January 18, 2022

Tree Trimming Service: 6 Reasons to Trim Your Trees Around Winter | Dallas, TX

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Do you have trees in your yard? You understand the importance of trimming them. Although they have many benefits, trimming the trees adds several benefits, as we shall see later. Although you can possibly trim them yourself, there are many advantages of enlisting the help of a professional tree trimming service.

There are varying property maintenance tasks depending on the season. However, tree trimming before winter is one activity that should be at the top of your list for the reasons we will elaborate on later. As a resident of Dallas, TX, you would want to leverage the various benefits of trimming your trees before winter comes.

In winter, trees are in a dormant state. So, why do many people trim the trees then? To answer this question, we have to analyze why people trim their trees before the winter.

The Branches Are Visible

The leaves change to orange and yellow from the green they were before winter kicks in. The color change is an excellent thing as it gives you more visibility. Spotting dead or diseased branches is easy.

Thus, an arborist can hop onto a ladder conveniently and trim down the dead or diseased branches from the tree. The diseased and dead branches are easy to remove because they are weak, meaning they need less power.

If you are trimming some live branches, you can see them. The arborist cannot trim the unintended branches. Even if there are no dead or diseased branches, the arborist can easily recognize the branches that are likely to die because they have no leaves.

The Cold Has Not Set In

In the autumn months, temperatures are quite pleasant. It is a good reason to trim your trees before winter. However, the temperatures vary a little in Dallas, TX; some other parts of the country experience very harsh winters that are hard to deal with.

The cold weather can cause some problems with tree trimming. It does not present an excellent opportunity to trim your trees. The months of February and March are among the windiest months in Texas. Coinciding with winter (December to February), hiring a tree trimming service to remove your tree’s unwanted branches before then is ideal.

No severe winds are blowing in autumn. Autumns also do not experience snow. Because you do not have snow on your face and they are relatively calm, autumns are the best time for trimming your trees. The two promote safety and remove any risk of accidents.

It Prepares Your Trees for Spring

Although the spring may not be near, trimming your trees before winter prepares them for it. By trimming your trees in autumn, they get clear growth directions and improve their branching pattern and system.

As stated above, the trees are in a dormant state during winter. Therefore, trimming the trees then will not prepare them. Trimming a tree in autumn allows new branches to spring before hibernating in winter.

When developing new branches, trees have issues dealing with the cold. Therefore, the not-so-cold autumn months will benefit the tree’s branch development. Schedule an inspection of your trees by a professional tree trimming service for advice on which branches to remove. They will also give you estimates on how much they will charge.

Promotes Vigorous Tree Growth

The reason behind trimming a tree is to remove the infected branches and the dead ones to strengthen your tree. By eliminating the diseased and dead branches, you give your tree a new lease on life by springing new branches.

Getting the help of a professional tree trimming service before winter gives your tree(s) a chance to grow/become even more vital. We have discussed hibernating, which is why you should not trim your trees during winter.

Trees are not prone to low temperatures. That is why they hibernate during winter. Trees trimmed before winter grow stronger when they come out of hibernation. Though you could use many DIY methods to trim your trees, there are many reasons you should avoid them. Call experts in tree trimming for safe and quality services.

It Prevents Diseases

In this post, we have shown how vital visibility is during tree trimming. When the tree leaves fall, your visibility not only improves, but you also notice the sick or dead branches.

Although this is not something new by any account, it is vital to use the moment and do something essential. The arborist can identify and cut the affected branches if the trees suffer from various diseases. The arborist can also recommend treating your trees like injection or spraying of fungicides.

Identifying the disease or the sick branch can be difficult. However, enlisting the services of a professional tree trimming service company can be the difference between saving your tree or the tree drying up completely. Although the arborist can still trim your tree in winter, the cost will be higher than autumn trimming. Several climatic factors like winds and snow make it hard to trim the trees in winter.

It Is Cost-Effective and Easier

Bigger trees need more equipment and labor to complete the trimming effectively. Although you might not worry about the tricky elements like cold and winds in winter, there is one more reason one should avoid trimming the trees in winter.

Hiring a professional tree pruning company to trim your trees in autumn can save you lots of money. They will operate safely and take considerably less time to get the job done. Professional tree trimming services are expensive depending on the size of the tree and the amount of equipment necessary.

In autumn, the arborists from the tree trimming companies can move their equipment with ease. This increases the effectiveness and lowers the cost while ensuring that their work is easy.

Tree Trimming Services

There are many reasons to trim trees before winter, such as adding the appeal of your home and enhancing safety. Trimming the trees also removes the branches infected by the diseases, preventing the spread, which could be costly.

However, with tree trimming, many people think of doing it themselves. While this might save you some money, there are many reasons you should not. Some companies offer tree trimming services and are very helpful. These companies have advanced equipment to remove the dead branches and safely cut any branch, regardless of its size. S&P Tree Service is one such company.

Are you in Dallas, TX, and need tree trimming services? Do you need emergency tree trimming services? S&P Tree Service has a team of experienced arborists to offer you any trimming service for the trees. Contact us today at 469-789-6775 or visit our website to learn more.