tree service Dallas Fort Worth Area, TX to regularly look after them, protect them from insects and harmful diseases and keep them healthy and in good shape to support that beautiful, pleasant, and elegant look of your landscape while keeping the long-term benefit in mind. However, one does not have control over natural calamities and intense weather which miserably affects the vigor and resistance of trees.

In certain situations, and circumstances, it is also possible that the tree is not lost altogether and has some hope of getting saved. If such is the case then always call for emergency tree service Dallas Fort Worth Area, to look into the condition of the damage and get it sorted out. There might be cases when only proper pruning or mulching is required to restore the vigor of the tree which can be done by taking help from tree trimming service and tree maintaining service Dallas Fort Worth. But if it has been damaged by a storm or infected by pesticides then leave the clean-up cutting in the hands of a professional tree service Dallas Fort Worth Area.

Some of the most common methods of repairing different types of damages in trees are mentioned below for you in this article.

Torn Bark

There might be times when the bark of the tree gets torn because of various reasons. Necessary steps should be taken immediately to treat such kind of repairs in order to avoid contact of insects on the affected part. For trimming or cleaning such affected parts it is suggested by tree service and tree maintenance Dallas Fort Worth Area, to use sharp blades and tools to get the job done at the first attempt only avoiding multiple cuts to the bark which could be harmful for it.

You need to be extremely careful while trimming away all loose bark and to cut it at the right angle and shape, which is mostly the elliptical shape, after which it can either grow again or can heal and close itself. Never cut too deep into the bark as it may create a new wound thus exposing the tissues of the tree to attract insects and pests towards it.

Split Forks

This is one of the most common types of damages that mostly happens to trees either because of heavy winds or when hit by a storm. Repairing this type of damage is very critical and mostly beyond the capability of most homeowners unless they have the relevant experience and the necessary tools required for it. This is because the branch that has been severely injured by the storm might still be intact on the tree and cannot be cut.

What professionals of tree maintenance Dallas Fort Worth, TX suggest is that you should try pushing it back to its normal position and give it some support by tying it to something. Then clean up the surface and the area surrounding it and trim the rough areas so that it is easy for the branch to connect again to the bark.

In cases where the split is large enough and cannot be repaired by tying it to other branches it is better to chop them off and let the tree form a callus for the process of closing the split.

Broken Branches

Completely cutting off a branch that has broken is critical. This is because if it is close to the mother trunk and other branches then a small mistake means damaging the tree to its core. It would also expose the tree and the bark to insects and disease organisms. For such broken branches it is recommended by tree trimming service Dallas Fort Worth to make pruning cuts close to but beyond the collar and the branch bark ridges’ attachment. This way you would avoid exposing the trunk tissues causing the closure process or the decaying process to take the appropriate amount of time to close the wound.

Uprooted Trees

If the trees have been uprooted by severe storm or hurricanes then it is suggested to not go near them and call for expert tree service Dallas Fort Worth Area, to deal with the issue and the situation at hand. If the tree is large and more than half of it has been uprooted then it is wise to call for tree removal service Dallas Fort Worth Area to get it removed. But if the trees are small and have been slightly uprooted then emergency tree service Dallas Fort Worth, can get the job done for you. The repair is possible by straightening the tree and brace or tie it using wires or cables with a support beside it. Power lifts and other equipment are also used by professional service providers and companies to pull the tree upright.

Final Word

Appropriate maintenance and repair of a tree because of its damages and wounds is technical and requires keeping in mind several different aspects and factors. Therefore, it is recommended by tree service Dallas and Fort Worth Area, Dallas, TX to get some professional assistance if you are planning to repair some damaged trees near you.

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