August 30, 2018

Use of Hydroseeding for a Beautiful Lawn | Tree Service in Fort Worth, TX

Everybody loves to have greenery in their surroundings. Be it in their house, near the workplace, the area in which they live or throughout the whole city. It not only beautifies the area, but also provides a fresher and a safer environment to breathe in.

Many techniques and types of seeds have been used to achieve the goal of speedy growth of plants. One of the options that have become popular in the past few years according to tree service in Fort Worth, TX is hydroseeding. It is an effective and easy way to plant lawns and hence has become famous among homeowners and those in charge of landscaping.

About Hydroseeding

Also known as hydraseeding, hydraulic mulch seeding, or hydro mulching, this is a process that basically involves the use of a mixture. A special mixture is prepared with the use of water, fertilizer, seeds, the wood mulch of cellulose fiber, and soil treatment agents. This mixture is available in a tank to which a hose is attached that helps in spraying it onto the ground or the area where you want to plant.

According to tree service in Fort Worth, TX this method has allowed landscapers and garners to plant trees and other plants on huge lawns more efficiently and in less time as opposed to planting the old-fashioned way using tilling and seeding.

How it Works

To hydroseed an area with the mixture available in a tank a hose sprays it evenly on the ground. The mulch that is a part of the mixture when sprayed forms a moist protective layer for the seeds which allows them to germinate. It also protects the seeds from sunlight, soil erosion, and heavy winds by creating a bond between them and the soil.

Furthermore, hydro mulching also benefits your plantation area with another clever feature. As the mixture sprayed onto the ground starts its natural decomposition process it releases a variety of nutrients because of the available ingredients which tremendously helps your seeds to thrive.

According to tree service in Fort Worth, TX hydraulic mulch seeding works greatly on large areas, it should be actively used to restore areas affected by forest fires where this blend is kept is tank or trailer and is sprayed in an even layer.

To avoid the mulch to be an eye-sore while it works and is in its original form it is dyed green. After the blend has started doing its work and is done through the first step of its job, as per tree service in Fort Worth, TX it doesn’t need to be removed with the hand as it has the capability to just blend down which gives way to the lawn that has started to emerge.


Since spraying is involved in the hydroseeding process offers one of the most important benefits that tree service in Fort Worth, TX agrees to as well. This is that it allows planting lawns on any kind of land surface which includes the uneven or the sloped parts.

It is also extremely beneficial for improving soil quality and to control erosion. As a result of degrading and decomposing mulch a lot of nutrients are released into the soil which makes the growth of plants much faster. The shots can be seen within a week of mulching and the grass is big enough to be mowed within a month.

If there is some area where you witness no growth of plants then as per the tree service in Fort Worth, TX there is nothing to worry about. The solution is simply to re-spray the area with the mixture and leave it to fix on its own.

Another benefit highlighted as per expert tree service in Fort Worth, TX is that the strong protection offered to the fledged seeds during its early development stages allows the hydroseeded lawns to grow a deep root system. It helps develop a dark blue-green look that looks like an even leaf-stock pattern.

Preparation of the Area

Although the landscape doesn’t seem to be much of a problem when it comes to hydroseeding according to tree service in Fort Worth, TX, there are other things that should be selected carefully for this purpose. The soil should be checked and tested before spraying the land; the lawn area must be graded and should be prepared in the same way as it would have been done for sod planting that is rolling it over.

In order to achieve the best results experts of tree service in Fort Worth, TX suggests the use of a rototiller that helps to relieve compaction before the area is hydro mulched and to make sure that the area is sprayed right before the start of the grass growing season.

Sometimes it is also necessary to do some research on the land and the seeds and fertilizers available for it to make sure they are compatible and would help you achieve the best results.

The Bottom Line

There are several different aspects and factors that need to be kept in mind and taken into consideration when using the process of hydroseeding in your house or at a public place or a landscape. Therefore, it is recommended by tree service in Fort Worth, TX to either get some professional assistance or have some of your questions answered by an expert who can guide you through its benefits and the time required for it as per the nutrients available in the soil of the chosen land.

If you live in Fort Worth, TX and are looking to get help from experts in this field then head over to S&P Tree Service right away. Their team of professionals is well-versed in handling complex issues, holds great experience in their field and is best known for their quality service.