December 15, 2020

Types Of Pruning Your Tree Trimming Service Might Include | Dallas Fort Worth Area

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When it comes to pruning, there’s so much more to it than just cutting a few branches here and there. A tree trimming service is often a combination of art and science. If done properly, by a landscape professional, for instance, pruning can improve both the look and health of the trees on your property, and extend their lifespan.

The goal of a tree trimming service in the area can be highly subjective since most people have a preconceived notion of how they want their trees to look. If you want your yard to have more sunlight, you might wish to have crown thinning done. If you’d like the lower limbs removed so that you can safely walk underneath the tree’s canopy, you’ll likely want a tree trimming company that does crown raising. Ultimately, the service that’s right for you depends on your tree’s health and the overall look you’re going for.

The five most common tree service tasks include crown thinning, crown cleaning, crown raising, crown reduction, and, lastly, crown restoration.

Crown Thinning

Overview: This tree service removes the smaller outer branches of the canopy to reduce weight and increase air and sun penetration.

This technique opens up the tree canopy by removing branches throughout the crown, typically on younger trees. There is an emphasis on the removal of weaker branches to help promote healthy growth.

Considerations: This technique is less suitable for mature trees as they do not tolerate thinning as well.

Useful For: Lessen loads on defective larger limbs. Improve air penetration and light penetration through the canopy. A more open tree canopy enables you to plant sun-loving species underneath.

Crown Cleaning

Overview: Removes dead or dying branches from the canopy. Selectively removes branches deemed hazardous.

Often considered the most essential but often underutilized tree pruning technique. All dead branches will eventually fail, and crown cleaning will remove the selected deadwood.

Considerations: Often, only dead branches above a certain size will be removed at any one time. Decide in conjunction with your tree trimming service provider in Dallas Fort Worth what the acceptable size is.

Useful For: Removing dead or decayed branches that may cause injury to persons or property when they fall or spread disease if left unchecked. Helpful in improving a tree’s general aesthetic and creating a less hazardous yard.

Crown Raising

Overview: This tree trimming service technique involves removing the lower branches to increase the clearance under the leafy canopy. Sometimes referred to as ‘limbing up’ or ‘crown elevation’.

Crown raising is often used to remove limbs that obstruct housing views, traffic, sidewalks, other plants, or make way for new landscaping features.

Considerations: Over-pruning the lowest limbs can sometimes negatively impact the trunk’s integrity. Conversely, ignoring the removal of low limbs while the tree is young can also negatively affect its growth if the branches are only targeted once they become too large.

Useful For: Creating a tree that does not obstruct the surrounding landscape and creating room for new landscaping features underneath the canopy. It also improves the integrity of growing trees when done correctly.

Crown Reduction

Overview: Tree pruning designed to reduce the crown will prune individual branches, but only back to the lateral limbs. It differs from the ‘topping’ tree trimming service technique in that it doesn’t leave large open wounds on the tree that may subject the tree to disease or decay.

The technique seeks to lessen the size of a tree through the selective removal of terminal tree branches. It’s done to help preserve the tree and enable it to continue a healthy pattern of growth, and restrain the overall size of the tree canopy. It is an intensive technique that is a useful tool for trees requiring size management.

Considerations: Knowledge of the tree growth pattern is essential so that the right limbs are chosen for pruning. Typically, this technique needs to take place before the tree becomes fully mature. When mature, a better practice may be to remove the limb rather than reduce its size through pruning.

Useful For: Reducing the height or size of an entire tree. It can also reduce the length of specific limbs or limb height to create a healthier tree without drastically altering the general canopy shape.

Crown Restoration

Overview: Crown restoration is a corrective measure used to restore good tree structure and appearance by encouraging new growth. Typically, this pruning technique is used for trees that have been damaged by storms in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Most often, crown restoration can include reducing the number of exposed branches and the removal of hanging limbs and other hazards. Follow-up pruning is usually required to manage new sucker growth and limit conditions that may cause further weakness.

Considerations: This tree trimming technique may take several years to restore a tree to its former glory.

Useful For: Repairing a tree that has been poorly pruned, neglected, or incorrectly managed in the past. Helpful for encouraging strong leading branches and developing a newly balanced tree structure.

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From general pruning to the removal of diseased or dead trees, our wide range of tree services can be relied upon to get your property looking its best. If you or someone you know has an urgent request, call us at S&P Tree Service to arrange an emergency tree trimming service. Alternatively, request a free estimate through our website, and a representative will be in touch to discuss your tree trimming service further.